[GUIDE] Pre-Sequel Basics for New Players

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Oh hell yes :laughing:

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Dear lord could you imagine a dual wielding Nisha? Would blow Sal away.

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The phrase, “Beyond broken” comes to mind. It would make the relevant mission in BL2 more challenging, for sure!

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Dear lord could you imagine a dual wielding Nisha? Would blow Sal away.

Not really. Money Shot, NKLO, Inconceivable, and Sal’s lack of kill skill dependence tends to blow away anything Nisha can achieve. Tombstone is actually a pretty weak mechanic when you get down to it. It’s only real power, in this context, comes from allowing sources that can’t naturally crit, crit.

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Vault Hunting 102: Pre-Sequel Basics for New Players Part 2

Your spoiler-free guide to characters, gear, loot, quests, and skills for your first play-through, covering Concordia through Triton Flats to Crisis Scar.

Welcome back for part 2 of this guide, where I’ll be playing through the main story and trying to provide hints, tips, and insights along the way without spoilers. (There may be some, but they’ll be hidden by spoiler tags.)

Special thanks to the following for comments and corrections: @Prismatic_Me, @farsight37, @Poisonedbite, @Worblehat


Triton Flats (1)

Main story:

  • A New Direction (level 7)

Side quests:

  • Wherefore Art Thou? (level 7) - shield/oz kit (pick up in Concordia)
  • All The Little Creatures (level 9) - sniper/grenade (bounty board)

Map challenges:

  • Three vault symbols
  • Four other challenges (none fail-able)

We pick up in Concordia having just found the way out. Turning the mission Systems Jammed in to Moxxi advances the story to A New Direction and unlock’s Moxxi’s back door. Before you leave, however, pick up the side quest Wherefore Art Thou? from the Bounty Board in the corner of the main square nearest The Up Over Bar.

Head back to the back door and take the map transition to Triton Flats. You’ll find yourself in Guttersnipe’s Pass on the south-east side of the map. Follow the obvious route around the building to the Diemen’s Crater Moon Zoomy station. (This building contains several vending machines and the Triton Flats Bounty Board.)

With the side quest active, head to the area marker. You’ll find your first objective within this region, but you’ll be attacked by the locals (human and non-human) while you do so. Picking up the mission item triggers some dialogue and a second marker, so head on up to Burraburra. You’ll need to exit your vehicle and fight your way through a bunch of scavs.

Note that the scavs here periodically level up as you progress through the story, so it’s a good spot to come back to if you need XP or gear. Once you’ve completed dialogue here, you’ll need to head to the next location (north-west corner of the map), then return to turn in the side quest. Along the way, you will encounter more of Elpis’ many enemies.

Also useful (once you’ve unlocked the grinder) is the fact that the two weapon crates in the main building here always contain three oz kits each - very helpful if you want quick grinder fodder.

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Resuming the main story, you’ll want to head up to The Causeway (be sure to stop in for a cuppa and some XP at The Teapot!) where you’ll be redirected to The Grabba (past The Troll Booth and over Vertigo Bridge). This is the second Scav camp on the map that will periodically level up. Note that the main entrance of The Grabba contains both the map’s Fast Travel and numerous vending machines, as well as another Moon Zoomy station.

You’ll need to find your way through and up the building, moving in and out of doors along the way. Note that although it is possible to double-jump and slam indoors, it’s a lot harder to do so than outside in low gravity - especially if you jump while moving forwards. If you missed the hint about jump pads and are having difficulty getting upstairs SPOILER: you can overpower them to jump higher by shooting or meleeing the small box on the front-right of the pad.

As you run around up top of the structure, you’ll find one of the many named enemies in the game, a scav by the name of Fair Dinkum. (Yes, the developers did put every single Australian stereotype and joke in this game!) While he doesn’t have a designated drop, he is one of the higher tier enemies in the game and so drops more gear than others, as well as moonstones. Note that, like the other scav camps on this map, the Darksiders will occasionally level up with you, providing another source of levelled XP and loot should you feel the need.

Once you’ve cleared the tower, collected all the mission items, and explored/looted to your heart’s content, head back to your quest-giver and receive fresh directions. This will take you to Flinder’s Needle and another scav camp, ultimately taking you to the map transition to Crisis Scar. Note that once you pass through this transition and activate the Fast Travel station on the other side, you’ll be able to hop back to Concrdia should you need to - even though the doors are locked, for some reason the Fast Travel still works!

