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A few items that might just make everyone’s list

Flakker, it’s just so strong in this game
Lyuda might have the highest dps of all guns in the game.
Transformer seems like one of the better shields out there so far

More for her
Hellwalker and compainion, her elemental skills with raw jakobs damage, as well as personal space with hellwalker.


Thanks, they are on my to do list. Or do you want to write some paragraphs about them?

Also it’s cool to see these going up :slight_smile:

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Sure, I’ll be home in a bit and I’ll add bits of how they work with her skills


Projectile Recursion and Brainstormer with a Ties that Bind build. Next week I can write the description for Projectile Recursion, if you’d like.

Sure, go ahead. Projectile Recursion would have been one of the next on my list but now I can skip that one. :+1:

I’ve been abusing it, err testing it a lot lately and never leave home with out it.

shock Star Helix assault rifle :purple_heart:

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I’ve found the brainstormer to be incredible for her, and I use a Nova Berner as a pseudo Firehawk shield for mobbing. The Berner especially works to keep you above healthgate constantly and her shield delay buffs aid that

I support this even though i havent played around with other shields that much. Given Tempest gives us +50% shock damage it’s easy to just splash heal yourself. Im using a Kill-o-the-wisp that usually charges me back to full in 2 shots. Ild assume a shock fastball would be even better but that ■■■■■■ wont drop for me in shock.

Here are a few write ups

The Flakker is a legendary Torgue Shotgun that only has one fire mode and comes in multiple elements. It has 3 projectiles that spawn off multiple explosions that cover a large area. This is very effective because you can hit larger enemies multiple times with these explosions doing a ton of damage, also it can hit a wide range of enemies grouped up. With Amara’s ability to pull enemies together and increase splash damage radious she can really max out the damage potential of this gun. It also can work well with Infusion to spread that elemental damage around. The weaknesses of the Flakker are fire rate, mag size, and reload time, all of which Amara can minimize with her skill tree.

The Lyuda is a legendary Vladof sniper and may just be the highest burst damage gun in the game if not the highest DPS weapon. The Lyuda splits into 3 bullets at a distance, each with full damage as well as a high crit damage. Combine that with the Vladof fast fire rate you can see why the high DPS. Its drawbacks are a small magazine and a slow reload. Deep Well can help with the magazine and Alacrity with the reload speed. This can also be a monster with Indiscriminate because the amount of bulletsw you are putting out there.

Thanks, I’ll make some screenshots and then add it to the list.

Flakker comes in Kinetic, Fire and Radiation as far as i know.

Everyone is sleeping on the Soleki Protocol. This thing is nasty on an elemental build.

Is that the questreward for rescuing katagawas sister? Looks interesting. Can the ricochets ricochet? Might need to do that quest again i assume.

Yeah it bounces up to 3 times. It takes a little practice to get used to, but dang it destroys.

Yeah, on big static targets (bosses) it’s quite powerful. While mobbing I find it unreliable.

Projectile Recursion


“Charged shotgun, on a top gear list?” Yes. If you’re running an elemental build with Indiscriminate this gun is amazing for large groups. This gun always ricochets a few times off of a wall. If you hit an enemy the ricochet will go towards another enemy. With Indiscriminate every hit has a change to “create” a ricochet at reduced damage. With Phasegrasp or Stillness of Mind this chance increases and the reduced damage is less. The bullets will bounce back and forth between even just 2 enemies if there is line of sight between them. While doing this it can create more and bounce even more. You can kill large groups of bad asses and even anointed in the arenas with just 2-3 shots.

Functions similarly to the Brainstormer with some pros and cons.
Can target and hit anointed, Brainstormer can’t.
Large single target damage, can out DPS almost any gun against a large group with Ties that bind and Indiscriminate.
Larger ricochet distance than Brainstormer can chain shock.

Charge time takes getting use to. (Seem to always spawn with +% charge speed to help a little.)
Can miss target due to projectile speed. Not always reliable for sustaining health with Sustainment skill.
Low single target DPS. Best used for groups only.

Elements: Fire, Corrosive, Shock, Radiation, Cryo
Best Parts: -
Best Prefix: -
Best Anointment: -
Location: World Drop

Nice. But can you break it down a bit so it’s more in line with the length of the other descriptions. Otherwise this thread will be responsible for several scroll wheel deaths and carpal tunnel syndrome soon.