[Guide] FL4K Pet Compendium (UPDATED LVL 65)

Cuz why the ■■■■ not I guess.

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For players using the Gravity Sling, how are you using it? I’ve been taking it for a test drive. I want to sort of camp right on it and catch melee enemies trying to close distance as they get lifted, but the lifting is so brief and seemingly random. :thinking:

I tried it the same way and experienced the same thing. The lift is so short and a lot of enemies can run right out of it. That’s why I favor the confuse augment over the others (although that one has a fairly small confuse radius in comparison to Dominance, so I’d personally rather not use the snare at all).

If it helps, I try to throw the snare in front of my pet and stand back and pick enemies off as they go to attack it. Between the pet and the snare hopefully one of them will prevent enemies from reaching you.

Have you 3RROR Cmdl3t COM? I found my pet attacking an empty patch of ground well away from actual enemies while under the influence of that thing.

It seriously messes with their AI. It makes them attack empty space or you. Definitely not worth using in it’s current bugged state.

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It was on a lengthy tour of Devil’s Razor… I just took it for a spin in the Trial of Survival, and he was doing fine. There’s two data points with which to come to a conclusion. :laughing:

I’m still testing it to see if the dice for the ‘20% chance per damage to direct your pet at your target with its special attack’ is rolled on every bullet (and DoT tick?)… with a fast-firing and maybe elemental weapon, we should be getting “free” attack commands every six seconds basically.

edit - eh, Skag’s got the derp going in the Trial of Instinct. If I throw a manual command, he gets with the program (or if I’m downed, he’ll come running). :man_shrugging:

2nd edit - did they fix Dominance?! I just watched my Skag ignore a Dominated enemy!

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Base Skag Damage x 5/5 Ferocity + 5/5 Gotta Go Fast: 4939 x 1.85 = 9137
Base Skag Damage x 5/5 Ferocity x 5/5 Gotta Go Fast: 4939 x 1.5 x 1.35 = 10,001

Oops all multipliers?



Wow. I have not noticed that yet. Let me check on my end too.

Double checked, and your 100% correct. It’s an independent multiplier not additive with any pet bonus, even V2. That makes this skill FAR more valuable than originally thought. Thanks for brining this up!


I only noticed because I started a fresh run and had a really good idea of how much damage War Loader grenades should have been doing.

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The pet damage formula has been updated.


While gaining a new multiplier inside the pet damage formula is awesome, it makes me wonder why they didn’t include this skill on the new PET COM? They went through the trouble of coding it separate from all of the other +pet damage skills and didn’t even utilize it on the new Class Mod meant for pet builds?



Nothing about Cmdl3t makes sense unless I assume the COM was purposefully made to be the antithesis of everything we consider good, in which not having this skill makes perfect sense.


Well, they did make a skill “part” for both Gotta Go Fast and Throatripper. But they are meant for an unused class mod that’s in the gamefiles (Third skill is Not Even a Challenge btw). All VH have an unused class mod actually. Fun fact: if you mod a DLC skill into a vanilla class mod the skill works fine.

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Yeah, seeing that COM hurts me. I don’t know how much leeway we have to discuss it in the forums since it was datamined, but let’s just say that it was a huge missed opportunity to give us the Cmdl3t with the skills it has rather than that unreleased COM, which is going to be stuck as a purple with only 2 passive stats and no legendary effect.

I get that this is a matter of opinion, but between the massive misdirection of giving FL4K a Loader instead of a Saurian (while I don’t think people mind the Loader, I didn’t see many asking for one while people were BEGGING for a Saurian) and giving us the Cmdl3t instead of the COM you mention, this tree is a just a graveyard of possibilities. Gearbox went with the worst option anytime they had a choice on what to give us with this tree.


Yes. To all above. I think your statement that the purple tree is a “graveyard of possibilities” is about the most apt description of the tree that I have heard. Because jeez, you literally have two choices in some cases about how the skills could work, and in almost every case, the choice that GBX made was the worse of the two choices.

I don’t want to beat the dead horse any more, but damn, it’s like they screwed up the purple tree intentionally or something. You couldn’t miss the mark this badly if you actually tried to miss on purpose.


i personally think the loader bot was the right choice purely because there is 2 ranged pets(well 6 ranged pets) and 2/6 melee pets, just my opinion though i wasnt excited for loader bots before the reveal, i was actually hoping for pet stalkers when rumours of a 4th skill tree was going around

that said if the game wants to be even in terms of melee and ranged pets i wouldnt have complained if the jabber pets never existed and were replaced with something else, they are alright just never been a fan of the weapons they use and i do think the loader bots have better weapons at least in my experience, that said they are still extremely buggy and hope that is fixed soon.

that said they could have selected another ranged pet that wasnt a loader bot but i think a ranged pet was the right decision

the only real issue i have with the loaderbots is just how buggy they are but hopefully they wont be like that forever

They could have still have a Saurian and have it be ranged. They introduced Saurians with guns attached to their heads in DLC3 (Although I think by that point evidence about the DLC Trees had already been found in the gamefiles, including the Loaders)


That is true and honestly having 3 saurian with guns attached to them would be a pretty awesome pet

There was a side mission in the main game that had Saurians with gun on head. Would have been nice for one to be pet for Fl4k. Was hoping for aerial companion, like Varkid, instead.

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