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Crisis Scar

There is a common glitch that can affect story progression at this point. It can be avoided fairly easily by simply pushing all the way through to the final mission location once started. This means that if you want to visit Concordia or catch up on any side quests first, you should do so now and then re-enter Crisis Scar from Triton Flats. Using the Fast Travel to Crisis Scar and then passing through and back the map transition should be sufficient to avoid the glitch.

Discoverable side quest:

  • The Empty Billabong (level 7) - look for the ! marker on the map


  • Three vault symbols
  • Three other challenges

Leave the building containing the Fast Travel station and follow the obvious path up-hill, stopping to pet the kraggons along the way (after all, they are so friendly and happy to see you!). When you come through the archway at the top, you can either continue on towards the main story quest maker, or detour to the left for the discoverable side quest.

Personally, I always do the side quest because I love the reference, and the writing is a brilliant piece of fore-shadowing for the end-game missions. If you’re collecting vault symbols, you’ll need to hit then locations associated with this side quest anyway, so why not? Either way, you’ll end up crossing the rocky river of lava and heading up to an oxygen generator.

Turning left at the oxygen generator you’ll see a group of scavs ahead of you; taking them out results in the way forward getting blocked, but you don’t have any choice about this. They will scatter as soon as you attack them, but if you happen to have acquired a singularity grenade or even a rocket launcher, you can do quite a bit of damage while they’re still all bunched up! Once you’ve cleared the path to the front door, you’ll need to get through a bit more fighting before the gate to the Comms Facility opens.

Assuming the gate opened normally, you’ll want to enter and fight your way through several waves of scavs until you arrive at a second, closed, door. There will be two guards either side of the door and, as you approach, you should see the door open and a big dude emerge. If, after clearing all the enemies from the area and thoroughly exploring, this door still does not open, your progress is glitched and you’ll need to head back to the map’s Fast Travel station as mentioned above.

Continue through the building, picking up any loot you need along the way (there are a couple of larger chests in this building, along with multiple lockers and cash boxes.) You’ll encounter several more waves of scavs when you emerge back outside, but the way forward is pretty obvious. Make full use of the various levels, stairs, platforms, and bridges to literally get the jump on the enemy. Once you’ve fought your way into the final building, you’ll see a bunch of vending machines in front of you and a New U save point to the right. Going left will trigger the next boss fight, so make sure you buy/sell/restock/heal up before doing so.

Time for another Boss Fight! As you enter, you’ll get a quick view of the arena before the cut-scene triggers, so take a quick note of the layout. There’s a central area surrounded by lower then upper concentric rings. The fight goes in two stages, with the break triggered part-way through. Concentrate on the bigger boss, taking note of the hint from the echo you picked up earlier (you did that, right?)

Once he’s down, take out the smaller one. Note that L’il Scavs will start spawning in to the rings part-way through the fight, so there will be second-wind fodder. Once the fight is over and the remaining L’il Scavs dealt with, look for the loot which could include the unique SMG RedBelly’s Black Snake (1 in 10 drop chance).

Tips (spoilers):

Belly is obviously the larger while Red is the smaller. Note that their body armour has a chance to reflect bullets. Shooting Belly in the legs is a good way to get his health down to the point that the two of them split off; at this point, Belly will land while Red will continue to fly around over head.

Belly likes to take a rugby scrum/NFL line up stance before rushing you, dealing a pretty hefty melee hit. You can negate this by landing a shot on his now-exposed head or otherwise hitting him with some elemental damage (shock seems to work well). You can also double-jump to avoid the rush, or pre-emptively double-jump then slam to momentarily stun him.

Despite the helmet (which reflects bullets), Red does take critical damage from head-shots as long as you’re hitting at about his knees. If you’re having trouble hitting him, a good shotgun or homing sticky grenades will do the job. Try and avoid the shots from him, as they will strip your shield quite fast. Use the barriers between the different rings in the arena to your advantage. You can also duck into the opening you came through, but do not go back to far or you’ll trigger a reset for the fight.

Once you’ve cleared the area, it’s safe to loot and double-back to the vending machines before opening the access to the staircase and heading up top. Follow the instructions and markers until you find yourself outside again. After activating a console, there are three targets around the base of the giant radio dish you need to disable. You will, of course, have to deal with more scavs, turrets, and even some stolen jet fighters, but this wouldn’t be Elpis without lots of opposition!

Spoiler: Here’s my run of the fight from the boss to clearing the tower.

Once you’re all done, you can head back the way you came and unlock the map transition to Triton Flats at The Causeway. Grab a laser lunar buggy and kick it back to the Diemen’s Crater map transition and return to Concordia.

