[Guide] FL4K Pet Compendium (UPDATED LVL 72)

Re-volter damage does not appear to activate for the pet when Fl4k’s shield goes down. (note: I only tested this with the Guard Skag)

Re-volter enrage DOES apply to pet damage if Take This! is taken and pet’s shield drops, activating an instance of enrage on the pet. This also seems to boost reflected damage from He Bites! This boost did not seem to be shared to Fl4k (note: tested only with Guard Skag and Great Horned Skag)

It probably won’t provide any more insight but here’s a picture of a couple skag hits after its shield was depleted.

Extra comments- Unsure about the conditions for enrage to activate. Does the shield need to recharge fully in between enrage procs? I observed it activating twice in a row without a full recharge but that could have mistaken on my part. But if a full recharge is not needed then Better Toys is actually somewhat useful to get some capacity back quicker by dropping the recharge delay (not saying that skills is good though lol) to queue up another potential enrage. I did not check if it boosted Atomic Aroma before getting off though I wanted to. I only had a short window to play so I settled on the basics.


There could be some serious payout with a Re-Volter with the Terror AC anoint. The hard part is getting the enrage to trigger consistently.

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Quick update: I came across a folder with some old tests I did for hollowpoint damage. It seems like they definitely scale with pet damage formula, but they don’t seem to scale with FL4K’s. I know for a fact 300/90 didn’t apply from what I saw before, and will take an educated guess that URad and revolter don’t either.

Bright side to that is that Gotta Go Fast, being elemental damage that applies to everything like Burn Both Ends (thanks @NotQuag) should apply to the hollowpoint nova. I won’t be able to confirm this, but if I could take a guess at the hollowpoint damage formula for pets it should be

Hollowpoint = Base damage x Mayhem Scaling x V2 x Splash x Gotta Go Fast/ Elemental Multiplier x Gear debuff x skill debuff

Base Damage = (excess damage + 75%GammaBurstRad/ 200%TerrorFire/22.5%HiveMindKinetic)


I know I have to update this for level 72 and DLC 6 as there were some stealth fixes in the last patch. Also, here is some prime spaghet to titillate your taste buds


What is the context ( as in what am I seeing here)?

Loader grenades proc Electric Banjo, but the banjo gets FL4K’s dama’ge formula and double dips…something. It can hit in the hundreds of millions, although it averages around 40 mil or so.


Oh… if only the bug applies to other artifacts as well…

Things like this make me think anything we know about caveats and exceptions in pet damage formula are actually bugs (like melee not benefiting from frozen targets, bonus elements not scaling with crit, etc…)

I haven’t updated OP on this yet, but since you brought it up…

Pet stinger shield gets cryo bonus. And activates melee artifacts.

Yeah. Pet melee is not really melee but pet stinger shield is.

Only in BL3


If I am not wrong, Fish Slap also proc Melee artifacts.

Have you tested properly to see if pet’s shield/grenade like Stinger/Fish Slap doesn’t actually benefit from melee increase from Psycho Stabber , Guardian Angel etc…?

Glitching Queens had a video, which I stumbled upon recently, ages ago that seems to paint a different picture.

Basically, her WarLoader doesn’t have a roid shield and yet it is somehow doing a massive melee nova around 275 Millions. Here at 4:20 : FL4K'S Loader Bot PET KICKED WOTAN'S A$$ ( MAYHEM 11 TAKEDOWN BUILD ) Borderlands 3 - YouTube

Fish slap from the pet does proc melee related effects like generate terror, but does not receive increased melee damage from FL4K.

Pets have a separate damage formula from FL4K. Aside from this Electric Banjo discovery, which is cursed in of itself, none of the pet’s damage scales with FL4K’s aside from splash damage.

As for that nova in the video, that wasn’t from the stinger. You can see that she has a cryo stinger but the damage number was white. That means that damage didn’t come from the shield. Pet Stinger, since it counts as your melee damage for the purposes of proccing effects, triggers groundbreaker from your damage. That is what you saw.


Updated for level 72 and DLC 6. If there is anything I missed let me know. I tried to cover everything I could remember.

Also, would people like to see this thread expanded to included general tips for increasing pet utility? Things like the Throatripper LNT interaction, the internal cool down of Fuzzy Math, shields to use for pet utility, etc…I’m not sure how much of this is common knowledge so if you feel it would be useful let me know below. Also, do you feel like it would be better in this thread, which is a more deep dive into specific pet mechanics, or the pet guide which gives a general overview of what each pet is good at?

Should tips about pet utility go here or in the pet guide?
  • Here
  • The other thread

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You may as well put Revengenader shield in the shield recommendation section, since it grants pets the ability to throw grenade like War Loader but with shorter cooldown (10s) and 2 Roids/180% melee increase.

I was thinking about that, but the issue I had with it was that it needed to fully recharge between grenade deployments like a nova shield. If the cmdlet worked and gave 5/5 in Keep Them Safe I would put it in, but as it stands the grenade rarely deploys if you use a melee build.


Don’t Void Rift and Revolter also need to fully charge?

Yes, but the difference is you don’t use those for Roid. Specifically, a roid Revengenader would either inconsistently benefit from the roid (because you want the shield to be filling up every 10 seconds to proc the grenade) or you won’t get the grenade (because you’re using Red Fang to keep your shield down for roid).

For non-melee setups, it’s also a bit of a toss it in terms of min-maxing. Sure, you can use a Revengenader and have every pet toss nades like War Loader, but then they need to dedicate a shield slot to do that while War Loader can have a messy breakup and toss nades as well.

It’s not that it’s not good, but I don’t think it has quite the same potential as Void Rift or Revolter.



To me, the Revolter is inferior to the Void Rift due to the homing ice spikes. The fact that once your pets shock enrage ends you have to wait for their shield to fully recharge to be able to proc again.

I would rate either of these shields below the Messy Breakup and way below the Ward for pet damage.

Revolter to me is more for War Loader and to a much lesser extent gunslinger. It’s the only shield that can buff the thrown grenade, which is already massive burst damage. Instead of using the terror anoint though, you can substitute it with an anoint that does more for your damage. As an added benefit, Revolter bonus ele scales with crit unlike terror, so it has much higher damage potential than the terror anoint.


Rearranged some things, added new sections

May add a bit more over the coming days for some super min-maxy stuff, but I think this should cover almost everything.