[Guide] FL4K Pet Guide (UPDATED LVL 72)

Also sorry for being so chatty but thanks for this awesome guide! Really helpful and informative! Hope to see more like it! :slight_smile:


No problem, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

It’ll be interesting if Scorcher also works. The attack commands would actually be useful for CC then.

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Nice guide, man, great work. Let’s hope those pet buffs come soon and they get it right on the second try.

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Finally got around to being “back” in the forums. Nice work on the thread! Hopefully we get those pet buffs soon.


Nice write up.
Learned a little bit new, more due to the fact I have never used a Jabber.
I love my scorcher, and my 2nd FL4K runs with a Great Horned Skag.

I tried using the Spiderant Scorcher but I quickly realized it had an unintentional side effect: its flame attacks are just so bright compared to everything else. If you’re outside during the day it’s not really much of an issue, but in any sort of indoor environment, the visual pollution is significant and makes it harder to aim (it gets worse the tighter and darker the space is). I don’t know if there are any settings I can change to lessen the effect (playing on PS4), but I think I’d rather stick with the Countess for that reason.

Updated with Loader Bots. Hopefully these rankings will be temporary and can be increased once their bugs are fixed.

EDIT: Adjusted Beefcake’s rating since he kind of got killed by the removal of mayhem scaling pet guns.


You’re the man. I would love to see you need to update it due to buffs or some other meaningful change.

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Dumb question - since Skags deal melee damage (do they?), is it scaled with Mayhem levels? Also - do my melee bonuses apply to them, be it from shield special effect or from the gun I’m holding? What if I were to give Skag a roid shield, it will hit harder when depleted, correct?

Inquiring minds want to know… :slight_smile:

AFAIK they should just get Pet scaling. They will get Roid bonuses from their shield as long as you have “Take This!” Skill selected.

Also they don’t gain melee bonuses from blades weapons.


Cool, cool, very cool… Off to give Brawler Ward to my skag. :wink:

Edit: worked quite well - he was taking care of VIP gangsters easily with this nice +300% melee boost.

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Roid bonus is multiplicative as well IIRC, I’m pretty sure @boombumr used it for Killer Queen 2.0.

Adding to the OP:

All Loaders get insta-killed by diadem, scourge, and Anathema in Guardian Takedown, not just War Loader.

$15 skill tree people…

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More questions on how to maximize pet damage in Gamma Burst setup :slight_smile: . I pan to hang back and help with grenades, healing etc.

  • Do any of passives on COM influence the skag?
  • Same with relics - I assume Atom Balm or whatever that boosts radiation damage should help here, no?
  • Horned vs. Eridium skag: same damage in GB, since base melee damage appears to be the same? No explicit Attack micro-management, just whatever skag does on its own.
  • Do pet melee attacks trigger Groundbreaker? Does pet benefit from shield-related GR perks or GR perks in general?

Apologies if I missed some of that in the original writeup.

Edit: I found this thread which probably will answer most of my questions:

No problem. For future reference pet damage related concerns are addressed in the pet compendium rather than the pet guide.

Eridian would get splash on the attack command, but otherwise no.

Atom Balm does boost Atomic Aroma’s DOT and Rad explosion.

For the most part yes. If you want to use the terror anointment you may have a slightly easier time with Horned skag since it won’t miss the AC, but otherwise they’re exactly the same.

They don’t proc groundbreaker. They do proc Hollowpoint, which builds Overkill and Groundbreaker for FL4K.


While I have you here :slight_smile: - is ‘On Grenade Thrown’ damage boost stackable? I can for sure throw several grenades during the ‘short time’ period it is active.

Nope. Would be cool if it was.


This guide has been updated for level 72.

As a general question, would people like to see this thread expanded to included general tips for increasing pet utility in the purple tree? Things like the Throatripper LNT interaction, the internal cool down of Fuzzy Math, shields to use for pet utility, etc…I’m not sure how much of this is common knowledge so if you feel it would be useful let me know below. Also, do you feel like it would be better in this thread, which gives a general overview of what each pet is good at, or the pet compendium which is a more deep dive into specific pet mechanics?

Should tips about pet utility go here or in the pet compendium?
  • Here
  • The other thread

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Hello, thanks for spending the time updating the guide, there very handy .

Yes I would be interested getting a guide towards the purple tree pet utility .Specifically on what shields to use for our pets.

Thanks again.

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This has been very useful… I went full purple tree and the loader bot for a challenge on a new character. It’s been fun, the AI is really wonky at times but that adds to the drama… Based on your write up, some of the skills are bugged, i hope they fix them, it could be really interesting to see how far you can really push it.