[Guide] Quest rewards worth farming

This is a list of all farmable quest reward items in the game, and their relative worth.
Grading system:
Bad: You will probably never use this item, even in the first playthrough. It’s garbage
Average: Worth using if your current item is lower level, but don’t bother farming for good parts. Usable through TVHM, no more.
Good: Good enough to be used in UVHM, maybe in OP levels. Not one of the tops, but you can make it work. Definitely worth farming for good parts if you plan to use it.
Outstanding: One of the top items in the game, usable in all OP levels. Definitively worth farming for good parts.

I’ve tried to keep commentary short and to the point to avoid the “wall of text effect” and to keep this post from being cluttered and hard to read.
I’ll provide best parts and comments only when necessary.

1340 shield
Average Vladof shield
Quest: Out Of Body Experience (Zed)
Comments: Talks, funny

1340 shotgun
Average Hyperion shotgun
Quest: Out Of Body Experience (Marcus)
Comments: Talks, also funny

Average Vladof shield
Quest: Clan War: Wakey Wakey

Bad relic
Quest: Positive Self Image
Comments: Useful for beating tier 3 “Death race” in DLC2.

Average Hyperion SMG
Quest: The Bane
Best parts: Hyperion grip, Dahl stock, rightsizing prefix
Comments: Would be a great weapon if not for it’s curse. Slows you down to FFYL speeds, makes very annoying sounds when you shoot and relaod.

Boom puppy
Bad Torgue AR
Quest: Walking the Dog (DLC2)

Good Jakobs SR
Quest: Demon Hunter
Best parts: Jakobs grip, Tumtum prefix
Comments: No scope, VERY high damage

Chere amie
Good Maliwan SR
Quest: Hyperion Slaughter Dome: Round 5
Best parts: Maliwan/Jakobs grip, Banbury prefix
Comments: Moxxi weapon

Average Maliwan SMG
Quest: Clan War: Zafords vs Hodunks (Zafords)
Comments: May have gotten a better rating, if the Florentine didn’t exist

Good Torgue RL
Quest: Creature Slaughter Dome: Round 5
Comments: Moxxi weapon

Average Maliwan SMG
Quest: Critical Fail (DLC4)
Comments: Very high damage, it’s gimmick prevents it from being actually usable. Will slip from your hand about 10% of the time when you reload.

Average Dahl e-tech pistol
Quest: The Lost Treasure

Deadly bloom
Good Torgue shield
Quest: The Overlooked: This is Only a Test

Deputy’s badge
Good Relic
Quest: The Showdown
Comments: Great with Jakobs shotguns, so-so with everything else

Evil smasher
Bad Torgue AR
Quest: The Chosen One
Comments: As bad as guns get in this game

Good/Bad/Outstanding Hyperion pistol
Quest: A Real Boy: Human
Best parts: Hyperion grip
Comments: Where to start. This gun can come with 3 different barrels. One makes it act like a shotgun with slow projectile (Good) another has a slow arcing projectile with +700% crit damage (Bad because the lady fist is better) the 3rd one ricochets off surfaces and splits into 9 projectiles. (Outstanding on Gaige)

Flame of the firehawk
Outstanding Maliwan shield
Quest: Cult Following: The Enkindling
Comments: One of the best shields for Salvador and Krieg. Releases multiple novas as long as shields stays depleted.

