[GUIDE] How to KILL almost EVERYTHING in this game with two Maya's

My friend SuddenDeathMode found one very effective way to kill almost any boss in one-shot, using 2 Mayas. This tactics based on Kinetic Reflection, which give 100% chance to reflect bullet and resist 100%/110% damage from it. It works pretty simple - bullet reflect from one Maya to another many times, and each reflect gives this bullet +200%/220% damage(up to 1100% with Antagonist, yeah, damage bonus stacks), and when enemy come closer, this bullet aims to him, dealing massive amount of damage. It works like b0re, but it may be used in almost any situation.
What do you need to do this? Minimal “configuration” for this is 2 Maya’s with Trickster mods and Antagonist shields. You can use almost any weapon, even with low base damage, but it’s hard to control damage boost, so I recomend to use high-level ricoсhet Fibber, Bekah or Lyuda. You can try another weapons, tell me if you found interesting solution for this. If you have another friend/s, you may take Krieg with Legendary Reaper(for kill skill duration and activation some bosses like Pyro Pete(it’s not must-have for Pete)) and low-level Axthon for gaining kill skills.
What do you need to do? Activate duel, gain kill skills, shoot each other. Sounds pretty simple, but need some expierence to do this, just train on Pete, he have free kill skills. It looks like this:

We tried to do this on all raid bosses, it works pretty well,but it doesn’t work well on Dexi and Son of Crawmerax because they actually can’t die in one phase. We did it even on Master Gee:

If you don’t like to use enemies for kill skills(on Hyperius or Vorac for example), you may use low-level Axthon. You can kill his turret with Love Thumper and kill himself, and if he leaves in FFyL, you gain kill skills. Example:

Here some kills, you can check my, SuddenDeathMode and Nemo’s chanells for more

P.S. Legendary Reaper is broken, make sure to reequip it before fight, or it may not work
P.P.S. Sorry for mistakes, my English not so good as it should be


Wow… This is actually pretty amazing. Good job!

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Looks like I’ll be loading up Borderlands 2 soon to try some fancy new stuff.

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Do both Maya need to get their Kill Skills active or would it work with just 1?

Is a Krieg necessary?

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yes, both Maya’s needs a kill skills. Krieg is not must-have, but he is recommended

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This needs to be bumped, because this is awesome and people need to see it.


Anyone still doing this? Does it work on Haderax?

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I don’t think it worth trying, you can kill Haderax with 1 Maya in 2 seconds by standing still. But it should work, if you will be lucky enough to get 2 kill skills and good spawn


We are having trouble with that method.

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i believe it will work, we actually have some plans on doing it with Maya and Krieg.

Also, tell us why you are having trouble with the recompense method, maybe we can help.


I posted this on reddit. TLDR: I did manage to do it. Here’s a copy of that text from reddit:

Found a +6 recompense while farming Uranus. So I tried that and got him down to 10% health or so.

Then I tried again. This time I swapped to the Chulainn as soon as I entered his spawn crater. I aimed at the floor and shot down. Slagging him and/or me.

And totally wrecked him that way. Yesss!

Thanks for the help!

Xbox one (Xbox one x if that matters).

OP 10 version of Haderax.
Badass rank OFF
Level 50 retainer
Level 60 warder

As for skill points, I put points into Minds eye Wreck Recompense Res Accelerate Kinetic reflection Converge Foresight Immolate Cloud kill

That’s it. I was careful not to do anything with skill points that boost health or shields.

Now to grab all the gear!

I also used a split screen character to pay the Eridium and hit the table switch. My main is already on the elevator. Then I hit start right after the table switch. And swap profile so my split screen character doesn’t spend eridium. From that moment on the split screen character is out and I’m back to solo.

I plan on farming him some more at the level 80 version and the OP 10 version. Maybe OP 5 a little.

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