[Guide] Jack's resource thread





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There is a new Jack’s Skills thread. Are you replacing Blut’s thread?

Yeah just the resource thread. Link me it and I’ll add it.

Fixed thanks

You’re welcome. And if you know and would like to tell me, do you know what happened to Blut as you seem to be replacing most of his stuff and I just got around to reading his COMMUNITY BADASS thread and it was closed by a mod. You can just PM me.

I have no clue where he went I’ve only be around since November. Maybe ask gulf,derch, or another mod. Also I’m only planning on replacing Axton threads or simple to make threads lol.

Ok thanks.

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Is there a class mod guide anywhere because I couldn’t find one.

I didn’t see anything either.

Well that sucks. I’ll look for some other guides are there any you think I should add?

I’m just like you I’ve only been around here since September. But I don’t use the resource threads so I don’t really look out for that kind of stuff.

I’m the same way I’m just trying to fix a few small guides.
Also I added this

You linked it to a comment instead of the actual tread, just fyi.

Crap lol thanks for telling me.



Since you got you’re fancy new pin, you might want to make your first line more appealing. Just IMO

You can click on his sub-forum and see what I mean.

My thread is in a sticky.