[Guide] Melee / Face-puncher formulas and analysis

Again, that’s not how it works and nothing was changed. All melee bonuses are added together.


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how is that not how it works. doing the math any other way makes no sense.

It should be the same as it is taken separately.

find your center and 56% melee boost is 2447 x 2.56 that comes out to 6264 just like in the vid.

Brawler ward is a 300% increase so multiply by 4. By itself that 2447 x 4 giving 9788.
If you add the multipliers together the answer comes out the same. 2447 x (4 + 2.56) = 16,052.

In your formula

added together that’s 2447 x (4+1.56) which would come out to 13k. but that ignores the doubling of base damage from find your center. which is what I’ve been saying that 1 instance of base damage was missing.

I’ve gone over this again and again, with no one seeing what I see, if you can give me a acceptable explanation for why your formula includes a 0 and not a 1, I’ll give up and accept I’m just wrong. Because I can’t see with my understanding how what I’m seeing isn’t apparent.

Idk, I missclicked it maybe I did check again and

In the video they have no points in FYC, so in formula is only +1 not +2. Thats why you see 13k, not 16k

Here is my full formula from a previous post

The *2 is double FYC.


You’re counting the base damage twice here. Once it’s part of the 4 (1 + 3), then again it’s part of the 2.56 (1 + 1 + 0.56). If you say 4 + 2.56, that’s base damage counted twice in there (1 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 0.56). That’s not how it works, base damage is only counted once.

There is no doubling of base damage. FYC adds another 100% base on top of whatever’s already there, nothing more.

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Oh thank god! I’ve been on this thing for days trying to figure this out.
Putting the 1 into the formula makes it so you don’t have to account for the increase in relation to the base value. Allowing inputs of the straight percentages.

Thank you so much!


@EldeeFifty check this out for the fp formula.

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Any idea if PS affects phaseslam currently?

It doesn’t.

However, Phaseslam also triggers ASE elements from shield/grenade mods, which do get PS. Sadly, they don’t receive any Mayhem scaling, which means their damage is pathetic compared to the Slam itself which is x31 on M10.

Example: let’s say we deal 10,000 Phaseslam damage on M0, ignoring any other modifiers the shield ASE will deal 5,000 damage. On M10 our Phaseslam will deal 310,000 damage but the bonus element is still only 5,000. With 6/3 PS you can raise that up to 10,000 which is still irrelevant.

However, while bonus eles on guns normally aren’t triggered by Amara’s action skills, there’s one exception: the 150% radiation below 50% health one. What’s more, this one does scale with the AS on Mayhem, so yeah it deals 1.5x the actual Slam damage – 465,000 in this case.

HOWEVER again, unlike the shield/nade ASE’s, this anointment is unaffected by PS when triggered by an action skill, so… if I didn’t overlook something, I believe PS is useless for Phaseslam except at very low Mayhem levels.


Thanks for the in-depth reply. It is as I thought then. I use a FP with 300/90 which I believe affects phaseslam so that is where most of my phaseslam damage is coming from. I’m seeing 14mish regularly. It would be lovely if they has PS affect phaseslam and phasecast damage (TTB is just fine).

Yeah that’s correct. I think the 300vs90 anointment is the highest damage anointment you can have on action skills – especially with TTB because it double dips (clearly TTB needed even more damage).

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though they did ‘adjust’ ttb so it doesn’t get AS damage buffs from coms/artifacts/do harm

That’s correct, but the 300v90 anointment isn’t an AS damage increase, so it works on TTB. Afaik this anointment works generally with any damage type whatsoever.

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