[Guide] FL4K Pet Compendium (UPDATED DLC 5)

So from my limited testing (farming for Heart Breaker), Messy Breakup is hitting for some bonus Rad damage after Gamma Burst. So that’s pretty neat.

Do you have Radiation ASE on shield or grenade?

I had a Piss grenade with ASE Rad, but unequipped it and held a Clockwork Res just to try again with no anoints. My Breakup is an ASE shock.

Breakup still hitting that bonus Rad damage.

That’s a recent change then, but cool nonetheless.

grumble grumble why isn’t this ■■■■ ever in the hotfix notes grumble grumble


Wait. Which Messy Breakup is receiving the bonus Gamma Rad? FL4K’s or their pets? Cause last time I checked (when they broke the anointment) Gamma Rad only applied to the guns and not anything else like grenades or shields. Unlike URad (to my dissapointment) which does apply to mostly anything (idk if it worked on pets tho).

It should be the pets passive radiation damage from Gamma Burst applying to the Messy Breakup.

A few more interesting things:

Reflected damage gets extra Rad damage from Gamma Burst. He Bites! gains bonus Rad damage (not sure if that was already like that), and reflecting shields like Beskar do too.

Old God affects this damage as far as I can tell. Hard to test consistently, though.

Faulty Star novas also gain bonus Rad from GB. I assume other novas do too.

It seems like ALL damage delivered by pet during GB now gets boosted. Fun times.


Pet Gamma damage of 75%

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Oh right. I got my wires crossed there. My bad.


honestly, at this point I just assume any changes not listed are unintentional, regardless of how positive or negative they are. :woman_shrugging:


I wondered if this was the case as well. The only other scenario I can find would be if they changed it when the changed Dominance and Hive Mind. I like the idea that it was pure coincidence though, for once a positive side effect from GBX’s dabbling.

Added a section for War Loader, a shield section, and an anointment section. Also changed some of the content in “How to Build” section.

Aside from a few more loader related additions, most of the guide should be completely up to date now.


Thank you for still doing this even though you don’t actively play anymore!
This is a lot of hard work and I appreciate it!
Thanks @boombumr :slight_smile:


So I’m hearing that you can hit nearly 300mil void rift novas on the pet. I’ll add it to the shield section since it’s just dummy thicc damage.


I’m getting upward of 150M novas on FL4K so this would be in line I would say.

Also, the cryo spikes are NTBFW. Getting around 10-12M against armored enemies.

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Mixed feelings here - on one hand that sounds awesome. But, on the other hand - farming Empowered Scholar for this shield is… unpleasant?

Edit: as an afterthought, since shields are not scaled in Mayhem, getting it at M1 is probably just as good (minus lower chances for anointment you might want), so Empowered Scholar might be OK if faced with M10 weapons :slight_smile:

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I got STUPID lucky on mine, got it in less than 5 kills.


Just a warning, I’m gonna need to uninstall BL3 to make room for the Outriders demo, so I won’t be able to test anything coming with DLC 6. If anyone finds anything interesting feel free to share it, but unless we get a boatload of purple tree fixes in the next month I don’t think there is much more to add to this guide.


@boombumr I am on the fence about trying Outriders. I would be interested to hear what you think after playing it, if you’re willing to post here somewhere or PM me. I probably will eventually try it, but I’d like to hear and read about it before investing in it. Initial things I am seeing seem to be good.

If anyone comes across anything interesting with pets, let me know. I’ve heard there may be some gear for them in the patch. I’m not testing anymore.