[Guide] FL4K Pet Guide (UPDATED LVL 72)

These are ranked through the lens of the most amount of damage output possible, not necessarily the most pet damage possible, no?

Correct. I can’t really rate Gunslinger and Countess as highly as Scorcher and Horned Skag with pet damage as it is right now.

I’ll cover pet specific damage in another thread once we get scaling at least.

Good work :ok_hand: If you know I was wondering what the maximum mayhem level in the new mayhem 2
0 pets can do before they begin to fall off?

Attack commands work up to M4, haven’t tried past that yet. M6 is definitely a no go though. M4 at 1000% was difficult, so there is no way we can pump up our damage enough to get to 3000%.

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Man, I’m sticking with my guns on the fact that Fl4k’s pets should gain Fl4k’s Overkill damage. I would think this would be an easy adjustment that could really help pets damage output scale with Mayhem levels.

But, overall theme here is right on point. No true reason to run anything but Scorcher, Gunslinger or Horny Skag past M4.

I’ve been doing some math on various scaling, while I was at it I checked what the base melee damage is for Fl4k’s pets and I thought I’d drop it here.

Pet base melee damage = 7.5 × 1.105level


Yes, they increased it back in the November patch. Definitely would be a good idea to include it!

I don’t know for all attack commands, but for the only two that do damage it’s 58.5

Another thing to add that’s good about the Great Horned Skag is it can stop the immunity phase of the Annointed Militant knocking it in the air.

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Never tried that before. I wonder if any pet with knockback can do that…

Not too sure about beefcake jabber haven’t tested but Eridian Skag i know won’t work.

Beefcake definitely has knockback, and Scorcher does have a bit of knockback on it’s roll attack. I’m not sure about the stomp though…

ah gotta test those when i’m on next time. Stomp probably not.

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Also sorry for being so chatty but thanks for this awesome guide! Really helpful and informative! Hope to see more like it! :slight_smile:


No problem, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

It’ll be interesting if Scorcher also works. The attack commands would actually be useful for CC then.

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Nice guide, man, great work. Let’s hope those pet buffs come soon and they get it right on the second try.

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Finally got around to being “back” in the forums. Nice work on the thread! Hopefully we get those pet buffs soon.


Nice write up.
Learned a little bit new, more due to the fact I have never used a Jabber.
I love my scorcher, and my 2nd FL4K runs with a Great Horned Skag.

I tried using the Spiderant Scorcher but I quickly realized it had an unintentional side effect: its flame attacks are just so bright compared to everything else. If you’re outside during the day it’s not really much of an issue, but in any sort of indoor environment, the visual pollution is significant and makes it harder to aim (it gets worse the tighter and darker the space is). I don’t know if there are any settings I can change to lessen the effect (playing on PS4), but I think I’d rather stick with the Countess for that reason.

Updated with Loader Bots. Hopefully these rankings will be temporary and can be increased once their bugs are fixed.

EDIT: Adjusted Beefcake’s rating since he kind of got killed by the removal of mayhem scaling pet guns.


You’re the man. I would love to see you need to update it due to buffs or some other meaningful change.

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