Guide: Event Weapons Grinder Recipie

Anyone able to confirm what recipe in the grinder can result in ‘The Machine’ unique please ?

I don’t believe there are specific recipes guaranteed to give you a particular unique or legendary item. You’re best bet at this point would seem to be to farm Wet Weeks, and keep throwing them in until you hit the jackpot. If you’re on PC, you can escape out or use the “read only” trick so you don’t have to farm a large number of Wet Weeks. On console, you’d need to dashboard if you didn’t get what you want, although that’s a little less convenient time-wise.

Anything that can output a blue sniper rifle.

Two green sniper rifles and one other green weapon (which can be a sniper rifle) plus moonstones is my go-to, since you can get luneshine versions.


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You beat me to it @Scootalewis I was reading the posts and waiting to hit the end(which I never do) and looks like you posted what I was waiting till the end to post. Green w/moonstones is the way to go. :slight_smile:

As far as getting the Machine w/out using the grinder, I have gotten them from Iwa, EOS, Sentinel. I see them a lot in vending machines and chests. I have gotten a couple from Iwa if anyone was wondering which to hit first. :wink:

Just curious if you noticed the spelling mistake in the OP? it just always comes back to Pie.

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I do know. Wow that’s a good one.

Definitely the best way to farm for every event weapon except the wet week. Would be farming bosses with huge loot drops, vending machines, and moonstone chests. But the grinder is really the best way to get them. Usually takes me 5 to 12 tries and i get the one I want.

I’ve gotten the Machine from the grinder, just not a L70 version…

Iwa hasn’t dropped it for me at all. Jackocannons Hails and Thingy’s seem common from him though. Lots and lots of Hails…