Guide: My lvl 70 fire rate crit + heal fast Commrade Jack COE build

I refined this build with the help of some guyz here thankz. This build is finalized. Skills to use


  1. COE class mod
  2. Green glitched Practicable Thinking cryo or lvl 70 Bullup cryo (Used new game Glitch to get lvl 70)
  3. Longest yard
  4. Frostfire (has badass splash damage that makes enemies freeze white when they die without shatering Do not fire this only use for Sponsored by)
  5. Any fire weapon (Just fordiffrent element so when you encounter cryo enemies use this)
  6. Bulwark shield
  7. Nasty surprise grenade mod
  8. 3dd1.e

Edit: To heal fast use bullup fire it in enemies the faster you kill enemies the faster you heal cause as you kill an enemy you heal with take their freedom skill coupled with supply and demand skill