[Guide] Optimizing Moze's Damage - Math without Numbers

I added a little note to my above post explaining why my micro nades were so much more than the unforgiven crit damage - it is noted in @Prismatic 's mindsweeper explanation in the Gearology and Math aswell…

  • the double dipping example doesnt quite show just how nutty it can get, since thats only showing the elemental & splash; not including aoe and both possible 30% grenade passives

Using this mod

What’s the best anointment on a Jakobs to use for the best results?

Specifically probably the Maggie.

Going strictly for damage to the shots, 125% incendiary, for a mix of both would probably be best at 100% weapon damage - n ive looked for a splash anointment but never found 1. I would say the 5%/ kill anoint but you’ll hardly get more than 19k per shot
Though you may have better luck with the Duc, headsplosion, or especially the lucky 7 - if your built to not reload - these choices since they’ll be able to double dip the splash passive. Personally i think the maggie (and most other non-splash) would be better suited for a marskman com


I really only have a Maggie with the next 2 mags crit bonus. It’s underwhelming.

I have a rad anointed Duc but I could probably find better. I have a few lucky 7s, this is pretty much a perfect com for it but not my style.

I wish this wasn’t a Jakobs crit and was just grenade damage or something haha

Haha yea, lucky 7 is basically wall shoot simulator. (Also really hard to finish wotan with a softlocked mag of 4 :frowning: = click click and lots for the road)
I made the mistake of trying a maggie w/ mindweeper com that had +2tcp dahl crit, splash radius, jacobs crit; it was beautiful for the mobs; nades were chaining everywhere much like bloodsplosion - but downright nasty to Moze

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Haha yeah I won’t even pick up any coms with TCP anymore (it’d have to be the perfect bonus stats I guess).

I might regret that if they ever decide to change the skill though.

Thanks for the input though. I guess I’m keeping an eye out for a better mind sweeper.

Torgue cross promotion is only good on a rocketeer com build. Stick it somewhere high and then take Moze somewhere else until everything is dead…

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I’ll argue good is not the right word here haha

Well yeah, I mean useful. Even then it’s subjective. Chance to hit more stuff is hardly world shattering.
I’m sure there’s a Rocketeer-Deathless-TCP-Desperate Measures-Dakka Bear-Force Feedback build that’s OP and everyone is sleeping on. Kill everything while doing the kick dance in the bubble shield is my goal.

Security bear needs so many buffs, I keep trying to use it but it’s pretty much useless. Against weak enemies it’s fine, but anything else and it’s broken before I can get out of the mech.

I kind of suspect SSB armor boost doesn’t count toward it either.

I find it useful as a temporary portable cover, letting me get out and away without interrupting topped off. It’s biggest fault is that it doesn’t regen during auto bear. If it did that it’s be rather useful. I saw someone suggest it should project a NOG-like shield buff, that would make it a great tier one sustain buff, seems unlikely to happen though.

Two questions.

  1. It’s only elemental anoints on splash weapons that dont cause the ms grenades to deal increased damage or all elemental anoints on all weapons.

  2. Will other elemental boosts (elemental projector, flesh-melter) increase ms grenade damage?

  1. Never checked.
  2. Elemental damage boosts will affect Mind Sweeper nades that are elemental. Bonus elements I believe are a mixed bag where some do and some don’t.

I dont have all different options to test with, but with what i do have;

  • only the elemental bonus that states “next 2 magazines” are not applying to micro grenades. (75% during autobear fell into this category with prior testing)
  • “Bonus cryo while terrified” as well as “bonus _____ damage with weapons” on shield + grenade is applying to them

Glad to hear that bonus 50% blank elemental damage for 10 second anoints on grenades and shields applies

@Prismatic I’m wondering if it’s worth adding Short Fuse as its own entry under ‘Talking Strategies’ seeing as it’s such a bizarre and complex DPS capstone skill in its own right.


It’s on my to-do list. I’m still just tossing ideas around in my head on how to approach it. Short Fuse and bonus elements both deserve an explanation because neither are straight forward.

I’ve drafted in my explanation of bonus elements. I’d be interested how everyone finds the explanation, I fear it might split opinions of being either excellent for understanding or it might just make everything worse. I’d really like any critique and feedback on it, even if it may be nit picky.

Short Fuse added. It’s a basic explanation but my creativity is just not flowing, so a better one will have to wait.

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I might be a bit daft here, but do CoL and FitSD bonuses count as an elemental multiplier?

And props for the post, this type of stuff always ends up being really confusing for me.

They’re bonus elements.

The only skill tree based elemental multiplier Moze has is Stoke the Embers.

Other examples of Elemental multipliers are things like an Elemental Projector or Flesh Melter artifact, +shock damage is also an elemental multiplier.