Fuster cluck
Bad Bandit grenade
Quest: The Pretty Good Train Robbery

Good Jakobs pistol
Quest: X Marks The Spot and Treasure of The Sands (DLC1)
Best parts: Jakobs grip, dastardly prefix
Comments: One of only 4 Jakobs elemental guns. Fire elemental

Outstanding Vladof AR
Quest: Bandit Slaughter Dome: Round 5
Best parts: Vladof grip
Comments: Moxxi weapon, Has a weird firing pattern, with a bit of a learning curve. projectiles split after a certain time, has hidden critical damage bonus (150%)

Good Hyperion Shotgun
Quest: Safe And Sound
Best parts: Hyperion grip and stock, practicable prefix
Comments: Moxxi weapon, always fire elemental, fires in a heart pattern. Very close to an Outstanding rating

Jolly Roger
Good Bandit shotgun
Quest: Just Desserts For Desert Deserters (DLC1)
Best parts: Bandit grip, Hyperion stock
Comments: Fires in a skull and crossbones pattern

Kiss of death
Good Maliwan grenade
Quest: Hell Hath No Fury
Comments: Variant on the transfusion grenade with DoT added, Moxxi weapon.

Good Vladof AR
Quest: Everybody Wants to be Wanted (DLC2)
Best parts: Vladof grip, severe prefix
Comments: Moxxi weapon, shoots in a smiley face pattern

Lady fist
Outstanding Hyperion pistol
Quest: Uncle Teddy (Una)
Best parts: Hyperion grip, Slag element for Salvador
Comments: +800% critical damage, 'Nuf said.

Bad Torgue shotgun
Quest: Clan War: Hodunks vs. Zafords (Hodunks)

Good Jakobs pistol
Quest: Won’t Get Fooled Again
Best parts: Jakobs grip
Comments: +100 Accuracy when ADS, +100% melee damage, synergy with Order shield, would be rated higher if not for the Rapier.

Love thumper
Outstanding Bandit shield
Quest: Best Mother’s Day Ever
Comments: One of the best Melee shield in the game (if not the best)

Lucrative Opportunity
Bad relic
Quest: Safe and sound (Marcus)

Manly man shield
Average Torgue shield
Quest: Message In A Bottle (Wurmwater) (DLC1)
Comments: There are better melee shields out there

Midnight star
Bad Torgue grenade
Quest: Message In A Bottle (Magnys Lighthouse) (DLC1)
Comments: Best suicide item

Good Hyperion SR
Quest: Hyperion Contract #873
Best parts: Hyperion/Jakobs grip, Jakobs stock
Comments: Has a special stacking mechanism that increases damage. Talks, so funny.

Moxxi’s endowment
Good Relic
Quest: The good, the bad and the Mordecai
Comments: Bad once you reach level 72

Mysterious amulet
Bad Relic
Quest: The amulet (DLC4)
Comments: Does NOTHING

Average Tediore shotgun
Quest: Slap happy
Best parts: Tediore grip, gentle prefix
Comments: Shoots in a fixed pattern, capable of very long shots.

Good Bandit SMG
Quest: Magic Slaughter: Round 5 (DLC4)
Best parts: Bandit grip, murduring prefix

Good Bandit shield
Quest: BFFs
Comments: Synergy with Law (healing based on melee damage dealt), outclassed by the Love Thumper

Orphan maker
Good Jakobs shotgun
Quest: Message In A Bottle (Oasis) (DLC1)
Best parts: Rustler’s prefix pushes it to Outstanding. Jakobs grip, Hyperion stock,
Comments: Off the chart damage. Every shot will deal 5% of weapon damage rating to the wielder.

Otto idol
Average relic
Quest: Message In A Bottle (The Rustyards) (DLC1)
Comments: Can be useful in the absence of Moxxi weapons.

Outstanding Maliwan SR
Quest: Don’t Copy That Floppy (DLC1)
Best parts: Maliwan/Jakobs grip, Barking/Banbury prefix
Comments: Best gun in the game, bare none. Has a bit of a learning curve, requires you to aim in unconventional manner.

Outstanding Vladof AR
Quest: Message In A Bottle (Hayter’s folly) (DLC1)
Best parts: Slag element
Comments: Best melee weapon in the game, +200% melee damage

Average Bandit RL
Quest: Note to Self-Person

Average Bandit shotgun
Quest: Splinter Group

Outstanding Maliwan pistol
Quest: Rakkaholics Anonymous (Moxxi)
Best parts: Maliwan grip, slag element
Comments: Moxxi weapon, heals for 12% of damage, second only to the Grog Nozzle.

