Guide for New and Mid-Level players

Alright, so you’ve got this great new game, you’re level 10 so you feel that you have the jst of the game but there just seems to be a knowledge or skill gap when going up against high level players in PVP. This guide is to provide more in depth knowledge so that you can have some direction as you progress but also to help you have a good time playing PVP if you’re getting stomped all the time. I’m level 100CR, put tons of time into this game, and feel I have a lot to offer so here we go.

The first thing to understand about Battleborn is that it’s all about team work. Whether you are in a premade team or with randoms, your success will be determined by your team composition for the game type, how well you function in your roll, and how well you work together as a team. Some game types are more reliant on teamwork but all, to some degree, will require coordination. Effectively communicating with your team obviously helps but if everyone knows their rolls and watches the minimap, this will also work. I can’t stress enough the power of the minimap. I still remind level 100s I play with to watch their minimaps. Why? When a teammate, allied minion, or turret sees an enemy within range, they will show up on your minimap. If you are squishy(Marquis, Oscar Mike, etc.) then this can help save you from getting ganked(def: surprise team up). If you are an assassin or support, this can show you were you are needed. Fast reaction to overmatches can wipe the whole enemy team.

So we see the power of working together but you still get worked. Most times it comes down to bad team comp and/or role failure. If you’re new to MOBAs or don’t quite get the whole hero shooter thing, I’ll break it down. Each character has a role. Marquis is a sniper. What does that mean to his play style? Everything. You will see good players using characters in unconventional ways but that’s almost always after they have mastered the basics of that character. As a sniper, Marquis has low health, slow rate of fire, and medium speed. Up close he will get vaporized by a high damage dealer because he doesn’t have the speed, health, or dps to go toe to toe with assassin. So don’t get close. Tanks have more health, do ok damage, but are slow. So this makes them easy to use right? Negative. Their lack of speed and large hit box means people just naturally want to punch your face. A good healer can keep you’re pull of health full and allow you to stay on the lines. Assassins look for opportunities. Mismatches, ganks, and flanks are all your friends. Having trouble understanding a characters role? Watch a video or read a guide. The mutation system and gear means that there are a lot of ways to use a character and why not listen to someone else who has invested a lot of time on a character you’re just picking up. If you’re range, it’s a bad idea to lead the charge. If you’re melee, running up against 3 or even one person who can shoot you as you approach isn’t a good idea. Understanding you’re role and teamwork is also understanding where you should be on the field. I play in premade so against randoms and lose to better teamwork and team comp. I play with randoms and dominate premades if we all know our rolls.

Which brings me to staying alive. This is one of the most important things early game and you need to know why. Being able to kill minions and get kills is how you level, obviously. So if you die level one or two you give the other team the experience of killing you and you lose time on the line where you would be gaining experience. This leads to level gaps which can be insurmountable if you get too far behind. So stay alive and get levels. Grab shards and build. Take out minions if you won’t get pounded doing it. If you’re melee, wait for your minions because those little dudes can do damage early on. Recall if you get low health and you don’t have a support station or healer. I have a nice regen piece I use that allows me to stay on the line. Just practicing this will improve your games a lot.

Lastly, gear and levels. You probably have some greens and blues. Maybe a couple legendaries. These do help but you don’t have to run the missions a ton to farm good pieces. I fumbled my way around. Hoping and guessing what I was doing was right. I did get legendaries but I also ran 130+ missions. So I’ll share what I know to level the playing field. Running missions solo are easier but you’re odds of drops improve with each person in you’re group. If each person gets a legendary than one could assume that each person in the party gets a roll for legendary and it rewards the hugest rolled gear. I can’t say this is factual but I will say my luck is vastly superior when I run a full squad. I’m not sure if hardcore helps but I usually put it on since we don’t usually wipe anyway. Random queues for advanced missions can be brutal. I highly recommend you master a level on solo normal or be strong with your character. Gear can help but shouldn’t be a crutch for fundamentals. If you’re not running cc gear you can get vaporized no matter what.

These are the basics I could think of for now. If I think of more I’ll edit. Feel free to drop suggestions. My hope is entice new players into staying so that this community grows. We were all new once. Feel free to ask questions. Good luck!


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