[Guide] FL4K Pet Compendium (UPDATED LVL 72)

Thanks everyone for the input. My thought process was in line with the consensus stated here, but I figured I would ask to see if anyone had tested it specifically.

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Small update: very suprisingly I had actual gameplay suggestions regarding the bug instead of the generic clear cache answer, secret agents must be on the pets case :rofl:
So they asked me to test by switching pets to make sure it was not a problem on class mod swap, and I had to test if it is triggered with pet second wind. Big nope for all tests.


Based off this video by @flightx3aa, I tested the O.M. shield for the pets.

For the sake of my sanity, I only tested this for Gunslinger. The pet only gets the bonus if they are standing in the ring while attacking, so for melee pets you would need to drop the ring on top of the enemy they are attacking and hope they stay inside. Good luck with that.

Anyway, first things first. This was a massive pain in the ass to use. The pet moves a lot passively, and the ring isn’t big. It will frequently move out of the ring because…reasons I guess. I tested on Mayhem 0 with this spec. Gunslinger’s normal attacks with the SMG do get boosted (went from 502 to 743 or so), however the attack command receives no bonus from 0.M. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. Just enjoy the spaghetti.

Overall it’s a nice find, but for pet FL4K’s I’d rate this in the same tier as the ele-crit nova anoint: fun in concept and thankful for SOMETHING outside the normal damage formula, but so impractical that it just isn’t worth incorporating into your build (I don’t mean the anointment doesn’t work in general, I mean it’s a pain for pet FL4Ks. Yes, they can proc that anoint and no, you don’t want to test it).


I seen that video, I wondered how it could be incorporated into pet damage(or if it even could). Either way I don’t see it outperforming a Stop Gap/Frozen Heart for a pet build.

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Just getting the Jabber to stay in the circle to shoot skags in the Droughts was pretty frustrating. Combined with the fact that Gunslinger’s attack command doesn’t work with it and Gunslinger is one of only two pets that actually stays in one spot during AC (the other being sidekick), this is just not worth it imo.


He didn’t wanna stand and clap lol

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Thicc’s video was talking about uses of the shield for Fl4k and the only possible one I could see would be to benefit Rakks. But then again, the 0.m is not a great shield for survival on a Rakk build anyway, so I doubt it will be all that useful. GB might get the benefit of the initial cast of GB, assuming that only Fl4k has to be standing in the circle.

Just my 2 cents on what I was figuring the interaction might affect.

Since it’s been revelaed that the final planned level cap will be to 65, I’m just going to preemptively lay out some math.

Pet melee damage at level 65 will be 4939. Splash commands will be about 38.5k. Other attack commands will be 19755. Altogether pet damage at base should increase by about 65%. Also, we’ll have enough points to max Ferocity and Go for the Eyes so there won’t be a need for separate builds for Gunslinger and Countess.

Pet health should be in the realm of 350k or 360k.

This level cap should provide a pretty massive damage spike for pets. I’m excited!


Not gonna lie, I’m kind of excited to start end-game build theorizing.

I’m hoping that the trend of pet damage out scaling enemy health will continue for 5 more levels. We could get into some fun new builds!

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Same here. This is actually pretty exciting for pet builds since we can reach Endurance with Killer Queen. That means with this spec

We can use Gamma for a total 370% pet damage while also still having access to attack command set ups. If the aim is a pet build, dare I say this would be our “meta” build.


That’s pretty much the same thing that u came up with. Shame we are 2 points shy of TPI and Psycho Head at 65.

Edit: This might be an option as well.

Mayhem made mild is teaching me a few new things about pets regarding modifiers.

  1. This will require more testing, but it seems like the grenade from More than OK Boomer deals heavy damage to the pet, enough to insta-kill it a fair number of times.
  2. In dense mobbing areas like Slaughter Shaft, speed demon can destroy your build if you are running Countess. She will approach enemies quicker than the attack command can register and you will frequently lose Go for the Eyes.
  3. When your get the FFYL Countess bug where she gets stuck under the map, she can’t change elevations, at least not up. If you go into FFYL on a platform above her she won’t be able to revive you at all.

I’ve also got a much better understanding of Countess’ damage max damage. Using Badass tinks as a Guinea pig, I was able to consistent take them from full health/shield/armor to slayer range. A single shotgun shot brings them within range of Countess to one shot them. This could likely apply to the Maliwan takedown as well.


I like stripping the shield to get to that sweet, sweet armor bar for them 90+M AC lol

If Gunslinger were immune to his own splash I think the constant AC/ETI proc would beat out the GFtE/Hollowpoint synergy. I was having a LOT of luck in solo scaled GTD earlier with Gunslinger AC.

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Friendbot is additive. FML.

It pretty much has no use for pet damage then. Goodbye options.

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I was afraid it would be without having some sort of situational check like Deadeye.

The worst part is that the 20% bonus would’ve been passable in M3. We only got 150-200% pet damage back then so 20% would’ve been a 10% increase. Now with 65 every build can have at least 370, so 20% is nothing anymore.

It’s instantly invalidated because they took way too long to fix it.


We are so deep in additive bonuses that it’s gonna take MASSIVE increases(that we can assume aren’t coming) that the only solution is going to be reworking the formula(again likely not happening), adding new multiplicative bonuses like Deadeye/Splash or increasing the base damage.

I’m not sure where we can go from here man.

Base damage increases and formula rework are the only ways to make pet damage respectable without just overinflating the already very inflated mayhem scaled number (x51 for melee pet attacks, x120 for Jabber guns). It’s actually funny how high the scaling itself is while the damage remains meh at best for general play.


According to Prismatic’s formula, I get around 4939 base melee damage for pets.

Would simply increasing the scaling damage/level be an intricate fix? I would assume it could be achieved via hotfix.

If we just moved the damage gain/level from 10.5% to 12% it will put damage around 11864, or a ~140% damage gain at level 65 without bloating damage numbers at lower levels.

I’m not sure about how the Jabber damage scales per level but I would assume a similar motion could be taken.

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