GUIDE: How to change language

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This only seems to work for languages that are already installed or default ones like English.

If I want to change to Simpilified Chinese, should I type “cn” or “zh”

add ‘-culture=zh-Hans-CN’ will works, according to 2k support website.

anyone know how to do this for korean?


so I guess “-language=“ko”” also works

|Russian (text only)|-culture=ru
|Brazilian Portuguese (text only)|-culture=pt-BR
|Simplified Chinese|-culture=zh-Hans-CN
|Traditional Chinese|-culture=zh-Hant-TW

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ty but anyone know if i can put voices in English and subtiles in French?


I want to play with english voices and spanish subtitles, someone knows how?


I have the similar question. I want subtitles in other language but English voice


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I got this as reply from 2k : I’m sorry to say that it is not possible to change the language but keep the interface and subtitles in English. If you would like to change languages, below are the steps on how to do so…