[Guide] FL4K Pet Compendium (UPDATED LVL 72)

Friendbot is additive. FML.

It pretty much has no use for pet damage then. Goodbye options.

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I was afraid it would be without having some sort of situational check like Deadeye.

The worst part is that the 20% bonus would’ve been passable in M3. We only got 150-200% pet damage back then so 20% would’ve been a 10% increase. Now with 65 every build can have at least 370, so 20% is nothing anymore.

It’s instantly invalidated because they took way too long to fix it.


We are so deep in additive bonuses that it’s gonna take MASSIVE increases(that we can assume aren’t coming) that the only solution is going to be reworking the formula(again likely not happening), adding new multiplicative bonuses like Deadeye/Splash or increasing the base damage.

I’m not sure where we can go from here man.

Base damage increases and formula rework are the only ways to make pet damage respectable without just overinflating the already very inflated mayhem scaled number (x51 for melee pet attacks, x120 for Jabber guns). It’s actually funny how high the scaling itself is while the damage remains meh at best for general play.


According to Prismatic’s formula, I get around 4939 base melee damage for pets.

Would simply increasing the scaling damage/level be an intricate fix? I would assume it could be achieved via hotfix.

If we just moved the damage gain/level from 10.5% to 12% it will put damage around 11864, or a ~140% damage gain at level 65 without bloating damage numbers at lower levels.

I’m not sure about how the Jabber damage scales per level but I would assume a similar motion could be taken.

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If you have DLC4, can you test out the Peregrine COM? According to my calcs it’s nowhere close to beating the Deadeye most of time even with the Piss grenade, but maybe with gunslinger it could work.

They really need to figure out a permanent solution to this, somehow set it up so that the pet will scale not just by level/mayhem, but with Fl4k themself. So that Fl4k’s increasing power and damage output transfers to the pet too.

The problem is that the pets actually have more bonus damage in the skill tree than FL4K. This is made irrelevant by the pure additive nature of the formula vs FL4K’s supply of V1/V2 bonuses.

Base damage increases are going to be the simplest fix IMO.

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First thing I thought of when I saw friendbot was fixed were all the dedicated FL4K players on the forums. I couldn’t wait to see how excited everyone would be… until I found out it was an additive boost. Ouch


Does anyone know if an enemy dying to the tr4iner effect timer counts as a fl4k kill or not?
@vCarpeDiemv @Adabiviak

Sorry buddy but my Tr4iner COM experience is limited to the purple variety lol

Good god I love that COM.

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I been working on some ideas for good pet COM’s. Not sure the efficiency of posting them on here though sometimes

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Checking now… the recent (or not so recent) change/bug in Dominance is weird. In the laboratory now!

edit - well, first off: no kills by my Skag (no Dominance) are throwing any of my kill skills, so I suppose we should start there. :laughing:

Anyone’s Skag kills throwing Interplanetary Stalker? Any pet kills throwing any kill skills?


No, really… if none of the pet kills fire FL4K’s kill skills, all bets are off for this.

No kill skill besides ETI and Rage and Recover proc off of pet skills.

Thanks… let me check some stuff.

edit - Eager to Impress doesn’t have a HUD icon, so I can’t tell if it’s lit. This character doesn’t have Rage and Recover, so I’m shopping for a quick COM to throw a point in there to not be bothered to respec.

2nd edit - Zed hooked me up with an Overdrive COM with a point therein, let’s see if this is on the HUD.

3rd edit - It does! Back to the original experiment.

…but wait! Can’t use an Overdrive and Tr4iner at the same time. :laughing: Back to Sanctuary.


Well, with the current bug in Dominance, it’s almost impossible to tell.

Once the pet gets a bead on an enemy and they kill it, but the kill turns into a Domination (so now that enemy is an ally), the pet still goes after it trying to kill it (hence the bug… wasn’t like this before). When the pet kills this Dominated ally, it does activate Rage and Recover.

Trying to cancel the pet between the Tr4iner Domination and the kill (especially when I can’t see the enemy’s dot under the pet icon when they’re fighting) is tricky. I’m off to work in a bit, but I’ll try again this evening.

I’m pet cancelling by hopping into a vehicle once the Domination happens, so the ally can run out its timer instead of dying to the pet. I don’t think I can see the kill icon while in a vehicle, so I have to hop back out before the timer expires but also keep the pet from re-attacking him. :sweat_smile:


You’re doing the God Queen’s work my friend!

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