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Back to Concordia

Time to rescind the lockdown: accompany Jack and take down the hired gun scavs until all is done. At this point, Janey Springs will be in town; talking to her completes A New Direction and starts Intelligences of the Artifical Persuasion, as well as unlocking several side quests in Concordia and at the Triton Flats bounty board.

Side quests:

  • Bunch of Ice Holes (level 11) - from Nurse Nina
    • rewards are a choice of the unique weapons the Ice Cream assault rifle (Nina) or the Two Scoops shotgun (Barbot)
  • Grinders (level 11) - from Janey Springs
    • reward is a skin

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This concludes part 2 of this guide. Next up: side quests and Triton Flats, Stanton’s Liver, Outlands Canyon, and Outlands Spur.

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Can I suggest you add a link to jump back to part 1 and a link at the bottom of part 1 that skips to part 2. And create a master table of content just to make navigation easier once you reach 3 to 4 major parts and people begin trying to find certain maps.

Apologies if this was already planned.

Edit: Seems I jumped the gun as you do have a jump tag to part 1, oops.

and your code is showing

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I’ll add the link from 1 to 2 once 2 is complete.

Story of my life :stuck_out_tongue: That’s why I try and get others to look at these things as soon as possible - the longer a particular entry get, the harder it becomes to find misplaced brackets and the like.

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Nitpicky, I know, but as a teacher I do need to point out the use of the wrong “there”. :nerd_face:

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As I teacher, I am horrified that this escaped my notice until you pointed it out. The fingers, they’re doing their own thing right there!

(Edited to make @Poisonedbite happy!)

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As an ass, i feel obligated to point out the unused they’re.


Comments on the end of Part 2:

Laser Disker! :wave::slight_smile:

You mean “could include”; it’s a 1-in-10 chance like any other, definitely not a guaranteed drop.

He does? :confused: The wiki says he takes crits from leg shots, and that’s consistent with my experience as well. Though I haven’t tried to land head shots, partly because of the wiki and partly because one naturally shoots at the unarmored bits rather than the armored bits. :slight_smile: If he takes critical damage from both, he’s close to being just a whole-body crit location after they split… Weird.

I think it was the bullet reflection that made that fight so brutal for me in NVHM… I don’t think I knew about that until the fourth time through, or maybe fifth (which was TVHM, so more tools to work with anyway).

Another point that tripped me up on my first playthrough is the troll, I mean moonstone, chest just after RedBelly. That early in the game, losing 40M for loot that’s probably useless (and will definitely be useless very soon just from leveling) instead of being able to use it for backpack upgrades is pretty painful. Unless I’m forgetting something that’s the first appearance of a moonstone chest.

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Covered under the legendary and uniques! :dukewhistle:

Well, after I’d taken care of Belly, I concentrated on Red and aimed for his head. If you watch the video I linked (and posted in the TPS “What did you do” thread) you can see I’m getting crits off of something. I don’t think my AR was hitting that low on the dude. Take a look and tell me what you think - it’s all in the first 3 minutes.

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Belly definitely takes crits on head shots, but Red’s weak spot are his legs. Shots to the helmet will ricochet away.


Looked like leg shots to me, mostly around mid-thigh. Nicely done!

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@Worblehat, @farsight37 - yes, I checked the video and I’m definitely kneecapping the little guy for those crits. Edited.

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I’d say beam weapons are closest to smg’s. The only way to truly take advantage of the high DPS is to use them at close range. It’s not a perfect fit but beams definitely shine in a role similar to machine pistols and SMG’s and I would say it fits better than launchers which you’ve assimilated them to at current.

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #37

I came into this topic this morning to mention how Beams were probably closer to machine pistols!

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I’m glad you and @Prismatic_Me chimed in on this as, when I started putting that table together, it really wasn’t clear what the best match for Beams was. I think I’m leaning towards SMGs at this point, if only because of things like The Probe, Z’s Cyber Eagle, and that one from the Claptrap DLC. In other words, there are repeaters in-game with more laser-like behaviour, but they are unlike Beam lasers. I’ll probably update when I upload the beginnings of part 3, so feel free to chip in before then if you have any further thoughts on this.

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Vault Hunting 102: Pre-Sequel Basics for New Players Part 3

Your spoiler-free guide to characters, gear, loot, quests, and skills for your first play-through, covering Triton Flats and Stanton’s Liver to Outlands Canyon and Outlands Spur.

Welcome back for part 3 of this guide, where I’ll be playing through the main story and trying to provide hints, tips, and insights along the way without spoilers. (There may be some, but they’ll be hidden by spoiler tags.)

