[Guide] The Badass Jackass- Optimizing the Pet build

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Work would be something that synergizes with the core concepts of the play style. In this instance, is there a way to use the CD that takes advantage of standing still and buffing your pets?

The reason I say I don’t think it works is because none of the skills boosted are core pet build skills. Bolster, TTF, LoM, and Resolute are buffs that require minimal, if any, conditions for both you and your Jacks to benefit. Collaborate, though it buffs the Jacks, only does so when they die.

As an example of what I mean; let’s say you just activated your AS and have a badass Jack and a normal Jack. In order for Collaborate (at 10/5) to give your Badass a damage bonus, your normal Jack has to die first. A normal Jack’s lifespan, without TTF, is 14 seconds. So, it would take about 14 seconds (assuming enemies don’t kill them sooner and that the badass Jack doesn’t kill any enemies) for your badass to get a 10% damage boost. In that same time span with Bolster (at 10/5) they would have 280% damage. And this is assuming that the Jacks are not being attacked or attacking enemies. Once you factor in TTF, Collaborate becomes extremely unreliable as a consistent damage buff for your Jacks.

So even though the CD does a good job of buffing Jack, it doesn’t do much of anything for his pets. You could just take a hybrid spec, but even then a Chronicler and Role Model do far more for the Jacks than the CD.

So basically, I suppose what I’m asking in essence is whether you can make a good pet build with only JC, Incentives, and MB with extra crit damage and reverse recoil.

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Got it. So we’re talking specifically about functioning through digi-Jacks, as opposed to general efficacy. By that measure, yeah, you’re correct. The build works, but it doesn’t do so specifically as a ‘pet build’.

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Now that the WTF has been buffed with the Hotfix, can anyone give this a playtest to see how well it does? Does it pump out enough boosters for it to be good supplemental damage on a pet build? Are the stats decent enough to survive when the Jacks are down?

Also, updated the OP with new info about the Jack’s basic laser attack and roid damage. The right laser also gets roid damage (thanks for the tip @khimerakiller).

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It sucks.

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That’s a darn shame.

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Can’t believe I haven’t added this until now

That oughta do it until we find something we didn’t know before.

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A gearless run from @DemoniteBL using a pet-specced Jack. It’s not Krieg levels of ridiculousness. but still pretty dang good in my book.

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I have to say that I’m really glad that I finally gave the pet build a chance. (Until recently, I only played with a Digi-Death build) Currently running through the Claptastic DLC on UVHM with an Avalanche shield, and I just wrecked Denial Subroutine in under 20 seconds. I think I’ll switch to the Deputy build for EOS / Eclipse but so far the Badass Jacks are destroying everything while I hang back and snipe.

Edit: Completed the DLC without changing the build!


Torgue Rifle / Skullmasher / Shock Longest Yard / Corrosive Maliwan Splitter
Cryo Thinking
Laser Disker
Shock T4SR / Shock Maliwan Splitter
Causeless Protagonist (+6 Bolster, +5 TtF)
Cryo Bouncing Bazza / Quasar / Corrosive Nasty Surprise

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Nice going! Glad you gave it a shot.
If you don’t mind my asking, how long did it take for you to kill Eclipse/EOS?

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I fought him twice (once with the Causeless Pro., Once with Misguided) and it took me about 9 minutes for each run. I used a Corrosive & Shock Hail with a Snider and the Laser Disker for Eclipse, and switch to a Shock T4SR and Corrosive Thinking for EOS. The main challenge is getting his shield down quickly because he definitely doesn’t have as much health.

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Hails work well when you crit. If you aren’t hitting headshots though, a shock teaser or shock maliwan splitter work a bit better for taking down his shield.

Which Jack build is the best for a newer player?
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So, it’s been forever and I haven’t played in years, but this is a thing that answers things.

So Bolster decreases the ticks amount instead of increasing max health. Result is still prolonged life, but not in the way I thought.

Also, spike damage and procs get increased damage on pets as well.

The more time goes by, the more I wish I could actually figure this play style out. Even after all this time there are still things that have gone right under my nose.

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My Jack build is a Hybrid between your Pet build and the Deputy build. It is amazing.

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Glad you like it :grin:.

What COM do you use? A purple projection would be pretty good for a hybrid of this sort since it still boosts BFF. Knowing what we know about Bolster now, I would actually rate BFF higher for keeping a single Badass out anyway since it directly increases its lifespan.

@DemoniteBL @Hoyle4 @khimerakiller How do you think this effects the dynamics of the pet build? Does BFF become more valuable than Bolster? I’d take it in game to test, but my controller is still completely busted :weary:.

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Not really. I’d still prefer my Jacks to be more tanky and deal more damage, than I would to have them last potentially longer than they need to at times.

  • While it doesn’t protect them from enemy damage, it still protects them from self damage. Which is almost always a higher DPS than the surrounding enemies. It’ll take a lot for enemies to burn through that 1-2 million health compared to the 65k of the vault hunters.
  • Don’t forget Bolster is also the largest damage boosting skill for the Digi-Jacks.
  • And the best tanking skill and what makes Bolster able to get such high numbers, ‘Take Their Freedom’, is only on 3 COMs. 2 of which also boost Bolster.

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It does potentially become more valuable for hybrid builds, though Bolster was never really a cornerstone skill for those anyway.

I’m just thinking about the discussion I had with @Handsome_Dad before about the Celestial Doppelganger being a bad pet COM. Bolster working like it does doesn’t break the build or anything, (if anything, I should’ve recognized it when I tried to find the health values), but it does make me wonder if the straight duration increase has more value than I originally gave it credit for.