[Guide] Top Gear for Athena

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LOL, get your filthy lv60 NIsha outta here!


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Watching this video, I realized two things.

  1. Man, I realize that I don’t use any other build than Jakobs NIsha, so it’s weird seeing a weapon like this and a COM that isn’t High Rollin Crapshooter being used

  2. Fireworks! This is probably Clappy’s fav weapon - y’know, party and dancing and whatnot.

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Hey now, one of the cornerstones of Top Gear is to only compare the same weapon type.

I can dig this.

Chuck did a similar thing for Blockhead/Omen over in Salvador Land.

You should break your multi-posting habit. I know this isn’t vBulletin, but… come on. Is there an edit button on Mobile? I’m not trying to be a dick. Just a thing.

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I think you all have the wrong idea about me, whether it be @BookEmDano’s comment on how “there are rocket launchers he likes on Athena that aren’t TG” when I argued about the Glitch Vladof Launchers, or even this Octo debate. I am a very analytical person, that being said I don’t like these weapons, they’re not my favorite, I have no deep 3 year long bond with them. I wouldn’t personally use half the stuff on this thread. I just came here and saw that there was other stuff that I don’t use, that’s better than some of the stuff that was already here that I don’t use.

And @Sljm for a place where you’d want people to take you seriously your sarcasm isn’t funny. When your predecessors blew off your recommendation of the FotF I’m sure you went thorough what I’m going through now, and if they always made a joke when they replied to your post…

*cough Zeus’ Rage & WotG *cough

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'Kay, dad…

Chuck did a similar thing for Blockhead/Omen over in Salvador Land.

Yeah, I dig this idea too because hoyle is right, it by itself doesn’t deserve a spot, but like how the cheat code by itself probably wouldn’t get a spot up there but it does with the fatale.

You should break your multi-posting habit. I know this isn’t vBulletin, but… come on. Is there an edit button on Mobile? I’m not trying to be a dick. Just a thing.

Oh, sorry about that. I’m just used to the reddit style of discussion and forum where you can easily track which post you replied to, so I reply to many different comments from different people and it ends up taking up a lot of comment-space on this linear forum board (I know I butchered the wording, but do you get what I’m trying to say?) I’ll watch it but there’s not much I can do about replying back and forth with different people taking up a lot of comment space.

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But even that only got me to below 300 stacks. And even while after the aspis hit, it manages to hold up at solid 550+ stacks just by itself, and absolutely no swapping weapons. It really is a stacking monster.

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If the Hellfire did measure up, that was to be the plan actually.

But in testing ( I swear I do it [it’s mobbing focused just like yours just with less variance and a time component]) The Mali suite was along the lines of ~8th best of smgs, just behind basic Scav (which would’ve been ignored as its the third Scav SMG).

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Ladies and gents, we’ve finally done it. A post about posting multiple posts, that has turned into multiple posts. :clap::clap::clap:

Oh dear. :joy:

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Tell you what. Since the 3 shotgun comparison I did today actually clearly set apart these 3 shotguns, I think I’m gonna do the same with these 4 SMGs. Absolutely same build and loadout and map and testing methodology, but different guns. Then it’ll be clear how these stack up against each other (with 2 of them being on the top list). I’ll even make a video proof so people can’t argue. Then it’ll be settled for good.

But I really dig the idea of combining things into one category, like CC & Fatale. Now, Fatale by itself really would be up there anyways, but I doubt CC would be up there by itself.

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There are so many amazing shotguns, but I also had the Twister as an HM with the Blockhead and the Twister is my favorite shotgun in the entire game.

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We’ve gone full meta, gents!

But he does have a point - I post way too much.

On Reddit, this wouldn’t be a problem as each discussion has its own little “branch”, but in this kind of forum where EVERY discussion is lumped into one timeline, my frequency of posting does negatively affect the readability.

I’d probably put part of the blame on the design of this forum.

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Oh yeah, about that. I started using the twister after you recommended it and I absolutely love it too (maybe the same degree of love as Blockhead) and it’s sad these two very, very good shotguns are put into HM because of the absolutely disgustingly powerful shotguns like Interfacer and CC taking up the spots.

