Guide to Cheesing as Marquis and Thorn

So for those who already know I am not a big fan of cheesing and hate Marquis and Thorn with a burning passion, here is a guide for the Marquis who like cheesing. I submitted it as a bug report to Gearbox and 2k, tell me if I missed a cheese spot. Sorry for my awful aiming, that gives you an example of how much I loath Marquis.

The Cheeser’s Guide to winning

                          Marquis the Cheese Butler

I’m not going to watch this and I don’t understand why you’d make a guide. I hope this is a joke, if not this will just help MarCheese noobs to become even noobier and better at cheesing.

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As a joke and clear indication for the Devs and moderators to take a look into on here, and hoping i didn’t miss any, So they can patch them, because currently a guy posted he interviewed the creative director and the changes to overgrowth is GARBAGE:

Patch to Come : here

Did´nt watched it because I´m against any kinds of cheating, but if it indeed has content helpfull for cheaters you should send a PM to a Dev or Mod with it, not give it openly to new cheaters.
PM JoeKGBX or another Dev, they are quiet a friendly bunch.

This will just harm the game even more, feed trolls and yeah, all that.

The trolls are already youtube-ing and streaming them on twitch, one spot more won’t hrt and this spot is strictly for verifying these are all the location one can cheese from, I have also stated before you there is a link to upcoming patch and I am unhappy about it. They think they fixed the issue and I also asked if they can shorten Marquis’s sniping range so he cant reach the enemies sentry until they actually patch the map up completely

Thorn? I’ve never witnessed a thorn cheese, as a thorn main. Hell I’ve seen Oscar Mike cheese on top of the enemy base, but not Thorn.

Enemy base is strategy on Oscar Mikes part not cheesing, I have seen many thorn, especially with their poison arrows and piercing through its shield

Lol, so OM pulls the same strategy as MarCheese, but it’s fine? He’s untargetable up there, isn’t that a big no no from this community?

Thorn has poison and can build shield pen, but that’s unfair? This makes no sense.

I don’t think you know what this post is about right? Oscar Mike is not known for cheesing the SENTRY from the safety of his base and ledge. Thorn and Marquis are known to do that. Oscar Mike is treading dangerous waters being at your own base, so you hope your team would kill him and not let him just attack from your own base.

Thorn is not known for soloing a sentry from out of range. An Marquis is a sniper…so he should be able to snipe…

And for OM, you’re okay with him backdooring while untargetable from sentry because “your team should stop it”, well your team should stop Marquis and whatever Thorn cheese you lost from one time too.

Head glitching and able to fall back behind your own sentry is different from your team being able to push and kill them vs. a guy who is kill-able by your team and able to travel anywhere around your base to kill him, and having a spawn near him to kill em.

As for Thorn she can do the job too especially late game where both teams are still at 100-100. I am not saying nerf, I am saying fix the map, she is capable of it too, so not sure what your trying to prove here.

Any aoe skill shot/high jump/pull/stealth can shut down Marquis’/Thorn? sniping from the ledge. So to paraphrase you: “it’s your team’s fault for letting it happen”.

So you assume the risk is worth the minor reward of harassing marquis with the rest of the team possibly in the middle and no chance for that person to return without dying and feeding the other team? Not everyone is a pushover in Incursion FYI.

Not putting the blame game on the team, but you better ping or turn on your mic saying there is an OM at your base and target him while holding back the enemy minions. You must seriously have issues against OM

Marquis can hit the enemy sentry from his healing station, he doesn’t even need to be on headglitch hill. Goodluck dealing any amount of damage to him there without also dying yourself.