Guide on How to build thorn Helix for PvP

If you don’t want to watch the video how I build Thorns Helix is:

  1. Swampfoot
  2. Fell Wind
  3. Burst Peopulsion
  4. Focused Volley
  5. Hexanguination
  6. Brutal Blight
  7. Eagle Eye
  8. Enduring Blight
  9. Keshek’s Rage
  10. Earthender

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

More! :wink:

…I’m enjoying Thorn and have been trying things as you mentioned but…

  1. While Propulsion is nice I definitely think she does better with more targets since she excels at ranged targets.
  2. Hextension is better than it seems, IMHO it is much better than bleed damage.
  3. Double agree on Eagle Eye.

Good job M8

I love thorn she’s my favourite character and has been since beta :joy:

I like Propulsion because I play Thorn super aggressively and it’s nice to have an escape move, I was a little torn when it came to Hexanguination and Hextension I hardly charge my arrows unless I play super defensively. Eagle Eye is too good, the only downside is if sometimes it’ll lock onto a different target :frowning:

And thank you :smile:

That’s OK with me if Eagle Eye locks wrong because I am very impressed by how fast she shoots.
Yes it’s my fav class so far and I can not only wipe everything out but also stay alive.

I was actually hoping you would explain why you chose each augmentation and/or why it is superior to the other choice.

I can do that if you want me to might take a little while but I’ll post here once I’ve done it :slight_smile:

Sorry it’s a ridiculously long topic worth reading tho.

I build thorn around the blight, this makes it easier for me to clear out adds but Blight is really good for melting player health aswell.

Swapfoot over Piercing Volley because it means that people get slowed and will be in the blight for longer, not only that IMO a Piercing volley it pretty pointless.

Fell Wind over Blightbrawler and Cursed earth because of the +30% movement speed when your in your blight, movement speed also carries on for a little bit after you’ve left the blight so it makes it really useful for escaping. The other 2 a augmentations are pretty good but if you play thorn aggressively like I do you can pop your blight on the floor and ran away.

Burst Propulsion over Draw Strength, because it makes thorn melee a really good escape move especially when you come up against melee characters especially rath. Also again I think Draw strength is pretty useless.

Focused Volley over Nockout and Kresheks Judgement simply because of damage, I don’t think curse does enough to be worth using Kreshek’s Judgement, but knockout is a pretty close second.

On this one I wasn’t completely sure Fiendish cure I wouldn’t use personally simply because of the lack of curse damage, Hextension is pretty good especially if you play Thorn at range. But for me I use Hexsanguination again because of the damage.

Brutal Blight over Swift Volley simply because of the damage buff.

Eagle Eye over Phasing Arrows and Vaulting Hunter because the accuracy is a major help especially at close range, I have been tempted to use Phasing Arrows tho because you will be able to take down players who have low health but full sheild.

Enduring Blight over Distant Blight because the duration of the blight is rediculous once you use this (+6 seconds) and for Mr the cast distance for blight is more than enough.

Kreshek’s Rage over Archers Boon simply because of the damage buff to Volley, this is a personal preference tho I understand why people use Archers Boon the 30% Lifesteal is rediculous.

And finally Earthender over Wild Judgement and Trap Training, I use this because of the way I’ve built around blight and if you put down a blight and then use Wrath of The Wild it pretty much one shots.

Hopefully this helps (I wanted to put it in my video originally but I also wanted to put a topic up quickly) :slight_smile:

Does eagle eye do anything at all? I’ve tried it a few times and haven’t seen much benefit. I always take jump height!

Focused volley is an interesting choice over nockout. I ALWAYS take focused volley, but that’s how I use volley–as a finishing blow on escaping people. If you build her with penetrating volley for minion clearing, nockout is probably the better choice. Not 100% right choice every time.

Yeah Eagle Eye improves the accuracy quite alot im not sure how it works entirely but using the basic at close range you see the improvement I use volley as a finisher aswell I don’t think the overall damage it good enough for clearing adds which is why I use blight :slight_smile:

Personally take the increased height to vault over fights and ult weak charachters chillen in the back. I don’t really have a problem nailing people with the bow

I like to run up to people without sheilds throw a blight down and then ultimate them. I’ll usually finish them off with volley if they don’t die, people don’t expect it with thorn either which is great. :slight_smile:

I’m going to go ahead and list my regular build for Thorn as well since I got the time and I am bored enough to waste talking here lol.


