[Guide] Moze's Gun Damage Formula

This explains why my brainstormer never runs out of ammo. The tendrils proc Short Fuse all over the damn place and then that starts proccing MoD


Makes me think the Recursion might have a similar synergy if not quite as noticeably.

Have noticed it with other characters too, the bonus applies to everyone/thing just as the 100% rakk attack anoint bonus and amara’s other skill bonus (cant remember the name)
Basically team bonus’

Sweet! Short Fuse used to NOT proc MoD but it would proc Fire Skag. Or there was shoddy testing done then…

Either way, glad to know thanks for testing!!!

And the disk that is shot out of the recursion itself counts as splash damage

Yeah I was alerted this recently. I keep meaning to try getting the recursion to work in an SOR/DW spec.

I’ve temporarily removed Short Fuse as it’s producing numbers I can’t recreate. Once I can recreate it’s damage reliably, I’ll re add it.

So I don’t know why this is the case, but Short Fuse is being boosted by Iron Bear damage bonuses.

I haven’t checked how class mods affects it, but its damage from skills, the gun’s stats, and a relic seems to be something like this:
0.75 * [gun’s bullet damage] * [gun damage bonuses] * [Iron Bear damage bonus] * [splash damage bonuses] * [C-C-Combo bonus]

The C-C-Combo bonus was always at least 2% by the time the Short Fuse explosion occurred and would always be affecting it in some way.


^ Can confirm it’s being boosted by things like Stainless, Scorching RPMs (on a body shot) ect.


Thank you.

Updated the OP to include Short Fuse again.

I’m not able to replicate this. I could only get bonus damage from RPM’s and SSB.

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You’re right. I needed sleep lol

I wonder if Iron Bear was originally going to be able to proc SF. That would’ve been great.

Ib should definitely proc short fuse