[Guide] Personal Space / Tempest

Always max these out. ALWAYS. In any build. ALWAYS.


As always great guide, keep it up.


Thanks for all the time you put into this research. We are in your debt.

LOL and YES!

I haven’t played Amara near as much as I have Fl4k, but I do have close to 100 hours of play time on her. Why would you not take two always-on bonuses? Lots of bonuses in this game are conditional, but even to the extent that Personal Space is conditional, it still is pretty much always on to some extent. Finally, these two skills are probably the best skills in their respective tiers, or at least that is the way I perceive it, so again, I don’t see why you wouldn’t take them.

Is there some kind of misinformation going around about these skills?

Well first of all both state wrong values. PS does more damage than it says, Tempest has a smaller shock bonus than it says. The most common misconception about PS is that it’s only for close combat, while in fact the range is huge and it gives a massive damage bonus even at mid range.

As for best skills in their tiers, in my opinion Amara has two essential skills overall, and that’s these two.

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Well, you know how it is sometimes, some Youtuber says, “X skill sucks and here’s why,” and the information is either misleading or possibly just flat out incorrect. Then it ends up getting perpetuated among the player base for a long time, possibly even years, and knowledgeable folks like you end up having to spend a bunch of time refuting it.

EDIT: Maybe I sound like an elitist or something there, but I don’t mean to. But we both have seen this happen.

Does personal space increase Nimbus weapon scaled dot damage ?

No. Personal Space does not increase DOT.

edit: Ha. Got me there. I guess if you’re going for a Nimbus build without ever shooting at anything, PS is useless.

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Melee build too. Only White Elephant is boosted by PS, right?

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Bonus elements on melee attacks get Personal Space.

The one from shield/nade? They are very low dmg compared to melee numbers.

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Perhaps. If someone makes a pure melee build without shooting a gun that survives in M10, I’ll eat my hat.


I don’t mean just pure melee, but even with Face Puncher the bonus elemental from grenade is maybe like 1/10 or 1/20 total damage.
Don’t know about White Elephant, cause I don’t like using it.

Brawl Amara is my favorite build, but on old M4 having Face Puncher was recommended for BadAss enemies.