[Guide] Top Gear for Amara

It’s a world drop in the DLC, so just farm what you can farm most efficiently.

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I have a melee Amara that’s been on the shelf for a while but decided I was in the mood to bring her back out. Looking to try to optimize my gear choices for her as much as possible.

I have a 300 Brawler Ward with the phaseslam melee anoint (God-roll!) so obviously my action skill is slam.

I’m just totally lost on how to optimize Face-Puncher damage output.

Does anyone happen to know the full damage calculation formula for the Face Puncher? Including artifact effects and affixes, grenade ASE anoint, Etc.?

I feel like I could handle the problem better if I knew how to do the math. I tried to play-test different combos on the target dummy and I didn’t even really have a good idea what I was seeing. The numbers from different elemental types would often overlap and I couldn’t read the Dmg numbers clearly.

You should aim for a 300% weapon damage after Phaseslam for the best damage output.
Check this topic for more details.


Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for. Much appreciated.

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Wow, this gun is so broken. The Seventh Sense bypasses basically all the mechanics of the Wotan fight. You might want to reconsider the Honorable Mention because even without an Anointment this is definitely Top Gear at the moment.


should be a plus that the Seventh Sense can match/outdamage anointed gear without requiring any pesky anoint minmaxing :rofl:

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Maybe I just got lucky with parts but the projectiles don’t seem slow on mine.

The Hydrofrost seems to be a Linoge with a couple of fancy special effects (the bonus elemental damage didn’t seem to make as much a difference as it should have in my brief testing). Overall, I was more impressed with other pistols from the DLC.

Isn’t Seventh Sense Fix ?
I tried to backupp/reload my save for about 15-20 minutes, i ALWAYS got the same.
If it’s really fix, it’s really sad to not have an annointment on this gun, it would be top tier in almost any build.

It has fixed parts, and always without anointment. It performs really well, if you want more proof see the video some replies above.
The special effect is so good, and it benefits from splash damage, so the damage potential of the gun is huge.

This gun does not need any Anointment. It is basically broken without one already. The video above is not True Takedown, but I completed True Takedown yesterday with this gun and it still shreds Wotan easily.

I tried the Hellwalker in True Takedown as well, but I feel like you need a Phasecast Anointment, if you refuse to use TTB like I do. In Normal Takedown, my Radiation Anointment did just fine, but you need some more punch in True Takedown. But if you get a good one… man this gun is so good with the double capstone now. Especially if you add magazine size on your Pearl.

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The Seventh Sense would probably be a little too strong if it could come with the full range of anoints or element match tbh.

As it is, it’s already one of, if not the best pistol in the game

Added DLC2 gear and recently buffed items to the list. I haven’t used the Stone (class mod) yet to have a good opinion on it, how does it fare now that it properly reduces damage taken?

In my experience it’s a weaker offensive more defensive option than the Phasezerker and a weaker offensive and defensive option than Breaker. It’s on par with the Golden Rule for me.

I heard the Nothingness synergizes well with Indiscriminate. If true, it might be worth mentioning.

Might end up being invalidated by 2.0, but apparently the Static Charge works wonders for melee builds (I’m sure I’m late on this part). This build manages to handle M4 content without overly relying on the Facepuncher or White Elephant:

If 2.0 doesn’t grind Melee into the dust, I’m considering adding the Static Charge into Top Relics.

I’m using this combo since like forever (Phaseslam anointments with different build) did whole M4 TVHM with Brawl Amara back in December and Jackpot dlc.
In Wedding dlc I was using lvl 1 Brawler Ward and unfortunately it’s big exploit (stacking depletion bonus) and that’s what he is using.
In M2.0 all non-weapon stats won’t probably scale with mayhem lvl so rip my melee build.

Can you put a “last updated” line at the end of the post? The forums don’t do that for some reason, so its hard to tell what is up to date as someone just coming into the forums after being away from the game. LOTS of old guides out there.

I suppose it’ll be worth adding that in once the dust of Mayhem 2.0/Cartels settles a bit.

Incidentally the last update was April 8th.


Just hover over the pencil icon at the top-right of any thread/post that’s been edited.

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