[Guide] Top Gear for Amara

That’s how I thought it worked.

Added DLC4 gear and removed any items below Mayhem 8 viability from the list.


Hive is listed as M7 viable.

Quoting a quote from another Top Gear thread:

Moved Maggie back to Mayhem 10, added the Fearmonger, Ghast Call, and Lightspeed. Looking forward to today’s gear buffs.

Haven’t had a chance to try the Kensei out yet, anyone give it a whack yet? If so, how ridiculous is it?

I have one with +5 Joyful Freedom and testing against the dummy on Sanctuary it did less damage than my Muse with +3 Illuminated Fist/+2 Jab Cross.

I was thinking more along the lines of how the melee damage added to weapons works with things like the Spark Plug or Cutpurse.

Moxsy’s done a video where he explains it all. The bonus damage strength is determined by melee stats but the damage type isn’t melee so it doesn’t trigger “on melee” effects.

Seems pretty detrimental if using a Face-puncher as if the bonus damage is the killing damage you won’t trigger skills like Combo Breaker. Probably is better used for a gun/melee hybrid build where you don’t use Face-puncher.

That makes total sense: the Muse with +3 IF is insane. Melee or FP builds should DEFINITELY stick with the Muse COM.

It’s really good for gun-based, non-Face Puncher builds. For a Face Puncher setup, you should definitely stick with a Muse COM - the +3 IF boost is insanity.

Updated the main post with Arms Race DLC gear and recently buffed weapons.

I’ve heard that the Muse no longer drops with +3 Illuminated Fist. Is that correct?

Should be the case, but older ones with +3 still exist.

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I would like to thank you all for this thread, it makes my life way easier. Special thanks to Aaron0000!


@Aaron0000 you get the highest honours for pretty much doing every single bit of the gruntwork for these lists. They’re the bread and butter of the character guides.


Yeah, the +3 illuminated fist still exist; kind of. They also don’t become +2 upon patching your game. Essentially an old one does better if they have the +3 on IF, but in most cases a Commander Planetoid does better with cryo+ melee and a +2 IF, since the 69% bonus melee damage applies after IF, and it can alternate elements for more applications. Still, I’m sure there are better items for applying bonuses to the clunkiest way of dealing damage than the CP artifact.

It completely slipped my mind since it wasn’t so much “gear”, but are any of the recently added anointments worth snagging? Doesn’t have to be limited to Amara, I could use the info for Zane and Fl4k too.

As I’ve mentioned in the Zane and Fl4k top gears, I’ll be revising the list to better separate the gear based on performance in end-game. This is the basic list I’ll be referring to when revising the Top Gears for Zane/Fl4k/Amara (without factoring in their skills, action skills, gear combinations and whatnot yet which would raise their potential). If anyone has anything they think ought to be changed, added, or removed, speak up.


Due to the considerable overlap between the character top gear threads, they have been consolidated in to a single thread:

Please continue any discussion or ask questions there - ta muchly!