GUIDE: How to change language

Go to Epic Games Launcher
Go to Setting in the lower left corner
Scroll down to Borderlands 3
Click on “Additional command line arguments”
type “-language=“en”” or replace “en” with any other preferred language

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worked for me! Thanks!

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Thanks a lot

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This only seems to work for languages that are already installed or default ones like English.

If I want to change to Simpilified Chinese, should I type “cn” or “zh”

add ‘-culture=zh-Hans-CN’ will works, according to 2k support website.

anyone know how to do this for korean?


so I guess “-language=“ko”” also works

|Russian (text only)|-culture=ru
|Brazilian Portuguese (text only)|-culture=pt-BR
|Simplified Chinese|-culture=zh-Hans-CN
|Traditional Chinese|-culture=zh-Hant-TW

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Oh god, THANK YOU!!

ty but anyone know if i can put voices in English and subtiles in French?


I want to play with english voices and spanish subtitles, someone knows how?


I have the similar question. I want subtitles in other language but English voice


TS deserves a medal!

Holy sh** thanks for your help :slight_smile: