[Guide] Overkill Explained


  • added Hollow Point
  • added Ion Cannon

I’ve seen the tanks from the heavyweights break 50m before. My guess on the anointed is the grenades from the tinks was hit and created the overkill, rakks attack them and it used to crash the trial of cunning. This game has alot of things that are considered enemies that shouldn’t be, I can get second winds against Wotan with no adds around.

Probably you shot the glass around its head. That counts as an enemy.


Yes I’m surprised more people know about that. I actually let myself go down sometimes knowing I’ll get it to shatter, even got my pet a second wind using friend bot.

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I only learned about it recently. ThiccFilA used it to great effect in his video on the Breath of the Dying, as shooting the glass triggers that weapon’s effect right next to Wotan’s brain, which can instakill him even on True Takedown.


I gotta try that out.
If I swap a gun does that wipe the overkill damage I built up or can I exploit the damage from a wedding invitation to this weapon’s first shot?

You can swap as much as you want, you don’t lose your excess damage until your next shot, from whatever that is. However it’s capped at max. 5x the damage of the weapon you shoot with (the one that gets bonus damage), so the previous kill could be 100M damage and it would change nothing.

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How does this work with Hunter-Seeker grenades? Fl4k’s "Furious Attack"skill can be procced and stacked using Hunter-Seeker because they shoot bullets, would a bullet from hunter seeker use my overkill shot?

Like other grenades, Hunter-Seekers don’t deal Overkill damage, i.e. their damage isn’t increased and your Excess Damage remains reserved for your next actual gun shot.

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There’s a funny interaction with the OPQ-System though: when “shooting” the alternative fire mode, Overkill damage is applied to all the flying gun’s bullets, until it disappears.

edit: it can do quite a lot of damage because the same principle applies to amp shields like the Re-Router and to the new on shield break amp anointment.