Special thanks to the following for comments and corrections: @3298


We left off back in Concordia, having started the next story mission Intelligences of the Artifical Persuasion. We’ll need to head back out to Triton Flats, but first I recommend picking up the two side quests:

  • Bunch of Ice Holes (level 11) - from Nurse Nina
    • rewards are a choice of the unique weapons the Ice Cream AR (Nina) or the Too Scoops shotgun (Barbot)
  • Grinders (level 11) - skin from Janey Springs

You’ll need the second of these to unlock the Grinder anyway, and the rewards from Ice Holes are useful since they are both cryo weapons. If you have any moonstones then this is also a good time to visit the Black Market and get some backpack and ammo storage upgrades. When you’re ready, I’d recommend taking the map transition to Triton Flats that is between the Black Market and Janey Spring’s Emporim O Stuff.

Triton Flats (2)

As soon as you arrive, you’ll find two quests on the Bounty Board and another two discoverable ones (look for the ! markers on the map).

Side Quests:

  • To Arms! (level 11) - legendary Oz kit
  • All the Little Creatures (level 9) - sniper/grenade
  • unlocks Recruitment Drive (level 11) (timed mission)

Discoverable Side Quests:

  • Pop Racing (level 11) - shotgun/pistol (timed race)
  • Zapped 1.0 through 3.0 (level 11) - unique shotgun

My suggested order for completing these (assuming you want to take them all and taking into account the various locations and objectives) would be:

  • Start collecting guns for To Arms while completing other quests
  • First part of Grinders followed by Ice Holes
  • Zapped 1.0 (see box below) which can be combined with the main story up until unlocking the Stingray at the Dahl garage
  • Creatures with Zapped 2.0 followed by part 2 of Grinders in Stanton’s LIver
  • Zapped 3.0 in Concordia
  • Main story up to just before heading to Outlands Canyon
  • Optional: Recruitment Drive and Pop Racing

Note that you only need to do all the side quests if you want to get the relevant trophy/achievement (since this requires all side quests be done with one character in the same play-through). The missions with unique or legendary rewards are worth doing now since these rewards are level-locked in NVHM. In other words, there’s not point leaving them for later, because they’ll be highly ineffective by the time you reach end game.

Grinders is also worth doing as soon as possible because it activates the Grinder in Springs Emporium O Stuff, which makes it possible to upgrade gear using junk items you found during regular play. Zapped should also be completed early not so much for the ultimate quest reward (it’s gimmick makes it tricky to use well) but because the required mission weapons don’t scale well and can become badly underpowered. (It’s a bit like the mission weapon in the Borderlands 2 side quest Medical Mystery: X-Communicate in that regard.)

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If you’re not running the side quests right now, you can skip ahead to the Dahl Garage otherwise read on!

Stanton’s Liver


  • One set of lost echo recordings

Enter this map from Triton Flats by using the jump pad near the Moon Zoomy station in The Pale to access the map transition. Moving forward will bring you to Stanton’s Gate.

Pushing straight down into the first camp triggers numerous scav spawns. Once this area is cleared you can either head across the bridge, or boost-jump off the roof of the building to bypass the camp on the other side of the bridge and make straight for the All the Little Creatures quest marker.


You may notice...

…that there’s something shiny on a rock outcrop across some jumps to the left. This is the legendary Railgun The Excalibastard. You need at least 2500 BAR points to pick this up, but you can only claim it once per character regardless of play-through, so choose wisely!

If you took the bridge route you’ll need to fight your way across the bridge and clear the industrial structure in front of you before continuing to the right. The marker for All the Little Creatures (The Duct) will be below you to the left, while that for the Grinder (St. Pancreas Station) and Zapped 2.0 (The Ventricles) will be ahead of you. You will find your Oz Kit indispensable throughout all these areas, both to access locations and to deal with the hordes of scavs and Torks that will descend on you.


When you enter...

The Ventricles you may notice that the map extends beyond the obvious edge of the area. There’s a spot where you can double-jump up to a rock ledge and push forward to Higgin’s Gully. Clear this, then check out the mysterious object… This will unlock Piraud’s Thrutch and one final area you will need to complete the map achievement/trophy for the game.

Head back out the way you came to resume the story mode. Note that turning in All the Little Creatures unlocks the related side quest Recruitment Drive.

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Dahl Garage

The main story location is on the north side of The Grabba. You can get there by passing to the left or right, but you’ll need to run past at least a few Shuggarath either way. Unless you really want the XP, I’d cut go to the leftT and immediately cut across the back. The entrance you want is actually on the north side on Shimmer Island; you will of course be beset by Scavs.

