[Guide] OLT Re-Analysis

Big Ass slide show

  • No BAR
  • No Gear unless I say other wise
  • Spec below

Gun I used

Base test

12594 = 12594


12594*(1+(8*.5)) = 62970

Now with an additive gun damage boost. It says 36.8% on the card but its 36.75% in game b/c gearbox math.

Base test w/ duality

12594*(1+0.3675) = 17222 Everything is good so far…

W/ OLT w/ duality… If OLT is multiplicative we should get 12594*(1+.3675)x(8*.5) = 86111

Not what we expected so more along the lines of 12594*(1+.3675+(8*.5)) = 67598

Lets try amp just to make sure

Base test w/ Amp

(12594+108575) = 121169

W/ OLT w/ Amp… If OLT was multiplicative it should go (12594+108575)x(1+(8*.5)) = 605845

… But its not (12594*(1+(8*.5)))+108575 = 171545

So in conclusion “One Last Thing” is additive not multiplicative based on these results.
@Hoyle4 and @Exotek

It still works on splash though, Im pretty sure, Ive used it recently, so something else is afoot.

It works with splash but its still just an additive boost. But all additive gun damage boost splash damage, so nothing special.

Then they must’ve screwed with it in some patch, it was Multiplicative prior.

Probs, just like I said in Discord.

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Oh well, guess its time to make a billion gbx hate threads until its fixed…

oooooooooooooor, we accept that he can still one shot EOS, and the fact that it makes more sense this way.

Technically 2 shot him but yeah. I don’t feel like complaining, but if you want to or if you want to just mention the Jeffybug dude feel free.:stuck_out_tongue:

Seems right, im pretty much sure ive used Madtrap com to add to formula as additive before together with OLT.

It probably was multiplicative before, but some patch screwed up a bunch of different multipliers. I.E. elemental multipliers, Laser Guided, ect…

Changing values is one thing, changing how it is in a formula seems odd, then again the twister got all sorts of messed up

I wish we could see the thread from the old boards so we could compare.