[Guide] FL4K Pet Compendium (UPDATED LVL 72)

That got my attention when he showed that warloader has a copy of Fl4k grenade, more ghast Call skulls, better upgrade to ps5 before buying this skill tree :rofl:


I wonder if the critical damage bonus from Go for the Eyes! somehow applies to the crit chance from Throatripper (as well as maybe stacking with the crit damage from Monkey Do!).

I’m HOPING that the crit damage bonus from GfTE applies to Throat Ripper.

This could make for some nastiness with Hollowpoint procs.

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The official site’s skill tree planner has a different description for Dominance.

This looks promising


There seems to be changes to Hive Mind and Shared Spirit as well. When Hive Minds trigger it gives bonus pet damage. I wonder if that bonus adds something to the formula. As for Shared Spirit, the damage taken is converted into healing for the Pet.

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Will pet equipped with this type of shield drop booster?

It should, but I didn’t see anyone test boosters specifically.


You just gave me a great idea:


A double power charge roll gives 20% gun damage per booster and stacks. Considering the lack of damage in purple, it’s would actually make a fairly large difference.

Also, in general, I’m coming around to more utility minded shields. I suggest also farming for:

  1. Big Boom Blasters - can come in real handy for refilling grenades and rocket ammo.
  2. Shooting Star - if it works with pet melee could just be a fun shield to mess with

We may need to test if Band of Sitorak works with pets…


Note that shooting star is bugged since day one, the effect is currently not triggering properly. Filed a bug report some time ago, as usual no idea when it will be fixed

EdIt: tested today it works now

This brings up questions for me, do they get the buff from the boosters and will they automatically pick them up? I will be curious to see how well this is all implemented.

Still? I thought that got fixed with Tigg’s Boom…

Good question. I guess we’ll have to see. Not gonna lie, I kinda hope they don’t. The boosters would be far more beneficial to you than the pet.


ok did a retest now and it works, mid october did not work… well I missed that one


So I learned something new today:
He Bites doesn’t actually reflect enemy damage. It deals a flat amount of damage whenever an enemy attacks the pet. Thanks to @NotQuag for showing me on stream.
The reflect damage is unaffected by enemy damage. The skill description, like so many others, is incredibly inaccurate as to what is actually happening. Bright side is He Bites isn’t effected by Mayhem scaling enemy weapons, so if it is ever fixed the skill won’t be effected as I orignally thought it would.

Never mind, someone on Discord double checked and it is true reflect.


So what are the chances/bets on this working with the Pets? Yay or Nay?


No idea. It specifies an ally so it might work, but we’ll have to test it out.

The 5am PT release time for the DLC will make it a tad difficult to test most of the new interactions with purple tree right away. I imagine that will be the case for most people who will either be asleep or at work/school.

Depending on how long it takes to download the DLC, I’ll try to at least test the following things as soon as I can:

  1. Whether Roid damage applies with Take This
  2. Whether the crit bonus on Monkey Do is additive or multiplicative with Throatripper
  3. If GftE interacts with Throatripper/Monkey Do in any way
  4. If pets autmoatically pick up boosters they drop (for power charges)

Of course if anyone else does any testing regarding pet interactions with purple tree please post the results here. I want to really dig deep into the loaders so I won’t be updating the OP with a section about them for a few weeks to give us time to discover their mechanics.

And as always, if you feel like recording gameplay it’s always appreciated.



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:sob: :sob: :sob:

Fully multiplicative so far.

Monkey Do doesn’t stack with GFTE

terror anoint /gamma scale with Roid. It also scales with splash on applicable attack commands.
Bonus eles still don’t scale with splash even with roid, just fyi.

That’s all I have time for until later.

EDIT: The OTG anoint is V2 for the pet. It is additive with the Deadeye class mod.

Hive Mind is an independent multiplier, and is not a bonus element! It works strangely with GFTE though and doesn’t give exactly a 22.5% increase. It’s more like a 20% increase.


The pets got a win for once this time. Sad the skills don’t stack, however: Does GFTE increase the damage of Throatripper WITHOUT Monkey Do?

Nope, the damage on GFTE is exactly the same regardless of having either skill.