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Yes, things are a bit different than Reddit here. I have been favoring this format on mobile, but genuinely miss vBulliten on my desktop.

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Made my case, showed my work, like you did. But the important thing that I did, was that I didn’t push too hard.

I find that people are a lot less receptive the more you try to convince them they’re wrong. I had a lot more success by mentioning a thing occasionally over time than to rail as hard as I could against “the establishment.”

I built a lot of credibility in between, by the way. When I first talked about FotF, nobody gave a poop. When I first talked about the current formulae for Critical Damage being wrong, nobody gave a poop.

Well, then they all quit the forum and I was the only one with the experience and organizational skills to do stuff like Top Gear for Salvador. Yay me!

But this was after I established a history with the active membership of being knowledgeable, helpful, slightly funny and really, really, ridiculously good-looking. That Get Some thread really got the ball rolling.

Also, when I went about “proving them wrong,” I was really careful to use constructive, positive language. This makes a huge difference.

Nowadays, most of these guys will at the very least consider what I have to say, even if they end up not changing their minds about it.

My advice: stop “arguing.”

Did you know Hoyle still hasn’t put Asteroid Belt in any of the Top Gear threads? If Sljm can’t get something put in the list he thinks should be there, nobody else should feel bad if they’re having trouble.

Something else to keep in mind, is that you’re not the only one who can play with these weapons. No matter what, the host of a Top Gear thread can’t help but see the weapons through his own eyes first. If enough people have something to say about his choices, then he should take stock. However, one person’s experience, in either case, isn’t definitive.

Top Gear is a collaborative effort. Or, it should be. I think we all need to take a step back and re-calibrate how we’re approaching this conversation. This should never be an argument. It’s a discussion.

However, like it or not, Hoyle’s running the thread, so he gets the final say. Like I’ve said, that’s good and it’s bad, but that’s how it is. It’s the only way it would ever get done. He’s a thinking man, and I trust that he has reasoning behind all the choices here.

Now, speaking from my own perspective, I don’t like being told I’m wrong, but I pay attention when someone has a good reason to disagree with me. If Hoyle is anything like me at all, that apparently subtle distinction amounts to a big, bold line that makes the difference between “lol no” and “let me see if there’s something to this…”

Oh lord, do yourself a favor and don’t go anywhere near r/Bloodborne if you’re sick of seeing my stupid vowel-less username.

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Well then, in it for the long con, I see. Maybe I should ctrl+C ctrl+V your strategy…

Well, then they all quit the forum and I was the only one with the experience and organizational skills to do stuff like Top Gear for Salvador. Yay me!

I bet people were like, “sljm, so hot right now” back then!

That Get Some thread really got the ball rolling.

I think our runs on Eclipse & EOS (he is objectively the better speedrunner. I’m a scrub but a scrub that started to seriously crack down on Eclipse & EOS using Athena, and look where it got us - 3:15 all the way down to 38s!) do give us some voice in this community

“stop arguing”

To be fair, I stopped arguing and actually made several meaningful changes to this thread but it was only after Hoyle cooled down after a while (we really had some beef but I guess over time he saw the truth in my points). With the discussion heating back up, I doubt meaningful changes are going to be implemented again.

Asteroid Belt

I am ashamed to say I have never heard of this piece of gear. A quick google search shows that it shoots… f***ing asteroids at the enemy? Holy crap! That sounds amazing! (especially if it gets boosted by maelstrom… dear Lord)


I do lurk around there once in a while but I think I’ve only seen you once. Sorry :P! But it always did bother me that your username didn’t have any vowels… eyes twitch

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Hey it took a little improvement from both sides (I do remember some nonsensical attacks on your part)

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hehe, very true. Glad we were able to work together at the end, though!

Btw, are we on the same page about me testing the 4 SMGs in the same conditions as today’s video and deciding the whole hellfire fiasco once and for all?

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That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

You’ve both come a long way. Chuck is still my favorite, don’t be upset.

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I saw your ninja-edit there, bud! What do you mean, “we have long history?” Or would you prefer to not go into that?

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I wanted a less innuendo-y punchline.