You’ll need to activate a combination lock: you can change the numbers by either meleeing or shooting the arrow indicators. If you decide to shoot them, use a single shot weapon such as a Jakobs revolver or assault rifle (make sure it doesn’t have a multishot accessory or you’ll have a frustrating time with the additional projectiles!) Once you’re done with this part of the mission, you’ll have yourself a Stingray to play with.

Now to use our newly-discovered Stingray to get to Outlands Canyon

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Outlands Canyon

Discoverable side quests:

  • Boomshakalaka (level 11) - character skin
    • unlocks Space Slam (level 10) - launcher/pistol


  • Three vault symbols
  • One set of three lost echoes
  • Three other challenges (one missable - side quest related)

From the Dahl Garage, cut across The Pale into the canyon guarded by a couple of turrets. You’ll need to jump across Split Fire Pass which can only be done using a Stingray. Because the Stingray flies above the ground, you’ll want to boost after you’ve hit the part of the ramp that slopes upward: boost too soon, and you won’t get the trajectory from the ramp and end up crashing into the lava; too late, and you drop into the lava anyway.

Once through the map transition to Outlands Canyone you have two choices for route, depending on whether you want to get as much from the map as possible first, or if you just want to run through as fast as possible to unlock the map’s Fast Travel and gain access to the next mission area (Outlands Spur). If you haven’t found a rocket launcher yet, I’d take the first option since its an easy pair of side quests to unlock one.

  • If choosing the second option, use your Stingray’s boost to jump across the series of rock islands and drive straight up through The Crater of Misplaced Enthusiasm. You’ll need to take the switchback path up out of the crater, then push on through some rock arches. Eventually, you’ll find yourself at the entrance to another scav camp.

  • If choosing the first option, dismount and head left into the Research Facility. Fighting your way through waves of scavs and stolen fighter jets will let you access the discoverable side quest at The Court of Dreams. Located just behind here is also the map transition to the secondary map the Abandoned Training Facility. This is the location for the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit, a pre-order bonus that is also included with the Handsome Collection version of the game. The exit on the far side of the Research Facility will lead you to a Moon Zoomy Station; from there, it’s a short distance to the camp mentioned in the first option.

Whichever route you took, you’ll end up having to dismount at Bogan’s Warren. You can choose to clear and loot the camp or just run through; there’s an oxygen geyser on the far side that will make getting out quicker. From here it’s a short distance to the map’s Fast Travel station and vending machines, and just a bit further to the mission marker at Fingersmith Halls. Talk to the NPC at Fingersmith Halls to advance the story mission and unlock the map transition to Outlands Spur.

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Outlands Spur


  • Four vault symbols
  • Three other challenges

When you enter the map, veer to the left and cut a bloody swath through the first set of buildings towards the mission marker. Keep an eye out for oxygen geysers and jump pads to make your life easier as you navigate through frozen pools, scavs, and kraggons. Cross over to the Processing Plant and work you way through to the marker.

Make good use of the multiple levels and jump pads. This being a Borderlands game, no surprises when you have to partially retrace your steps to get to the Pumping Station. Don’t forget to trigger the New-U Stations and oxygen generators along the way, since you never know when you’ll need them! Enjoy the massive Kraggon fights along the way. (Remember: boost, toss grenades/shoot, then slam!)

The Pumping Station will go pretty much as you might expect and, of course, you’ll have to go on to the flow control station at Height’s Perch Camp. Note that as you approach this complex, there’s a small room to the right with another New-U Station which is very much worth triggering (plus, the room has an atmosphere!).

As you work your way up the structure, you’ll have to deal with three Stolen Dahl Jetfighters. If these are giving you trouble, there’s a small room with two entrances you can duck into part way up. If you’re using a weapon with slow-moving projectiles, don’t forget to lead your targets. Once you’ve activated the mission objective, staying on top of the control tower will make it easier to get to a nice red weapon chest. You can also then run along the top of the pipe back to the processing plant!

At this point, I’ll often deke back to the Fast Travel and visit Concordia (grinding, selling, upgrading) or Triton Flats (guns for To Arms). When you’re ready, however, push back through to the Processing Plant, which will now look a little different (and colder!) A whole new bunch of scavs will have spawned in, so take your time.

Once you’ve completed the mission objective you can safely cross the lava to the other side; well, after taking out a bunch of kraggons anyway… Keep on eye on your surroundings at this point: it’s very easy to lose track and end up going through a hole in the ice into red hot lava. And yes, that ends about as well as you think it does! When all is calm again, scale the cliffs and take the map transition to Pity’s Fall and the wreck of The Drakensburg.

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Continues in part 4: Pity’s Fall through Titan Industrial Facility to Titan Robot Production Plant

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