[Guide] Top Gear for Amara

I’m flummoxed why the King/Queen’s Calls aren’t on this list even as Honorable Mentions. Yeah the fire rate has been nerfed but it works just as well the same way you’d use the Unforgiven, and its been proven the homing crit shots proc additional projectiles off of Indiscriminate and any additional 50% bonus elemental damage sources, so for Amara she’s actually getting the best use out of it compared to everyone else, even Fl4k.

Honestly I think it works a bit better, you’re forced to better pick your shots and anyways people were spamming it so much they weren’t really letting the homing crit shots do their work on enemies. They were using it like an elemental Maggie when its more like a Craps.

Ironically enough, mere hours after I posted this thread I was recommended to update the Zane Top Gear thread with the pistol Calls. I forgot to plop them on this one, fixing promptly.

Also, this is very much a stretch and a spitball, but the Night Flyer can actually kill things as long as a DoT is applied. There may be some small possibilities for the Night Flyer with non-cryo ASE anoints and Forceful Expression, it does have some huge base damage for a Dahl pistol.

Added the Wedding Invitation since it is the new best thing since sliced bread.

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Added the Lob to Top Gear. This is a strange timeline we’re now in.


One of the weirdest decisions made by Gearbox. First the weird level cap increase and now they buff the Lob (1000% woopsie). Seems like the QA team is on vacation at the moment.

Krakatoa got Lob’d and will be added to Top Gear, but is there anything else anyone would recommend from today’s buff to add to the list? The Vladof ARs and Hellshock are looking good.

Hellshock feels so good again

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Sickle and Hellshock got some crazy buffs and are probably TG too.

Added Hyperfocus ZX41 to Top Gear, Conference Call to Honorable Mentions. Lowered Crossroads to Honorable Mentions.

Hey, I really like how you format your top gear threads. Have you considered doing one for Moze and Fl4k?

Not as long as there are active Gear threads for them.

I figured. That’s unfortunate.

Good good good. The Wedding Invitation is a “bit broken” with Female Krieg.

3-shotting Anointeds is too satisfying

Well you can’t get it at 57 (or beyond), so it will be relevant again in a year.

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The new DLC shotgun “Insider” should be considered for this list. Extremely high elemental splash damage, 2 elements because it’s a maliwan but without charge time. Very handy for Driver builds.

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I would suggest the Clairvoyance. Great mobbing weapon. Due to Forceful Expression, Infusion and ASE Anointments, this thing can blow up a whole room with stickies when you hit a critical hit. Good gun, when you hit critical hits consistently.

Going to wait until we soak our feet in the testing waters a bit more before making any changes, but currently considering the following from DLC2;

Top Gear

Love Drill
Cocky Bastard
Unseen Threat
Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge
Seventh Sense
Old God

Honorable Mention

Stauros’ Burn

What about Hydrafrost or Old God?

Hydrafrost’s projectiles seem to be a bit slow, and it consumes ammo like a glutton, but if enough people support that notion I can add it in. As for the Old God, I genuinely just forgot about it.

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Where do you farm the old god?