[Guide] T0p Gear f0r Zer0 the Assassin

@DSs too.

Top Gear opinions D?


A few changes I would make to the melee section (I’ll probably go over the guns later):

The law and order combo is not that good if you have a rapier (the rapier will do more damage with pretty much any roid shield), so I think it should be moved to the Honorable mentions category.

The bone is much better than a normal cooldown relic, so I’d move the normal cooldown to Honorable mentions as well.
Also, you NEED the Bone for OP -10 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWUEXq3Zw1k)

Storm Front at OP - 10 is pretty bad. You can’t get health instantly with a moxxi weapon (and btw you need an OP 5 one with a shock bone to make it work). In the past, it wasn’t as useless because it was much safer to use and a bit easier to get, but right now it’s just as dangerous if not more than the chain (child grenades can damage you when they die, and you just bearly survive the explosions).

Pun-chee is actually pretty hard to use due to the short delay, and even a bad hide outdoes it in damage with a much more manageable recharge delay. Probably an Honorable mentions as well, only because it’s easy to get.

Legendary Ninja outclasses every melee class mod for any activity. Honestly no point in mentioning the hunter or the normal ninja imo.

Great list though! keep it up? (in borderlands 3 I guess :smiley: )


One item you missed that’s definitely S+ Tier for Zer0 is the Fastball. Hardest hitting Grenade Mod in the game, doesn’t break Decepti0n, boosted by Death Mark AND Ambush, extremely easy to farm.

You can easily build Zer0 around the Fastball and clear pretty much every map at OP10, but it’s with a Melee build that it truly shines. It’s objectively the single best Grenade Mod for playing with a Love Thumper, since it directly makes up for the loss in Execute damage and takes the most advantage of having a free Grenade slot and a matching element Bone of the Ancients. A full volley of Roid-boosted Kunai followed by a Fastball will at the very least enable you to follow up with an Execute against some of the toughest enemies in the game, allowing you to chain MMF against way tougher enemies. It also blesses Melee Zer0 with very high ranged damage that doesn’t break Decepti0n. And finally, it can also allow him to health-gate, albeit not nearly as effective as a Chain Lightning.

If you’re not convinced, here’s Melee Zer0 clearing the single hardest map in the game at OP10 using a Thumper + Fastball :

Edit : it’s also the best Zer0 playstyle for those who don’t want to spend the next 2 years farming for a good Hide of Terramorphous. Every key item in the setup is very easy to get your hands on.


I’ve taken my sweet time getting into the groove of getting my pure melee spec to OP10 so I might be wrong but I think there is also another combination that uses OP1 Shock Bone (with lowest grenade damage boost?) with an OP10 Chain Lightning.

I’m not entirely sure about the former combination and I hope someone chimes in on that one but it might also make Storm Front a much safer option. With a high level bone it definitely just turns the battleground into a lethal minefield for yourself. If there is a safe combination for Storm Front then I’d count it in top gear and Electric Chair should also be added.

I don’t know what makes it better at OP10 for melee so no comments on that. It’s my favorite shield on my hybrid but I think it was better on OP8, although my opinion might be biased because I’ve mainly taken the OP10 version into FFS DLC and using it effectively in most of that DLC’s areas is just depressing.

For the gear on the list I have a hard time seeing Fremington’s Edge as a top sniper in any circumstance. Godfinger was already removed, I see.
I wouldn’t slap Coach Gun in with Orphan maker although it could be there. I could see Coach gun, Bushwack and maybe Triquetra slapped into one category with Quad. More barrels deals more damage but more spread so need to be shot closer. A big argument against a lot of the shotguns on the whole list is that the crit prefix is better on a lot of them than the foregrip that is mentioned on almost all of them.

As far as I know, the crit one does but the sniper weapon damage does not. It’s very nice with powerful shotguns. I would mention that bringing a lower level one (level 80 or lower OP level one) instead of OP10 should be considered depending on your shield. If you aren’t using a very tanky shield using an OP10 Leg. Sniper will eat up a lot of your survivability which is not worth it in my books for gaining just a couple % more crit/sniper damage.

I haven’t thought about this combination since the level increase but has anyone tested what turtle shield is now the preferred level / part combination for achieving this? The old combo was very unpracticable to farm because I think you needed a level 67 white turtle with specific parts for the best result. Hopefully with the level increase to 80 the shield would be something that could actually be reliably farmed if you want to go down this the road of this exploit.

If Order is in honorable mentions then I’d say Law should be in honorable mentions as well. You probably won’t use that combo for any other reason than the lifesteal in a case where you run into an Order that’s better than your current maylay shield. Getting a Rapier is more melee damage and it’s a lot more accessible being available about 30 minutes into the pirate DLC if you rush through it. You can also grab a Rapier on NVHM at level 15 while you’d have to wait until 18 (or realistically more) to grab a law so it wins even early on.

Non-Thumper maylay shield should mention shock resistant Maliwan capasitor. It’s the most important part on them else you’ll be committing suicide by DOTs almost everytime you strip your shield with a shock grenade.

I’m not so sure Florentine should have even a HM spot. Maybe it does? I’d imagine good plasma casters would be better but unfamiliar territory for me. Rough Rider, eeeeeeeeh? Is Fibber really a top pistol for Zero? Again a little unknown grounds for me.


