[GUIDE] Pre-Sequel Basics for New Players

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Probably not necessary. Since this is a guide for people playing the game for the first time, it seems doubtful they would want to willingly skip dialogue.

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Plus I’m not convinced it actually works that way? I’ve had the opposite - the game dialogue cut off the echo log. Actually, that seems to be the case generally: scripted dialogue will always over-ride any other dialogue when triggered (including scripted dialogue that’s still playing!)

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Nel drops the Legendary Skullmasher, I’d say you should add Nel. :wink:

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FINALLY got around to updating the last part with this one! I still need to add a bit about TVHM and UVHM and the DLCs, though.

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Annnnnnnnnnnd… DONE!

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Your code is showing!

The finished guide looks great, though! Congrats on finally getting it done!

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I do that to make sure that people are actually reading the thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guide is Beautiful.

Apologies if i put you out to do this.

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No problem - I enjoyed writing it, and it gave me an excuse to run a new character through the game!

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Just bookmarked this. :acmaffirmative:
Excellent work @VaultHunter101

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@VaultHunter101 These basics guides you wrote for the games are rather helpful, thank you. I have a question about scaling. Do any portions of the maps level up during the first two playthroughs, or do the levels lock when you first get to them? Are there maps like the Dust that scale up once or twice during NVHM and TVHM? I’m asking because the Concordia vendors, and I think the ones in Triton Flats by the Darksiders, always seem to have gear at or near my level.

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Good questions! Generally, Concordia levels up when you hit particular points during the main story, much like Sanctuary does. The main place that also levels with you is certain specific scav camps in Triton Flats. So the Darksiders, the group at The Gabba (opposite side of the bridge to the Darksiders), the ones at Deirdre’s camp, and (I think) the ones in So Much Serenity will do that.

The vendors generally will be at your level the first time you access them in a particular session, which is a small but significant improvement from BL2. Note that if you’re running co-op and your partner gets to a machine first, it will be at their level.

I’m not aware of any other maps levelling up after completing a mission, but it might be worth checking those where multiple story missions take you to the same place throughout the game.

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Thank you!! Those encampments line up with my experiences thus far, and I will definitely try to pay attention to the levels when I revisit various locales.

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The vendors will actually have a mix of gear at both your and your partners’ levels. This is generally easier to see when power leveling, as I’ve seen machines with both level 50 and level 12 (my level at the time) gear, but it does apply to all other situations as well.

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Good to know - I’ve generally just glanced in, seen the IotD at completely the wrong level, and left.

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I’d called a “cursed blessing”. Sure it sound nice at first but there’s so many vending machines and the rarity is already buffed compared to BL2. It’s not really needed. Might come as an issue trying to work on BAR thou or whenever you want lower level gear for xyz reason.

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There are plenty of maps you can still farm gear on in a lower mode. Serenity’s Waste in NVHM doesn’t seem to go above 5 (so definitely not a Spinal Map :drum: )


Which mission is better for XP farming, Guardian Hunter or Sterwin Forever?

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I think it depends on whether you’re farming XP for yourself, or power-levelling someone?

Guardian Hunter is pretty much just park your character and tape down the ‘fire’ button; you might occasionally run out of ammo, but it tends to be flying out of the spawns as you burn through them so getting more isn’t much of an issue.

Sterwin Forever is more chaotic since you have continuous waves of Ophas, Putti, and Guardians of all sorts; that means it’s more varied, and IMO more fun, but it’s also more work.

There’s also Iwajira farming if you just need some variety.