Outstanding Dahl SMG
Quest: Whoops! (DLC1)
Best parts: Dahl grip, Flying prefix
Comments: Best DPS SMG in the game, synergises VERY well with the Bee. One of the best weapons in the game.

Average Dahl AR
Quest: Bearer of Bad News

Outstanding Dahl SR
Quest: Rakkaholics Anonymous (Mordecai)
Best parts: Dahl grip, Pacifying prefix
Comments: One of the most powerful SR in the game, VERY high damage, slow bullet speed.

Average Jakobs AR
Quest: Hungry Like the Skag

Outstanding Torgue shotgun
Quest: The sword in the stoner (DLC4)
Best parts: Casual prefix, Torgue grip
Comments: It shoots swords that explodes into more swords that explodes… what else do you want to know ?

Good Dahl pistol
Quest: You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party
Best parts: Jakobs/Torgue grip, Twin prefix.
Comments: A pretty good alternative to the Hornet, with a smaller burst and better accuracy.

Tidal wave
Bad Jakobs shotgun
Quest: Uncle Teddy (Hyperion)
Comments: Just pick the Lady fist instead…

Average Jakobs SR
Quest: Animal Rights
Comments: Bypasses shields, cuts the time it takes to kill Pete in half. Otherwise, it’s meh.

Good Jakobs shotgun
Quest: Clan War: End of the Rainbow
Best parts: Jakobs grip, Hyperion stock, Doc’s prefix.

Good Vladof pistol
Quest: Clan War: Wakey Wakey
Best parts: Vladof grip
Comments: Has a 10% multiplicative crit bonus.


Nice work! It’s nice to see that you’ve been quite objective and haven’t put ‘outstanding’ next to all shotguns. :wink:

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I would be tempted to add into your rating scale comments that quests yielding good items are useful to take while levelling in UVHM as you go for the XP?

This thread is like over a year old, and has already been worked on a LOT.
I just ported it to the new forum for easy access. I’m not sinking any more time on it :slight_smile:

Ah! Understood.

I think the kitten could’ve gotten outstanding but that might have just been me.

I try to remain as objective as possible when I rate things. I LOVE the kitten and I even have a build dedicated to it, but the outstanding rating is reserved for those few things that are on another level of power, like the pimpernel. It’s at the top of the “good” category though.

If I get more comments like this, I’m open to changing it though. The Hail is rated as outstanding, and the kitten is close to it.

Torgue shotties work best with the Hyperion stock because it helps with the recoil. They should all have the Torgue grip though.

As for the kitten, I think it’s great, but not necessarily outstanding.

Agree with both @Chuck80 and @Gulfwulf on this: the kitten is indeed great fun to use (I have a whole set of them at level 50, and working on getting the same at level 72). But you can run into trouble if you rely on them too much, especially if you don’t have the optimal prefix/parts. I guess that goes for most weapons, but there is a definite tier of “top guns” (ha!)

That said, my initial opinion of the Hail was pretty poor, probably because it has more of a learning curve to it’s effective use than, say, the Kitten. I wasn’t terribly impressed first time around by some of the other outstanding weapons, either, but then I wasn’t really taking any time to learn their strengths and uses. After umpteen mumble game hours and much perusing these boards, I have a different view of a number guns I didn’t like before.

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I don’t see anyone running into trouble using Kittens, even exclusively. I’ve done so with both Salvador and Zero in the OP levels with great results. It’s a very good piece of gear that can totally hold it’s own even at OP8. (Proof 1, proof 2) But it doesn’t have that little edge that pushes it into bonkers territory.

Best point of comparison would be the Hail. I rated the Hail as Outstanding, because it does have that little extra. Both have similar stats all around, they both heal, both always come with elements, they are both Vladof ARs and they both shoot multiple projectiles. However, the extra projectiles of the hail are UNLISTED, it has 80% splash and 200% type A crit bonus.

