[GUIDE] Pre-Sequel Basics for New Players


I need last five levels for my Nisha. I’ve done almost every mission with her for easy XP except those two. I remember that Sterwin Forever was pretty easy with Athena at lvl 70, I used that mission for Moonstones farm but do not have any clues about XP.
Well, maybe I’ll check by myself :slight_smile:

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From memory, if you kill the Ophas quickly then you have to switch between a couple of different spawn points to keep things going, whereas with Guardian Hunter you literally just park in front of one of the teleporter/spawn things.

But you do get tons of adds with Sterwin Forever, particularly if you don’t let the Opha die but occasionally let one or more of the Puttis heal it up.

Honestly with the one character I got to 70 I cycled a bunch of areas so I didn’t get too bored with doing the exact same thing over and over.

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Guardian Hunters is approximately 5 minutes per level, so you’d only need about 25 minutes once it’s set up correctly.