Helix 1: Swampfoot
Helix 2: Fell Wind
Helix 3: Burst Propulsion
Helix 4: Nockout
Helix 5: Hextension (normally)
Helix 6: Brutal Blight
Helix 7: Vaulting Hunter (normally)
Helix 8: Enduring Blight
Helix 9: Kreshek’s Rage
Helix 10: Earthrender (for now)

And here is why.

Helix 1: Swampfoot/Piercing Volley

I used to say Piercing Volley was the most useless skill because you used to get the same effect from the skill later on called Draw Strength, however I guess GBX saw my comments about how you could get this effect from Draw Strength cause upon release, it no longer effected Volley shots. If you are good with Volley’s and trust your shots to bounce around several times, this skill can put out a TON of hurt. But I recommend against it. Thorn only has one CC… and that is a Slow from Blight. This is absolutely amazing for any engagement. Slows keep manueverable classes from getting around quickly, allowing you to land more arrows in them in less time (cause let’s face it… it will be a once in a life time game when you get 100% bow accuracy,) Swampfoot is also excellent for Wave Clearing (killing minions). Wave Clearing is essential for Thorn, don’t let people get upset at you for focussing mobs early game, you need to level up.

Helix 2: Cursed Earth/Blight Brawler/Fell Wind

I gotta say, this choice is just too obvious… Fell Wind 100%. It is a waste to spend your Blight on getting easier Curse arrows. Blight does incredible amounts of damage (will probably get nerfed someday to be honest…) and has huge wave clearing potential. You should not be wasting it on making your arrows or quick melee do curses. Having Fell Wind is amazing when someone is chasing you and you don’t have the HP to safely engage them. Put it down under your feet and away you go! If someone continues to chase, they will be slowed and take an incredible hit to their HP since Blight is so strong.

Helix 3: Draw Strength/Burst Propulsion

I used to defend Draw Strength over Burst Propulsion like my life depended on it! However after giving Burst Propulsion a shot since they nerfed my Draw Strength effects, I would HIGHLY recommend Burst Propulsion instead. It allows for so much more mobility. Kelvin is looking at you with Sublimate? Jump and quick melee towards the ground, if he doesnt wait for you to fall back down, you should be good to go! Rath’s Ultimate is OP and you got Silenced? Jump, look at the ground, Quick Melee! Thorn is probably the only class that can get away from Raths Ult without the use of skills (especially when you get higher Jump). Draw Strength lets you shoot through friendlies… which is awesome but once you start learning to jump around all the time, you won’t normally be behind friendlies and there isn’t many occasions where you actually shoot two people at once (when you do you feel awesome tho… double headshots are great!)

Helix 4: Kreshek’s Judgement/Focused Volley/Nockout

I’ll go in order this time. Kreshek’s Judgement: This is great when your not lvl 15 with your Lore Challenges incomplete. Volley is great for putting an easy Curse effect down. Sometimes it is hard to land that Curse, but Volley can fix that. However if you already have a way to get easy Curses (like her Legendary gear) then this is now a useless skill.
Focused Volley: This is actulaly a DPS loss. In comparison to Nockout, you will do less damage with this unless you land all three in a critical spot. The positives about this however, is that you have more range to fire from cause more damage with just 3 arrows. The negative? You can miss a lot easier… and missing with Volley is already easy on small targets.
Nockout: This is what I usually go for nowadays since I have her legendary gear. The two extra arrows give you more damage to put but you do need to be right in their faces. This skill is excellend for large targets like Montana or ISIC as you can put a nice 700+ damage dent in their HP early in the fight. Also if you do choose to make a Volley heavy build, and make it so volley pierces, you can bounce a lot more arrows around in small rooms and such.

