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I don’t have video capabilities either, but I will concur to what @Hoyle4 is saying: I can kill faster and with less shots using the PL than you do in that video. Maybe it’s just because I’m more used to it, meaning there is a sort of learning curve to it.

I must say though that I agree that the Octo deserves a closer look by a 3rd party like @Derch or @Sljm for example.

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It’s all good. Like I said, benefit of the doubt. Sarcasm doesn’t translate well to written. I just thought weird you said that what I had actually experienced was “just good in theory”.

Also, while low gravity helps, there is no need to be in low gravity for a jump to help with the PL. Like I said, just aiming low is fine too.

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Its just from my my experience it was only good in theory. Shoving the barrel into their crouch/stomach just gave better results for me personally, on Trojans I aimed higher b/c they’re so big. And I know you can record videos, do you have an Athena to show off the PL on?

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Sorry, I don’t have my copy of the game anymore, and I haven’t found a copy of the Handsome Collection for a price I like. I’m still heavily engrossed in Blooborne, anyway… And the (huge) DLC comes out in November, which will probably keep me occupied for quite a while if my time with the base game is any indication.

I’d like to note that if you’re not jumping constantly as a CS Athena, you’re doing it wrong anyway. SMITE.

This is a silly discussion anyway because Octo and PL aren’t even the same kind of shotgun.

You’re arguing what amounts to the difference between Flakker and Striker.

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I can’t. I have one video and it’s potato cam.

Derch has a vibrant YouTube channel though :wink:

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Missed your other post, just went straight to your reply. What about the Toybox video or Pew Pew lasers Nisha?

Kinda… not really in the terms of how Athena views them in my opinion. Other POVs that hyperbole might be true idk.

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It still is true, you’re comparing a stack abuse weapon with a vanilla shotgun, the only thing in common is the manufacturer.

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Both were kindly done by @Afro_Samurai ( the Toybox is actually a collaborative effort between us :slight_smile: )

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What is “stack abuse” about the PL? One is a normal SG w/ flak that misses 50% of the time and the other is a normal SG that has a high pellet count and accuracy.

Both stack the same amount of Maelstrom in atmosphere.

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I gave this thread to @Hoyle4 nd @BookEmDano for a reason. I’ll voice an opinion when I have one but I leave the testing in their hands. @BookEmDano IMO knows Athena and the Maelstrom playstyle better than anyone so I leave it to them.

My attention with Athena in the near future only involves the Flayer, Too Scoops, and a side of Flakker.

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He means “abusing the stacks you already have”

The PL is a closer

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Please stop with this misses 50% of the time, it really doesn’t if you can use it properly, it does do a lot of damage, in an aoe, that can hit multiple times on the same or multiple enemies. This is the aspect that does a lot of damage, especially when under the influence of maelstrom.

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So its a closer for mobbs you’d steam role anyway using anything in TG? Again light toned here, but if you mean a boss closer then it shouldn’t be TG. Nothing touchs Developments, Flakkers, Badabooms, ect…

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I’m not too familiar with Athena terminology, but even in that mobbing video you were at 300 stacks for a long time, just mobbing.

The point is, the PL is good at dealing damage, not pre-stacking (well, it could be, but it’s not why it’s there)

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You can get to 300 stacks pretty much just throwing the Aspis

(Sheriff) #356


The PL is good at USING those stacks

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Hi y’all.

I don’t know if you’re still interested in my opinions or not, but the last time I’ve visited this thread (which would be yesterday), you guys were arguing about party line vs octo vs boganella. (too lazy to scroll back up and read the last 200+ comments made since I left for college)

So I did a controlled testing with all three of them and can provide video example if any of you are interested. (again, controlled testing using exact same setup doing the exact same run). Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kszc_D257Hg

And I apologize in advance for the video being so lengthy. Subconscious is naturally lengthy… if it helps, each run takes about 9 minutes so you could watch the first minute testing of each gun (I think the first part alone represents the overall state of the gun very well) and then skip ahead 9 minutes for the testing of next gun.

Do note that this is not “look at what these guns can do with extreme skill and optimal conditions and builds!” video. This is me using these weapons for the FIRST time and getting impressions on all of them.

If I were to provide a summary, it would be that party line >> boganella > octo.


