[Guide] The Current Moze Meta Build - Mayhem 10 Edition

Hmmm so even with short Fuse blast master isnt worth it ? You HAVE to use splash weapons?

You can try it, but you’re missing out on A LOT of splash damage.

I’ll reiterate though; This is for the proven meta, you don’t have to go this route but if you are you’ll need use splash guns for the synergy to work effectively.

This isnt correct. Legendary shields with standard amp parts do effect all pellets. It is only the unique amp parts of the version 0.m and the re-router. I’ve been using a 50% amp BBB for over a month now and it amps things appropriately.


There is a fairly effective niche build I’ve been working on based on Brainstormer, Redistributor, and Short Fuse. It requires the consecutive hit annointment, there’s a whole topic on that.

In short, since you’re always doing damage via FitSD proccing off of short fuse, which procs off the chained shots, you’re always at +200% damage for the guns due to the annointment, and +300% damage for grenades and the short Fuse explosions.

The caveat being it requires fairly exact gear, and it doesn’t work well on bosses so far. Works well on Slaughter Shaft and the like, though.

Then again, Fl4k and Zane do it better I think. Definitely viable though, and not far behind.

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Hang on a moment; as far as I can remember, pure amp shields (like the rerouter) have this problem. If you have a given legendary shield with an amp part (like a BBB amp/reflect) the amp part of that shield should work like their purple counterpart amplifying all shots. Am I wrong here?

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To sum it up as quickly as possible, at last check (as in, I haven’t touched my GM since the new hotfix, and anything is always subject to change) Green Monster does two things when it’s stacking. It builds Corrosive damage up to a hundred percent (it’ll look like 75 percent on dummy because flesh) in a short time, and it builds splash damage by a hundred percent in…like a minute.

If that second part sounds familiar, it’s because that’s Blast Master. So, GM runs a Blast Master at the same time, as long as you meet stacking conditions. Here are the stacking conditions for Most Guns (I’ve been told some guns are weird and I can’t test them all).

Green Monster starts stacking once you tap the trigger. On a Jakobs, this will fire one bullet. On a Maliwan, it’ll probably just try to charge. To verify this works on your gun, go melee the dummy. You’ll see Corrosive damage building up.

A reload of your weapon will set you back to zero and will not restart stacking.

Your next trigger pull will restart the stacks. This means: most Jakobs guns can not fire a rouns affected by GM, because you need a new trigger pull each time.

An impractical use of this would be to fire one shot. Let your bonuses stack, then only use grenades and bear. (Bear will not get the Corrosive damage. But he will get the splash).

A practical use would be to use a fully automatic gun, and make sure you don’t reload right before getting in iron bear.

I’m very tired, so, if you have more questions. I gotchu. But also, my Bust-A-Bear Workshop thread has a demonstration of this…before I knew it was blast master.


Thanks for the correction. I went back to my source for the info and found I’d completely misinterpreted it. Appreciate the heads up. I’ll edit my post.

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No I was wrong. I edited the post for clarity.


Updated for level 57

  • Removed any builds that go past Experimental Munitions because they severely under-perform compared to alternatives

  • Switched to bl3skill links

  • Embraced Consecutive Hits into Meta after the inclusion of the Pearl Artifact – All but proving the interaction is not an exploit and works as intended

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Thanks for the update! I tried, but couldn’t find that what Iron Bear guns are now considered as meta?

The common options generally come down to personal preference.

  1. Vanquisher Rocket Pods: These are the best burst damage you can get.
  2. Exploding miniguns: These offer a better sustained dps, but lack the burst damage that Vanq’s are capable of. Auto BeaR also seems a better shot with these than Vanq’s.
  3. Target Softening: This is pretty much only if you instant exit Bear and want Auto Bear to debuff things for you.

I don’t know why I removed that from the post, I’ll add it back in when I get the chance. Pris saved the day though.

What do you guys think of this for a short fuse splash build?
given the new moze buffs.


Looks good, almost exactly what I’m running. I’d try to max Scrappy and maybe put a point into SB for utility.


Yep, that’s what I did.

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I imagine Torgue 2.0 will respec to this.

I always have the fear of “on man I hope this is enough mag size so I dont have to reload and lose blast master”

It’s just not as much of an issue anymore with forge + 2 redis along with 50% mag bonuses on artifact. Also if you want to switch out for MS once in a while, extra mag isn’t as helpful.

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That’s fair. Juliet’s Dazzle refills mag on kill, so that helps. It should be the centre of any Torgue build imo. That and Scourge.

That said I recommend Mindsweeper for Torgues. More explosions > Stronger explosions.

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After the patch I’ve immediately respecced into something similar


The spare point left was initially in rushing offensive but hey, now that skill is situational in the way it was broken with the last patch.
It might go for another scrappy point or go back to rushing offensive once/if it is fixed.