Helix 5: Hextension/Fiendish Curse/Hexsanguination

Another obvious choice for me, Hextension. Why would you not choose more damage? I see Thorns who use Hexsanguination all the time and I just laugh… if you choose this then you are probably not very sure of yourself. This is great for added damage when you can’t land your hits consistently, but you lose out on a lot of potential. 10% blight damage and ultimate damage is a LOT. I would suggest Hextension. Fiendish Curse is good if there is a Kleese or annoying Reyna cause you can burn their health when they are overshielded or constantly fed shields. Thorn can get some insane Shield Pen if built for it. But I would still normally suggest Hextension.

Helix 6: Brutal Blight/Swift Volley

I used to take Swift Volley a lot because Volley was my go to for damage, however since expanding on the possibilities with Blight, I now take Brutal Blight. This skill combos extremely well with later Helix choices as well. However if you are the Volley kinda guy… then Swift Volley can dish out the more accurate and guarenteed damage.

Helix 7: Eagle Eye/Phasing Arrows/Vaulting Hunter

This one is is difficult in some enemy comps. Eagle eye is garbage… Thorn is plenty accurate enough and if you decide to get proficient with her, her legendary makes this useless as you will never not full draw… Full Draw also gives you 100% accuracy and the lowest Arrow Drop and fastest Arrow Speed. Phasing Arrows… this is another great skill for those peskey Reyna/Kleese teams. Built correctly, you can get as much as 85% or more Shield Pen as Thorn. That is a big ■■■■ You to Reyna and Kleese. Vaulting Hunter is just too good. Melee can no longer touch you, especially when combo’d with Burst Propulsion. Also Ranged will have a hard time hitting you with your constant movements. The only downside? Some people have played too much call of duty and a Marquis can 3 shot you while you flying through the air like a beautiful Butterfly. Still however, landing Crits is super easy when you are shooting down on people, only problem is, less area to hit… gotta be accurate to land those top down shots.

Helix 8: Enduring Blight/Distant Blight

THORN IS NOT A SNIPER! Not in the sense that you would call Marquis a Sniper at least. You should be up close, where your disadvantage of having a bow when others have guns doesn’t matter. Enduring Blight gives your Blight a LOT more damage potential, as well as locking down an area for even longer (cause no smart player will walk through blight… so you basically shut off that part of the map). Distant Blight is… rather useless… at least with how I play. If you are playing from range, you are doing Thorn wrong. You need to play medium ranges constantly harrassing your enemies and playing their weaknesses. I would not suggest this skill, even if it would be nice at times to be able to stay away and land a further blight, the 6 seconds is just too good to pass up.

Helix 9: Archer’s Boon/Kreshek’s Rage

Thorn does not need lifesteal. You are all about keeping away from damage with every trick possible. By the time you get to this skill you should have the mobility needed to avoid as much damage as possible Kreshek’s Rage however makes your Volleys kill people faster! And with Thorn, killing faster is the way to survive. It’s kill or be killed! Plus she already has health regen as your passive and you can easily just do a return or go to a Supply Station and do some long range fire while you wait for your HP to regen.

Helix 10: Wild Judgement/Trap Training/Earthrender

I am just waiting for the day, when GBX releases an indoor map filled with small rooms… oh man will that be day! Wild Judgement is excellent for small rooms like the halls on the side in Overgrowth (Incursion) but in the current map designs, is too situation to warrant taking, and even if we got small indoor rooms in the future, I would still suggest Earthrender. If you have been building a Blight build with your thorn, this skill will get you triple kills like no other! (serriously… 4/7 triple kills to date are from people running into this stuff when I didnt know they were there :3). A Ultimate Blight and a Blight put together is more than 400 damage per second if someone stands in both while cursed. This is amazing! A lvl 10 Thorn probably has the highest DPS in the game. A skilled Thorn is more deadly in any situation than a Spin to Win Rath at lvl 10. Blight and a lvl 10 ultimate with Earthrender can take out a Sentry’s shields and do a little HP damage all on it’s own with every Blight skill selected.

Gear: Thorn Legendary, Attack Speed Module, and Shield Pen or Skill Damage or Attack Damage. I take Shield Pen now because you never know when you might want to make a shield pen build. However the other two are excellent choices for putting out more DPS than a Shield Pen ever would without a Reyna/Kleese/Shepherd Bot shielding.