Party line is awesome for stacking (the flak helps a ton) AND damage (the flak helps a ton) AND the flaks allow you to engage enemies at longer distances. Seriously, it is a beastly package and definitely deserves top gear (which I see it is. Nice.) This, upon my 1st use, seriously competes with the tediore splitters for my daily drivers. It’s that good. It literally would be my daily driver if tediore splitters didn’t exist. It is also VERY good in ammo conservation. God, it’s everything I love about flakker and everything I love about tediore splitters combined into one!

Octo is nice in that it has accuracy. Its potential shows up either in the extremely close ranges or far ranges, but at far ranges if an enemy is moving, it can be hard to hit them because of the bullet travel speed. But that’s not the main problem. The main problem is that it just lacks the “oomph”. Sure, it’s accurate and can engage enemies from farther away than your average shotty, but so can the party line and the damage output and stacking ability on octo is… really sub-par. You can see it especially during the first half of the Subconscious run. It really takes noticeable longer to kill enemies with this shotgun.

Boganella… ahh, where do I start with this? First off, f***ing love the voice module. I thought it was going to be VERY annoying *cough pickle *cough, but no - they nailed it. This is how you do a talking gun - absolutely hilarious and not annoying. In terms of its performance, it’s… actually pretty good. Not “party line” good, but still solid. While it’s practically useless outside very close range, it makes up for that with the “oomph”. Personally, that is perfectly fine as that’s what a shotgun should be (crazy damage up close). And even without maelstrom, it seriously has good 1 or 2-shot kill potential because of its raw damage. Beautiful. It stacks well (again, not “party line” well, but well enough) and considerably boosts its damage to the point where it can 2 shot UBA glitches. Again, beautiful.

My final verdict would be that Party Line definitely earned its place on the top gear list (now that I think about it, the flaks would mean it could also be very useful at vacuum!), that boganella could be considered top gear if there wasn’t sledge’s shotty and that the octo really doesn’t deserve to be on the top gear list.

Again, I don’t know who’s arguing what because I’m too lazy to read all the comments but I have been seeing some arguments about this so I’d like to do my part in clearing it up. If anyone wants to question my runs & verdict or just talk ■■■■ about me behind me (cough cough) feel free to reply to this comment.

BY THE WAY, unless it’s a localization issue, sledge’s shotty is misspelled on the top gear list. It’s “Sledge’s Shotty” not “Sledge’s Shottie”

Also, I noticed that while I was gone, you replaced 88 Fragnum with the Slapper! VERY nice job! I think I mostly agree with the list now. Again, nice to see that you have implemented many of my requested changes!

edit: I’ve read some of the comments. @khimerakiller

Until someone else shows the PL blowing the Octo out of the water I think it wouldn’t be that off putting to compromise and mention the Octo with the PL.

I do have a video of party line blowing the Octo out of the water! hehe

Also, @hoyle4 you seem to have improved on making your words way less blunt and personally attack-y. Thumbs up all-round!

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Maelstrom stacks are based on the number of “ticks” of Fire/Shock you inflict. The more “ticks” per second, the more stacks.

PL has 7 pellets and they each spawn at least one firework… That’s 14 potential “ticks” per shot, and 14 chances for a DOT to tick as well.

Octo has 12 pellets. I may be rusty in my Borderlands math, but I’m pretty sure 12 is less than 14~

Seriously though. There are very few discussions that would be more of a false dichotomy than this. Octo is a precise weapon like Striker. Party Line is an AoE weapon like Torguemada.

End of conversation.

I caution everyone here to understand the difference between “this weapon is good” and “all the other weapons are bad”

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Each splash can only hit the same enemy once from what I’ve seen. And until I see it shown to me what I’m doing wrong the flak misses a lot and the PL isn’t a closer.

Ok just to put it out there in a light tone w/ no harm meant what so ever… the point is that it doesn’t do said damage. Regardless of how it feels on other characters or when you use it, I have shown that it isn’t that. I feel we’re in an endless loop here and regardless of your ability to do so you’re doing the same thing you accused ItsmeJamesAJ of. Saying that the PL is good and the Octo isn’t without proof. I kinda want to stop talking about this now, but I know if I do the change won’t be made.

If missed some needed context I’m sorry.

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Congratulations! You are a genius in Pandoran terms! (tannis voice)

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