[Guide] Non-Red Text Gear Worth Using (Updated to Claptastic Voyage)

Its not about penetration. the burst kinda negates railers slow fire rate. Makes them into high damage blasters.

Hyperion railers should be there too.

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Tediore Railgun.
Hyperion guns with Scav parts.

I don’t need anything like that…I am already copying from a list you made in old forums few moths back.

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Alright, what kind of help do you need then ?

Few questions for shotgun specialist:

What accessories are considered to be the best for quad barrel Hyperion shotguns? Crit./Gen. Boost?

For Thinking,Vertical grip because of their good acc.,low pellet count and almost no recoil?

Vertical grip>Gen. boost,Side loader>others for Ravager?

Depends on who you’re playing in most cases, so let me break it down a bit

Developments in Athena’s hand are there to abuse and maintain Maelstorm stacks, so they need to do as many instances of individual shock damage as possible. On BL2-skin Development, the vertical grip, with it’s 2 extra pellets and faster fire rate, would be the best choice since it already has the best accuracy in quad barreled shotguns and can cope with the loss, and in many cases are used to shoot at very large targets) See here for details

Used by other character, I would recommend either crit boost (especially with Nisha) or the general boost. That little mag size increase may be enough to give you one extra shot without making your reload speed longer. General boost may be a bit better than Side-loader, because they already have very fast fire rate, and a damage increase here (instead of a decrease) is welcome.

Using other large Hyperion shotguns, like quads with BL1 skins, the accuracy prefix will give you the best results…but you probably shouldn’t be using them in the first place IMO, as they are ammo hogs.

On thinking, the vertical grip is king. Unless you play as Nisha, where the crit accessory gives it a run for it’s money (both are good… I wouldn’t know what to call the best here). Side loader is also a good 3rd option.

Ravagers are odd birds
Since most will be using them from pretty close range (there is nothing you can do to correct their accuracy, especially since their bullets are slow) the best thing to do is to try and get an extra shot between reloads and to minimize reload time. Side-loader (impetuous) would be my personal choice here, followed by the general boost. (I would need to see actual numbers here, cause maybe they don’t make a difference… so all of this is theoretical at this point) Trying to maximize it’s damage through a vertical grip feels like a drop in a bucket. Conversely, accessories that lower their damage (like the side loader) don’t have that big of an impact. If you find a nice ravager with a vertical grip though, keep it :wink:

Torgue shotguns have less pellets than other brands, but they pack a mean punch. So on bangsticks and pounders, the vertical grip would be my pick.

Generally speaking, triple-barreled shotguns are a bad compromise and you should avoid them.
A pounder or a ravagers are both better choices than a Hulk.


Vertical Grip:
Most Torgue shotguns
Shotguns with a lot of Splash
Never on Jakobs Shotguns.

Critical Accessory:
2 or more Barrels
ALL Jakobs Shotguns.
Never on Torgue Shotguns.

Side loader:
Big Torgue Shotguns.
when you’re not sure what to get, this is still a good pick almost every time

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Also, consider Sniders with a Jakobs grip too.
This game is different and maybe doesn’t need the little extra push it did in BL2, but the Jakobs grip deals more damage, and reload time and mag size are a moot point in a sniper playstyle. (I still prefer Maliwan grip, but Jakobs grip does have merits :slight_smile: )

Thank you!

So I got 2/3 correct.Dunno why some Top Gear threads suggest Casual…

I did,“Maliwan/Jakobs grip”.

I may do grip comparison later,but right now I want to finish this list.

Easier probably, but Impetuous is also just my opinion :slight_smile: (granted, Casual is also just theirs :wink: )

Oops, I missed that (I was just looking at the link for the pic) sorry :smile:

A list of stuff I’d keep

Purple amp shields with all maliwan parts give the highest amp damage fwiw
Purple adaptive shields get recommended a lot for some reason, maybe someone else can fill us in on this

Purple longbow cryo
Purple cryo transfusion

Purple Oz kits: (Arctic prefix preferred, except for cs athena, voltaic is better)
Arctic acrobat
Arctic bomber
Arctic strafing run: somewhat handy vs rk5 for certain classes
Certain Duality kits…
Arctic precision hit

Classmods, very build dependant
Blue vicious blade master
Blue reaping bloodthirster
Blue or purple obliterating cannoness
Blue or purple deadly femme fatale
Blue or purple surging storm

Blue high rolling crapshooter
Blue brutal law enforcer

Blue audacious sapper
Purple audacious sapper
Blue stable roboninja

Blue hightech blaster

Blue The best man

I remember reading a post about a case, where a blue version of a weapon was better than the purple version because of the mag size, but can’t quite remember which one it was.

Not sure why you would keep those…

The crapshooter is now obsolete due to the chronicler of elpis
The Lone star is a great all-around COM, and for specialized builds, the Desperado and Kid COMs are great choices. :slight_smile:

It was my Deputy Nisha build
That was indeed a special case, not worth mentioning in that thread IMO

I completely disagree about Arctic being the best element for Oz kits. I prefer Explosive in nearly every case. I should note that I main a Cryo/Explosive build on both Athena and Nisha, and it’s easier and usually more effective to freeze with Grenades or Guns first, then deal triple Slam damage than to try the other way round.

I don’t think I’d call the Crapshooter obsolete. I still prefer my Lucky Crapshooter over the Chronicler.

The extra ricochet, critical chance and 40 percent critical boost is still crazy. Although it might just be that I find freezing stuff more of a hassle than insta-critting them to death.

it’s the mix of freeze and crit with the same gun that makes it good
Coupled with extra base damage and freeze chance and you get WAY more than the crit boost the crapshooter can give you. Add shield capacity to boot, and I haven,t put on a crapshooter in weeks :smile:

Hmm I didn’t give it much of a try but I was trying more to freeze then explode so maybe I wasn’t using it best.

I’ll give it a whirl using a Crapshooter loadout.

Also, Chronicler boosts Faster 'n You and High Noon, which might be on par with the Critical Damage bonus and Unchained from Crapshooter when you already have +235% from Cryo and Bona Fide Grit.

It really comes down to whether your build goes that far down Fan the Hammer or not.

They are 2 guns I want to submit to your list :

  • Purple Win Win Synergie
    This pistol keeps a very high Base Damage with a very efficient RoF, and the Hyperion accuracy system allow you to land much more Critical than other Pistol, especially at medium and long range :wink:
    Every Build based on RoF and/or Critical boosts could make a very good use of WW Synergies.

  • Purple Practicable Thinking
    Some versions of this Shotgun, with RoF >4.0 and Recharge Delay <3.0, are very effective too, and more over with RoF a/o Critical based Builds.
    Critical Thinking with those kind of RoF and RD are very efficient too, and more at long range when you will still be able to land multi-critical shots faster than Claptrap says “Hello Minions !” :smile:
    They both require a good ammo management and a good ammo capacitor to sustain the best accuracy longer.

Another submission:
now with Aurelia out, I’d like to add the Cracked Sash Shield to the list. The fast recharge allow her bitter riposte ice darts to fire more frequently.

What is the Recharge Delay for Shotguns that you are talking about?

It’s the time until you can take a breath after laughing because you shot someone in the face at point blank range.

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