It’s the OP 10 Chain + max health bonus. You need about 18.5% max health so I use iron hand and a max health relic. it is much safer and you can probably do the same with an OP - 10 storm front but you do lose the cooldown from the bone if you go for this combo. if you ask me bone + chain is best because you get instant shield strip (the storm front actually needs to travel a bit so there is a slight delay) And instant health on demand.


It’s an interesting question for @kelr0nd and the other users who contribute to these…are we only considering OP10 in top gear or are we putting considerations into leveling…I guess leveling is too broad maybe and let’s just say UVHM, because pretty much anything works up till that point…

For example, the Shadow Ninja COM and Leg Hunter can very useful for leveling melee Zer0’s so I think it would be worth an aside under the Leg Ninja COM or in the honorable mention section for melee Zer0 (Leg Hunter should be in the top gear for gun Zer0 or at least HM there).

A question for all regarding the Punch-ee and Hide, what’s the max delay on each…I thought the max delay on the Punchee was enough to make
it useable while leveling, just that most versions have a delay that’s far too short to be of real use for melee Zer0. Similarly, the Law+Order combo would at least make HM if we were considering leveling, but then again, I didn’t find it much use for leveling my melee Zer0 and went with a bladed slag rubi instead till max level…

I ask because I can see some people would be looking for top gear to help them level and not just play at max level, or on the other hand, it could make the list too cluttered as a ton of stuff could be put in as useful for leveling…

I was talking to @Sun_Tsunami after the level cap increase and he said it was his understanding that the new OP10 combo for melee Zer0 involved an OP1 shock bone and OP7 Chain Lightning to strip an OP10 Hide, as that prevented downing yourself. As someone who can’t survive with melee Zer0 at OP10, I’m not qualified myself to discuss that further beyond passing that info along. If the above is true, would be worth making a note of that in the melee Zer0 section I think just under the respective items (“at OP10 this is the preferred version”) or something like that…I don’t have more info on Storm Front or other potential shield strippers…

I would remove the Fremington’s Edge as well, but then again, I don’t play Sniper Zer0 so was hoping to hear from some on that point :grin:

I don’t know if Florentine is TG for gun Zer0, as a Maya player, I would have as HM for her or TG, but it’s probably best not to revive that debate of whether it’s any good, again would love to hear from the hybrid and gun Zer0 players on that one


I think it’s good idea to mark items with “OP10” mark or “OP1-OP5” mark for example.

But the topic’s name is T0p Gear, not just the Gear. According to this scheme, I may add the whole Borderlands Wiki here.

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With your permission, I’ll copy that :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, OP is certainly a thing. Mostly though, top-gear is going to be top gear regardless. The tricky part is balancing top gear which is really hard to get with alternatives that are maybe not quite as good but a lot easier to obtain.

@ChemicalConundrum: We’ve had the conversation before during revisions of other top gear threads, and the consensus has always been that such suggestions are better in a separate levelling thread for a variety of reasons. Generally, you’re looking at ~3 top gear and 1 or 2 honourable mentions, but putting more items than that in is counter-productive.


I believe end game should be criteria for Top Gear. Leveling up gear should be HMs. End game doesn’t mean OP10 though. End game means OP0 for many - or even most.


I agree with VH and Jefe regarding listing gear for leveling purposes, they should be in their own thread and not a Top Gear thread; TG threads should be just that: end-game gear and nothing else; if a piece of gear isn’t viable in at least OP 0 (level 80 now), then it shouldn’t be listed. If it loses viability the higher you go in OP levels, then it’s an honorable mention.


It’s been literal years(good lord where has the time gone), but I’m pretty sure at the time of remaking the Axton one we decided the gear had to function perfectly fine at OP8(max lvl at the time)


May I ask all Zer0 gurus to review this topic to add/change/remove some T0p Gear items?
And maybe you have any ideas of better marking (e.g. “OP10” mark from my previous post) or some extra info about each item that should be added? Humbly waiting for your opinion.


Oh sure, go ahead. My pleasure. :slight_smile:


I actually think the list looks pretty good. Most everything listed is exactly what I have on my various Zer0s.

I personally would remove the Trespasser(because of the Amigo) and add the Diaub as at least an HM. The Diaub is probably the best Jakobs sniper for stacking CA (if you where inclined to stack CA with a Jakobs sniper).

100% Agree. I actually tend to play Zer0 mostly in low to mid OP levels as I just find the gameplay more enjoyable and far more forgiving.


Ah, that’s the one I was thinking about then. Should’ve double checked but I thought I might have to dig up the melee thread pretty far back to find it again.

As for the gear included on the list, I’d think it should have endgame items, preferably with more than niche uses (Trespasser is used in only 2 fights in the entire game for all of 1-2 shots to cheese past boss shield mechanics). Whether that means OP10 or anything between OP0-OP10 doesn’t make a whole world of difference, at least in my opinion. If it was to list all UVHM viable gear we’d have a really weird “top gear” list :smiley:


The good thing is that we’ve already discarded or demoted gear that’s unworthy at any level - OP10 included (I think - haven’t had time to review the OP today).

That said, I’m not sure about purple Jakobs and OP10.


Since Kelr0nd is open to feedback and there’s a good discussion about gear, I’ve updated the community guide to point to this thread versus the old one.


Wasn’t even looking at the OP, good job on the updates


I got you