Guide: Event Weapons Grinder Recipie

Farm 3 Wet Weeks from Swagman in NVHM or Moondowner in UVHM then grind will net you one of the event weapons.

Event Weapons:

  1. Ol Painful
  2. Jack O Cannon
  3. Boomacorn
  4. The Machine
  5. Heartbreaker (unconfirmed bug can actually get this from grinder using this)

As I’m playing offline only, I’d like to ask if any of the above weapons were actually implemented by patch and wich ones I can’t get without being online with my ps4/PC because of them just being hotfixed into the game?
Thanks in advance for every answer

yes if you patched to january 2016 hotix you can get them

Edit: all of them

I can’t help but think this is bull.

Are you saying that grinding three Wet Weeks will guarantee an event weapon?

Just tested it and got a blue Maliwan sniper.

EDIT: Third attempt yielded a machine, but I think that’s just coincidence.


This is definitely not correct.

Grinding 3 snipers should give you a sniper, nothing else.
Also, if the heartbreaker can’t be gotten in game, it can’t come out of the grinder.

Please post some pictures if you’re able to. Any picture, no matter the quality, will go a long way in proving the validity of your claim. Otherwise, I have to agree with the person above me and call BS.


If this was true I feel like I could breeze though uvhm just farming wet weeks and.getting update unique every few lvls. I’m gonna agree its most likely not real.

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If true…Grind about 30 and you should get a representative sample of at least one of the other weps besides the machine…And you can regrind…just save and quit without accepting the grind.

And the Machine IS a sniper

I am skeptical…but hey…anything is possible I guess.

Maybe you could test it for use. Only if you have time of course. I would but my only character is lvl 12

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i’ll post Mesiah’s video and boss wave video this is correct Messiah 1st

3 snipers will give a sniper. You can’t grind 3 wet weeks and get a boomacorn or a heartbreaker.
You could grind 3 wet weeks and get a machine, but then its up to RNG. You could have a good run like that guy did and get them in 10 minutes, or it may take you an hour. But it is in no way guaranteed.

well most videos in youtube tell me this is what you get try watching videos that grind 3 wet weeks they all tell the same thing. You can get any of the event weapons. Yes you can get boomacorn out of it that’s what I have from 3 wet weeks havewnt found another set of 3 wet weeks yet. I have left with me 1 pc still hunting for the next event item



Until you can give me video proof of this happening, I refuse to believe your “but a youtuber said it” story. I can’t help but notice that the only unique this “Messiah” guy got from grinding the Wet Weeks was a Machine - just like me. That’s because it’s the only legitimate unique weapon that can be gained by grinding three blue snipers.

You’d be better off grinding two or more green snipers with moonstone, anyway - then there’s a chance for luneshine.

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That simply shows getting one sniper from grinding three snipers. It says nothing about getting one shotgun from three snipers, which is what you seemed to be implying in your first post.

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Been trying to grind a Machine with no luck for the past couple of days. Not had a single unique from many attempts with wet weeks, not even a Machine.

Is it any 3 blues can give a unique (Machine) or does it need to be two blue and one unique or three uniques to have a chance ?

My guess would be the latter, but the odds may be similar to those of grinding three purples to a legendary i.e. quite slim. In the video linked by @Jmababa, the poster doesn’t really specify how many attempts they made to get a Machine from the three Wet Weeks - they may just have been very lucky to get it relatively quickly.

This isn’t the first unsubstantiated claim Jma made, Scoot, so I wouldn’t put a whole lot of faith into anything they claim. If you put in three weapons of the same type, you’ll get the same weapon at a higher level unless, it’s purple, then you have a chance to either get a purple or a legendary…I think. It’s been awhile since I’ve ground anything so I don’t remember exactly how it goes but I do know three weapons of the same type will yield the same type of weapon.

Diminishing odds of increased rarity unless you use moonstone. And you can’t use moonstone on purple grinds unless you’re grinding class mods.


Oh, well I knew putting in three snipers wouldn’t give you a shotgun.

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One good thing to come out of this: it inspired me to go farm a Wet Week from the guy in Stanton’s Liver. Got four consecutive Wet Weeks in a total of 7 attempts before my backpack filled up. Of those three were corrosive, one shock. And, three were actually +1 level while the fourth was at level. This NEVER happens to me when I go farming!


The wet week is the easiest farm in the game. I run Outlands a lot chasing BPs and the Fatale and the Wet Week drops all the time…like every 2-3 runs.
I have not found a l70 Machine yet so this idea may actually be useful for me :grin: