[Guide] Top Gear for Athena

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I watched ItsmeJamesAJ video I wasn’t impressed still. Things like “Brutal Glitches” don’t have any health really and are one of the only mobbs big enough for all of this guns flak to really hit.

I know the Torguemada is designed fantastically and I’m mid-air 95% of the time when I use it. I just don’t see what it really excels at or synergies with on Athena.

(Sheriff) #483

I understand your position, and I actually like that there are some passionate people out there discussing the finer points of this game. But saying that Hoyle is close-minded is too harsh.

I’ll take my Nisha TG as an example: It has over 400 replies, but it went through 2 redesigns (since it was up in the same thread since release) Many of the posts were done during the Holodome release, the Clappy DLC… almost everything changed in the Top gear…twice. The actual number of replies since the Athena thread passed from Derch’s hands to Hoyle is less than 50.

My Salvador top Gear has 81 replies…

This thread has nearly 500 replies… over 300 of which have been about what you and @khimerakiller have wanted to change.
In short: he’s been very patient :smile:

Even if you still disagree at this point, you have to at least give the man credit for keeping the discussion open.

Please try to take this as positively as possible: I’m not railing on either of you, seriously :smile:
But Hoyle is a great guy and very open-minded. I’ve worked with him a lot on many different guides and he’s changed his mind often…when the situation called for it.

So if he says that this or that gun is not Top Gear, it’s not because it comes from you…it’s because that’s what he thinks.

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I do have some thoughts, but since you didn’t ask you don’t get to read them. :smiley:

I’m kidding.

Edit: lol discourse be creepin on your edits

I never actually liked Fatale or CC, but it could just be me. Fridgia was the only SMG I ever needed.

I didn’t even use SMGs on Maya because lolshotguns.

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Ok. Hellfire. I have spent about 10 hours of testing this weapon alone because of the constant barrage from you two.

“It looks worse than others but it’s actually not”

Lets just look at that statement. If i’m not allowed to judge a weapon by looking at it perform worse than other weaponry, what can I judge?

The Hellfire has a single thing going for it, that splash damage, that additional instance of damage that allows it to hit a higher average stack count, slightly higher than the Fast Talker and Meat Grinder, and I would also add the Torrent there too because it can achieve a way higher FR than what was displayed there. I feel that these guns are superior to the Hellfire in almost every way. Even at the higher stack count I wouldn’t consider anything the Hellfire does to be impressive, let alone Top Gear Worthy.

I have used this gun , a lot, despite this opinion, because ever since this thread has came out in August I have been accused of having my head in the sand, going on a power trip, among other things, because I did not think this one gun was good enough to be considered Top Gear, and you know what, I still don’t. It’s an ok gun, nothing special.

Despite what you may say, I have made several changes to this guide, because a big chunk of the things that you guys say make a lot of sense. But this time, I am not convinced.

This is my Opinion, I sincerely hope you can respect it.

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I just did that so you’d feel included and share your opinion. No I’ll intent? :smile:

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So no hope for Asteroid Belt, then? :frowning:

(President of Jellybeans) #488

Give me a bit, I need a break.

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I was joking, it’s literally a gimmick.

I found it useful, but I’m a little unconventional, especially with Athena, if my builds are any indication.

It’s basically the Twister of shields.

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(Resident DoT fanatic) #490

like the FotF sal?

(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #491

No, that actually makes you nigh unkillable while gunzerking. Seriously I’ve looted crates while UBA psychos hit me and didn’t give a single flip.

Belt is funny when it kills Putti for you, but it’s like, just a shield otherwise. Also it doesn’t trigger on hits that hit Aspis, so it’s just a butt cover most of the time. Which is fine if you’re bad at positioning, but you could also throw Quasars loads and skip the whole thing.

The only fight it does anything truly great was the Sentinel at 50. Higher than that it takes too many hits to kill the Flying Buttholes in a reasonable amount of time before they splooge on you to death.

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I know, I know. But it is unconventional in the fact that most people just run RR+Harold+rubi. Unconventional does not necessarily mean bad. Just look at the twister!

(Sheriff) #493

I’m not used to Athena’s power level, but blasting through shielded armored targets with a single-barrelled fire shotgun in 2-3 shots is impressive to me

It excels at being very good overall. It has no special synergy with Athena, but it doesn’t need to:

Synergy is what makes an average gun good on one specific character, or a good gun excellent

The Torguemada is already excellent

It should literally be on every character’s Top Gear

(Sheriff) #494

I’m ashamed to say that I have never actually tried the Pimpslapper build with all the right gear :frowning:
I’ll right this wrong this weekend when I take a break from designing Deputy Krieg

(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #495

I dunno what you’d consider “special synergy”.

Context: FotF has synergy with Grog Nozzle, but not Sal specifically. But it kinda does because Sal always has a damn Nozzle with whatever gun he wants. “Indirect” perhaps, but synergy yes.

It’s a little… wobbly talking about specific synergy aside from like, “Nisha holds 2 Pistols and thus has special synergy with {Pistol goes here}”

O-S, check. Maelstrom, check. Flash Freeze, check. EB/SW/Unrelenting, check.


Bruh. BRUH.

Shoot for the junk. Serious.

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If I didn’t think the CC was so bad I would probably ask @BookEmDano if I should put the nail in the coffin on the Hellfire at this point. And I really do respect your opinion, that’s why I’ve dropped so many things up to now. And it has good synergy with her as well… but that’s not a can I want to open right now. Also I don’t think mine was a “barrage” at least.

Just to say it, the same can apply for me too when it comes to the PL so just a calm fyi. And ItsmeJamesAJ didn’t impress me before you say anything.

Riiight :sarcasm emoji: Unless I’m missing something :no_mouth:

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This is what I mean re: Asteroid Belt.

I love it. But there are a LOT of shields already on the list with a more potent upside than "it does damage. :smile: "

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I just rewatched the first 1:40 and it wasn’t quite “2-3 shots”, rewatch it yourself and you’ll see. And its not hard at all to kill armored enemies with fire SG as Athena.

Sounds just sliiightly subjective to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sheriff) #499

The thing is, you’re the only one who’s not convinced that the PL is impressive :smile:

Eventually, a “community effort” is just that: what the community as a whole thinks is right
Almost everyone agrees that the PL belongs there.
What is everyone’s opinion on the Hellfire ?

You think it belongs there
Hoyle doesn’t
I have no opinion on that
@Derch ?
@Bookemdano ?
@Sljm ?
@ItsmeJamesAJ ?
…anyone else who has read the last 300 posts ?

(Sheriff) #500

Subjective ? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Torguemada is excelent, and it should be on every character’s Top gear, that is fact! (well, that is my opinion… but it’s an objective one…I hope)

The Pimpernel is literally on every character’s Top gear in BL2

It has no special synergy with half the characters…but it’s just too good to not be an answer to “what is one of the best snipers to use with X ?”

Same thing with the 'Mada (althought, the 'Mada is not as stupidly OP as the Pimp is) … it’s just very very good.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #501

I feel you all forget stuff a lot :stuck_out_tongue: I never tryed to replace the PL, I just used it as the gun that should have the Octo mentioned with it b/c in my test they preformed similarly even it they do so by different means.