[Guide] Top Gear for Athena

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This miiiight be creepy but I went through your reddit account and youtube account and holy f*** you are ubiquitous on /r/bloodborne!

Chuck is still my favorite, don’t be upset.

Okay, English isn’t my first language, buuuuut I don’t think that sentence makes sense.

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Don’t ask me, my first language is sarcasm.

I’m doing the same thing there that I did for BL2. I’ve established credibility and ubiquitousness, and I’m about to drop a huge guide. I know the formula works.

Thank goodness I have so much free time.

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I will greatly appreciate more content as long as we can look at footage as objectively as possible. ( I for example would prefer several quick [like 3] first area of pandora runs [ideally with the only badass fights being the Trojans for consistency] than one long run for each one)

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Sure thing! I just want to put the issue at rest with video proof, that’s all. (I think I absolutely buried the Octo vs Party Line discussion with that vid)

Btw, since all of my comments containing links to the video are buried, the next time I post, remind me to bring up all the testing video I’ve done. Thanks!

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Hooooly ■■■■, that is BIG! I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for your guide! (AND you’re still posting to /r/bloodborne, even now! Love it)

And now that I think about it, your “being around to build street creds and then dropping the load” strategy makes more and more sense the more I think about it.

It really does make sense - I’ve been around /r/DestinyTheGame since the Alpha and since then have been commenting on pretty much every other thread. To show you the extent, I browse /new (yeah, I know. And I’m complaining about not having enough time. I know.) and have 10k comment karma just from that sub. I think it’s because of this “cred building” that I was able to push my video guides out to the Destiny community with such support. Same goes to you with your BL2 & Bloodborne cred building and viewcount on your YT. Damn, everything’s just clicking together!

On a completely unrelated note, I was watching your “pimp slap” vid and I think FotF can be even more viable if you use all bandit parts for fastest regen rate, because the whole point of using FotF disappears when you constantly get hit while the shield is trying to regen.

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Accepting Fire DOT in a build revolving around keeping your shield down at OP8 is suicide.

But Maliwan/Bandit/Bandit is a great composition. I recorded those videos at the end of my BL2 cycle after a hiatus so I was a little rusty at keeping the shield down with proper positioning. Not that it really mattered, Salvador is a monster.

Hit me up on Reddit sometime. I don’t play Destiny, but if I ever do I’d like to see what you had to say about it.

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Not that I don’t love your tips for AJ to overthrow me one day but perhaps could it move to PMs, just for the sake of relevance?

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Oh, I thought this was my personal chat client, sorry! :frowning:

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Ah, you’re right about that! (I mainly play OP0… I know. I’m a scrub). But yes, Sal is a monster regardless.

I’ll definitely hit you up on reddit! Just know that reddit username ==! forum username.

About Destiny, I know that game like the back of my hand so I can tell you this with confidence: this is probably the best time to get into Destiny, better than ever. As someone who was really devoted to year 1 Destiny, I feel like I’ve been beta testing the damn game for a year just so Bungie can perfect the year 2 version. No pressure, of course. But it’s a really fun blend between Halo-esque FPS shooter and huge MMOs like WoW or Diablo 3. It’s NOT like Borderlands, however. It tries to mimic parts of Borderlands’ loot drop mechanics and… well, it’s still not Borderlands. Vastly different.

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This couldn’t be explained better.

I “did my time” too, stayed positive and got corrected a bunch. By the time I posted Deputy Sal I had a small reputation as a knowledgeable person. And by the time I posted my position on shotgun barrels and accessories, people were ready to trust what I had to say (a bit like Sljm’s FotF, I was challenging received ideas that more barrels is always better and vertical grip was always the best accessory, it’s now become conventional wisdom too).

I mentioned a lot of stuff to be added to the Zero TG, some of it did, some didn’t.

BTW Sljm, you’re my favorite too. :grin:

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Funny how things turn out after some time has passed. :smile:

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It amazing how one thread became such an establishment around here

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Precision: I first mentioned the Boganella as an alternative to the Sledge’s. (Which I still think it should replace) I never meant for the Boganella to be compared to the other 2 as they are not really designed for the same playstyle. :smile:

(Resident DoT fanatic) #415

Ah, yes. I think Hoyle told me about this last night. If I recall correctly, Hoyle and khimerakiller was arguing about octo vs party line, and I just happened to see the name “Boganella” in the midst of the heated discussion so I thought it was being compared to the other two shotties.

As you can see in the video, it has VERY good one and two-shot capabilities, even on UBAs. But I like Sledge’s Shotty too much… I don’t know if the Boganella can replace the Sledge’s Shotty in my heart, though Boganella definitely gets +100 points for being absolutely hilarious to use!

Also, I’m honored as hell to be replied by someone like you!

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Isn’t it good? A bit of discussion, a bit of heated discussion, a bit of off-topic talks (sorry), a bit of salt, and if you all mix them together you blow life into a game not many people talk about anymore. I like it.

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Hey Hoyle.

I just finished testing the fire SMGs and I got preeeetty surprising results!

Unfortunately due to time constraints the video might not be up until tomorrow (midterm).

But oh man, even I was blown off my socks by one of the guns I tested…

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Inb4 meat grinder, shocked me too.

No cliffs notes?

(Resident DoT fanatic) #419

Actually meat grinder performed not as well as some of the other SMGs I tested.

No cliffs notes yet. I want to have a solid video proof before I say anything.

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I love when this happens :blush:

Hint please: is it red text ?


See, we get into this comparison across weapon types and things get tricky because there are weapons just better than everything else. I’ll just mention that the Party Line is easier to use than Flakker, still builds Maelstrom, and one round per shot ammo efficiency. Plus it’s a guaranteed drop and easy farm for ideal parts. The only thing I don’t like is the low base fire rate which makes the Storm Weaving even more important.

Whatever prefix that has +6 Overload and +5 Superconductor unless more Flash Freeze was wanted. @Hoyle4 It’s a good alternative for Storm. The biggest difference I see between them is that Storm requires active stacking and Storm Weaving. Hologram goes all in on the passive stacking abilities. Stacks just happen.

As far as Protector, I’d rather see it on the list rather than Bloodthirster but the melee camp won out.

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