Also, since the hail has a silly firing patters, it loses almost nothing by using the rabid prefix (which increases fire rate and damage) while the Kitten sorta needs the accuracy prefix to be efficient, and is completely ruined by the rabid prefix…

On the flip side, the Kitten is MUCH MUCH easier to use for most players and characters, but it’s not a factor that I consider too much in my ratings, since most of the very best guns in the game are hard to use (Bekah, Pimpernel) and it’s more about potential than convenience.

I prefer the Kitten, personally. I never cared for the hail’s gimmick. But objectively, I have to say that in the right hands, the Hail is outstanding, while the Kitten is only VERY good. :slight_smile:

Just a quick heads up: the best parts for the Love Thumper (and any other roid shield for that matter) would be an all Maliwan one with Maliwan Body, Capacitator and Battery (looks like THIS).
It’s also worth noting that the (invisible) Maliwan Capacitator gives it elemental resistance (can be fire, corrosive or shock; torgue capacitator gives it explosive resistance), but you do not want an Inflammable one on Hellborn Krieg (should you want to use LT over FotF for whatever reason that is).

Just know that a perfect Love Thumper is a 1/729 chance (=999), and that’s not even considering a particular elemental resistance, so you’re looking into hours and hours of farming that quest reward, and it’s pretty safe to say that perfect shields you get via trading are constructed.

Man I just found out about the pimpernel glitch for the gunzerker… wow. It deserves to be called OP not Outstanding XD, honestly though, that thing is CRAZY. Even without the glitch. It is probably the one of the strongest guns in this list.

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It is the strongest gun on the list, and would still be even without the Zerker off-hand glitch.
In fact, it would still be the best gun in the game, bare none.

It’s also great with Zero and Maya…and possibly all other toons too, I just never played them enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Bottom line: The pimpernel is the best ITEM in BL2


yes, Pimpernel is possibly my favourite quest reward (I’ve got three, Fire, Corrosive and Shock), along with Tina’s Teapot. I’ve never understood why the TT doesn’t seem to get that much love. It’s possibly the best close to mid-range corrosive weapon in the game, certainly in my experience. It’s stats never look that impressive, but in actual use it’s a beast. It just tears through loaders with ease

Haha! That’s funny: the Teapot is actually my favorite gun in the game. :blush:

It’s not THAT good (in direct comparison, the Hornet is probably better) but it looks cool and does its job very well. As a plus, it’s more accurate and its corrosive effect can spread to others.

One could argue that it’s even a better choice than the Hornet for leveling up in TVHM and NVHM, since it wastes less ammo, is easier to get, has a better DOT effect and enemies will die in one or 2 trigger pulls anyway.

I don’t think I’ve managed to get a Hornet yet (if I did, I can’t remember), but I do know that after getting OP2 I specifically reset all quests just so I could get a Pimpernel, Teapot and Sandhawk. Those were my main shopping list. The only weapon I’ve ever found that does close to doing as much corrosive damage is the Pimpernel, while the splash effect on the Teapot wins hands down. And, as you say, it doesn’t use much ammo to get the job done. I never leave home without it :smile:

As a guaranteed drop I’d say it’s a must have. It’s got me out of more than a few scrapes :grin:

Thanks for putting this list together, very helpful

So…where is the bandit slaughter dome located, what map? I have the handsome collection so have all the dlc, just haven’t played much of it.

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It’s right across the Fast Travel Station from The Fridge.

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Fink’s slaughterhouse , :blush: derp …

thanks for the reply

Question about the level of the weapon from a quest.

I’m level 51 Finishing up the TVHM and havent done many of the side quests yet. Does the gear from them stay certain level, The ones i have looked at dropped at 46. Is there a way to get them to drop at 51. I’m playing on the handsome collection if that makes a difference