[Guide] FL4K Pet Compendium (UPDATED LVL 72)

I wish that the terror pet annoint had a better design. Something more like this.

While Terrified, FL4K’s pet deals 200% bonus Incendiary damage. Issuing an Attack Command consumes all Terror.

I don’t even think it needs to consume terror at all. Since this anoint consumes terror, you can’t use it with the ASE terror generator because it will consume the terror but you will still generate more, destroying your accuracy with all guns and tanking your damage. It was the first set up I ever tried in the Critter Lab, and it failed miserably.

Since Splash Commands are an ASE build, it would be much better to the flow of the build overall if we could use that method of generating terror, but you sacrifice too much to make it work. Yesterday I tried to work terror in with Killer Queen using the ASE terror generator, but to do so I had to give up the ASS anoint on my shield, so the only way I could stay alive was to cheese with transformer + Shrieking Devil. Luckily Devil can roll with splash so it still worked for Killer Queen and I had good uptime on the bonus, but I dealt pathetic damage personally, and the extra damage didn’t make a difference in clear speed.

If it was just a while terrified anoint , it would fit in much better with FL4K’s builds. Even with this increase, it isn’t that powerful that it justifies having permanently reduced accuracy, needing to swap to a Facepuncher and spam no damage ACs, and not being able to use the other far more powerful terror anoints. Honestly, due to the incresed scaling making Gunslinger far more likely to kill himself with the AC the only pet that really benefits from this anoint is Scorcher since it’s pretty much a straight 3x damage increase for her.

/End rant


I am experimenting fade away and Eridian skag with a terror fl4k anoint shield

I use launchpad and melee on terror grenade

I like doing all the stuff (generating terror and issiing AC)while invisible and I find the AC of Eridian Skag pretty cool. Is he affected by 200 splash ase? I wonder what to put on the weapon

Is this crazy?

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Yes, he gets Splash bonuses on Attack Command. I wish his AC had a little more fizz behind it, the singularity effect could be awesome.

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Like @vCarpeDiemv said, Eridian doesn’t have a lot of oomph on the AC. However, it can still be useful for utility. I wouldn’t bother building around attack command damage, just focus on the basic attacks boosted by terror.


In anticipation for the reveal of the 4th skill trees next week, I’d strongly suggest anyone interested in running pet builds to farm for the following shields with the Attack Command Terror Anoint:

  1. One Shotter/Version 0.m/Re-router
  2. Old God
  3. Brawler Ward
  4. Rico
  5. Frozen Heart/Stinger/ Messy Breakup?
  6. Transformer (if you find one cool. The tree should keep the pet’s shield topped off anyway, but there may be some cheese strats with this shield and the unrevealed skills)

There may be a few others, but off the top of my head those are the one I imagine will be great shields to give the pet.


Maybe also Void Rift, Nova/Recharge Berner, Black Hole. Maybe even Shooting star?


I think Faulty Star in a Red Fang build could be really strong as an offensive option.


I should probably just suggest good nova shields in general. They’ll probably get some delicious mayhem scaling ■■■■■■■■.


I wonder, if melee damge is separate from pet damage, would Roid shield bonuses will be multiplicative with our pet formula?

I’m hoping they will be, but expecting they won’t be because reasons.

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The inefficiency of the pet damage formula is sinful. When a +300% damage bonus either a X~1.8 or X4 bonus depending on whether it is multiplicative or additive.

Please let Roid bonuses be multiplicative :crossed_fingers:


Could this be the reason Pets don’t get a bonus from Cryo when they melee? Do they not get it just because they aren’t technically doing melee?

That is a possibility, but back in M4 they got melee bonuses from Mayhem modifiers, so they are coded as melee somehow.

Were M4 melee bonus additive or multiplicative?



Hmmm. I see. Guess giving our pets roid shields will give us more insight into this.

I’m hoping this is one of the things the stream team tests when they showcase the new trees on Tuesday.


That would be awesome if that happens, but given FL4K’s pet build seemingly low priority level I won’t be surprised if this isn’t tested very thoroughly.

I am also curious how long they will have to showcase them as well.

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Just gonna drop this here