[Guide] Splash damage guide

Part of this post is a port from the old forum. The original work was made by Bahroo and @Blutfatal, i’m just porting it here and editing it for the sake of convenience. Kudos to @VaultHunter101 for finding the original thread in “Ye olde forum”.

#What is splash damage ?

Splash damage is simply extra damage. think of it as the bullet exploding on impact to deliver a second helping of damage (and a second chance to spark damage over time for elemental weapon)

Splash damage is a function of gun damage (as a percentage) so anything that increases gun damage will boost splash accordingly (making gun damage boosts about twice as efficient on guns that have splash.)

It is also independently boosted by skills and gear that increases “grenade damage”. This is not always the case though (most notably Rocket launchers) and there are some exceptions.

However, splash isn’t affected by critical hits. If you crit with a gun that has splash, the bullet damage will be increased but the splash will not.

Some weapons are pure splash: they have no “bullet” part, meaning they cannot crit at all. This is the case with Grenades, Rocket launchers, Assault Rifles with the Torgue Barrel, E-Tech pistols and a few others. Some of these are boosted by grenade damage bonus, most aren’t.

#Guns with splash damage

##Normal guns

Maliwan Pistol = 80%
Maliwan Sniper = 50%
Maliwan Launcher = 25% (This is removed from the base and added as splash)

E-Tech SMG = 50% (except Bandit ones)
E-Tech Launcher = 50%

Torgue Pistol = 100%
Torgue Assault Rifle = 90%
Torgue Shotgun = 85%

##Unique guns

Hail = 80%
Boom Puppy = 100%
Kerblaster = 100% (Extra damage in the form of a live Grenade)
Sawbar = 100%

Teapot = 80%
Flynt’s Tinderbox = 100%
Thunderball Fists = 250% (100% from Initial 150% from the Ball)
Hornet = 80%
Unkempt Harold = 100% main, 70% secondary
Logan’s gun = 50%
Grog Nozzle = 120%

Teeth of Terramorphous = 50%
Twister = 40%
Blockhead = 100%
Landscapper = 150% (Direct Hit damage is 35% of Base Damage)
Flakker = 100% (not boosted by grenade damage)
Omen = 100%
Swordsplosion = 70% Main, 100% secondary

Chulainn = 50% (slag)
Yellow Jacket = 70%
Hellfire = 50%
Florentine = 50% (Slag)

Cobra = 80% (not boosted by grenade damage)
Pimpernel = 50% X6 (Initial shot and 5 orbs)
Volcano = 80%
Storm = 50% (main 0%, 5 orbs 10% each)
Chere-amie = 0% (even though it’s a Maliwan sniper)

I might have forgotten a few things, if you are aware of a piece of missing info, let me know.


Just a question. Does the Sawbar have 100% splash total, or 100% splash per each of its 3 explosions?

This reminded me the grog was one of the guns that had a change in splash with the loot hunt patch, might need to be retested now. Swordsplosion as well

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No idea. That part I just copied from Blut’s work

From what I recall each exploson was 100%, its a very powerful gun.


you are missing the ogre assault rifle. which i believe is 100%. BTW, excellent resource for those unaware of some of the games more complicated mechanics. great job!

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The info I had said the Ogre is 90%, like other Torgue ARs

whoops. must have missed that.

If anyone has contradictory information, please don’t hesitate. I did no testing, and only copied old work. Things might have changed.

With your agreement, I would like to translate and share this great guide on our french forum :sweat_smile:

Sure, I can even help translate :slight_smile:

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Thanks :grinning:

Was the Omen’s splash altered with the 10/29 update?

Btw, aren’t E-Tech Shotguns pure splash ?
Meaning they can’t crit…

Maybe listing Pure Splash guns could be usefull… ? :slight_smile:

Yes they are

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I think the kids would say, “but dat Thunderball Fists doe”. Looking at the numbers makes me want to go full shocktard with Axton.

Would you concider adding some indicator of splash type? as in those that get Reaper etc. versus those that get grenade damage?

There was some in Blut’s version, but they dated so I considered them unreliable. Anyway there are so many derpy exceptions that I would need to do some solid testing… which I don’t feel like doing at all. Especially if I have to test those that proc Blood Bath.

If a reliable source (or someone with tangible test results) offered those indicators, I would gladly put them in the OP.

I’ll see what I can do this weekend


Alright, I’ve got the first round of testing done, only grenade damage for now, I also skipped launchers, the flaker, storm, wanderlust, and the sawbar, I’ll come back to them later, unless somebody else wants to do them. :wink: I also only tested one weapon of each type (only one maliwan sniper, only one torgue barrel AR, only one dart etc.) Let me know if I missed anything, or if you think i should test anything I skipped with that last bit.

the results:

Stuff that gets grenade buffs:

Torgue ARs (w/out the torgue barrel)
Torgue pistols
Torgue shotguns
maliwan pistols
Plasma casters (not bandit)
Kerblaster (grenade)
flynt’s tinderbox
pocket rocket
tea pot
the initial splash on the t-ball (not the orb)
teeth of terra
Swordsplosion (child nades)
yellow jacket
evil smasher

Things that do not get grenade damage:

Maliwan snipers
torgue barrel ARs
boom puppy
kerblaster (impact)
logans gun
t-ball orb
swordsplosion (initial sword)
the grog

I’ll upload the reaper data when I finish. Nothing groundbreaking here i guess. I’m a bit surprised about the grog and the chulain though.