This SMG has great Synergy with Phasegrasp due to its slower projectiles, and when used properly has very high DPS with any action skill and a noticeable DOT effect. Capable of killing most bosses and very effective for mobbing. This SMG is also more ammo efficient than the Crossroad, making it a staple in any situation. Benefits from buffs that lower charge time, increase fire rate, or add elemental damage. Shoots 2 projectiles which separate rapidly as they move down range, creating a horizontal beam capable of damaging multiple targets if caught in the beam.
Elements: Fire, Corrosive, Shock
Best Parts: -
Best Prefix: -
Best Anointment: -
Location: World Drop


Daaaamn, didn’t know it had a Fire version! Great.

Yep! Stop gap has been working wonders for me. Specially bc the extra 5 secs give you time to go to cover.
Great choice!

Stop Gap is very good and what I run most of the time. But for more demanding stuff the ability to pop your shields back up with an elec weapon (Devil’s Foursom being the one I’m using) is just too strong, especially with topped off guardian perk. Also the absorbed shock damage from guns counts for sustainment as well. The other issue with stop gap is it’s high capacity low charge, again not ideal with topped off. Defenitely worth a mention, outside of Slaughter the better choice much of the time IMO.

Along similar lines I’ve found Last Stand relics extremely useful. The damage on projector is great, but in practice, in slaughter shaft I found it literally a life saver.

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Slaughter with loaded dice is always interesting lol trying it right now

I’ll be in hospital for a couple of weeks soon. I won’t update this guide anymore in the foreseeable future. If anyone is interested in taking over this guide feel free to use my stuff and continue the work on it.

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Sorry to hear that, I’ll try to add a few more things tomorrow also

Im pretty sure the Moar Linoge only comes in Fire and Corrosive, not Radiation.

I hope everything is ok


Best wishes man. And since I didn’t say it earlier thanks for pulling the information together here and in other threads.

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Has anyone tried the Breath of the Dying? I got one at level 29 on my Moze and was just killing everything. On corrosive a bullet would do about 230 ish damage and the little ball would hit for 15k. AT LEVEL 29!!!

Also best of luck to ya @DankRafft

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Just got one on the ground conveniently doing slaughter minutes after reading this and deciding to test and yeah balls were randomly hitting for 50k on enemies non stop wtf? There’s so many guns out there that haven’t been tested enough. This thing just shredded through slaughter as fast as my best anointed weapons.(and this wasn’t anointed)

I completely ignored it originally because it was Corrosive but we may have to take a second look at ur

That’s what I was hoping for. I would love to see this in action in the Slaughter 3000 with mechs everywhere, Ties that bind, and possible indiscriminate. Have you seen any other element than corrosive? Mine was corrosive, too. I actually want to give the level 29 version to my Amara and see what happens.

It only comes in Corrosive and I just Killed 4 badasses surrounding me when the ballls hit all of them for around 95k each. I hate the scope on mine so need to get a better one that’s anointed but it already seems overpowered.

The cutsman is one of the best smgs in the game (particularly for Amara)–its dots are brutal.

At high levels its a decent armor stripper that uses a weaker ammo pool if you aren’t using rowan/lucian’s call, but unless you roll it with decent stats I think the damage is too low.

Damn shame too. I love the effect and the Diablo 2 refrence.

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While there are quite a number of relic types that have already been established as good for amara (commander planetoid, unleash the dragon, elemental projector/knife drain, white elephant, static charge etc.), one particular relic type that I don’t see mentioned at all is the Flesh Melter class (+25% corrosive damage per stack for every enemy killed by corrosive up to 5 stacks).

I’m almost surprised no one has mentioned it yet. Its so good for mobbing that i’ve settled on a mono corrosive elemental build as my defacto build. For content with high mob density (circle of slaughter etc.), this relic is far far more consistent than an elemental projector for increasing your elemental damage.

Its very easy to keep those 5 stacks up for 125% corrosive damage (not much lower bonus than an elemental projector) and combined with ties that bind + indiscriminate synergy with some weapons, its very much conducive to lazy play (don’t judge me, i’m a dad with a very inquisitive 5 year old lol).

Run a corrosive recursion for groups and a corrosive king’s call for singles and mow down content. I have yet to find a corrosive lyuuda but i’d imagine it would come out tops for single target. Use a corrosive cutsman for hard to crit singles (goliaths, shield baddies). The lob might be good too after the buff though I haven’t tested.

Give it a spin and thank me later.


Yeah I picked up my first one of these today and kind of got super giddy. Do they only come in corrosive or can they show up in shock too?

Only corrosive sadly. A fire variant would probably be too OP lol.

Because of how tempest works I was really hoping for a shock one, honestly. Would help even the odds more against those goddamn TVHM damage modifiers.