[Guide] Top Gear for Athena

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I don’t think it does. I’ve run it plenty of times in the Holodome as testing ground and it never blew me away like the guys in favor of it.

So 2 for, 2 against.

Thank you Thank you I couldn’t have done it without you all. blows kisses

And you can’t really compare the Mada to the Pimp. As you said the Pimp is a beast, and characters tend to have more synergy w/ SGs than snipers so the numerically best sniper for the ammo it uses is a no brainer (exception Lyuda w/ Zero on some raids).

LOL, why not ? :stuck_out_tongue:

They are both good guns
They both top the list of best guns of their respective type for most characters despite having no special synergy with half of them.

Seriously, the 'Mada is that good.

It would be Top Gear for most characters if it was in BL2 too

The "literally everything wears a (giant) shield"dome may not be the best testing grounds.

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Maya? :sarcasm emoji: (I know you said most :stuck_out_tongue:)

Best place I can think of if you want to see how weapons perform in the long haul against a variety of enemies. Maybe Mutator Arena with a neutral modifier.

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Yes, Maya too :stuck_out_tongue:
We could ask @Derch and @BookemDano (since they are, conveniently, Maya players too) but i’m pretty sure that it would be there too :smile:

Not much better to work with flakks than an immobile target with all his friends conveniently converged under it.
Also Chain Reaction + Flakks ? Yes please

Let’s see in the specific:

Salvador: big yes in the infinite shot department
Krieg: Between his explosive boosts, Blood bath and Salt the wounds, it’s a match made in heaven
Maya: See above. the short answer is yes
Axton: Grenade buffs + Flakks = very yes
Gaige: Can’t see why not: Flakks work great with Close enough, and with the fixed spread and big splash radius, it’s ideally suited for anarchy.
Zero: Ah, maybe it wouldn’t make it to this one’s list…But it would still be good.
Edit: the Zero top gear has like…12 entries for each gun type, so if the Jolly Roger made it, the 'Mada would too.

I hate SMGs that aren’t Fridgia, you don’t want to hear from me about Hellfire.

As for Octo, I don’t see why it can’t go in as an alternative to something. Being a Tediore, I can see the reasoning for putting it with PL even though they’re very different.

“If you want a more precise Tediore shotgun with similar damage, try Octo”

I didn’t even eat my wheaties this morning.


I havn’t used the hellfire in uvhm so I have no say in it.

I dont know about the Torret. How is it stat wise compared to Maliwan glitched SMGs and the Hellfire? Because the ads gimmick has little to no synergy with Athena AS to be honest.

Maelstrom boosts DoT too and Maliwan excels at dealing elemental DoT. And DoT is relevant in TPS as far as I remember. If it isnt, this message is irrelevant.

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You act like the aspis is up 24/7, its not, but if you hipfire it it’s a high damage average FR SMG. When you use it properly its a high damage high FR SMG and completely blows the Mali stuff out of the water.

What Im trying to say is that when Athena grows strong (aspis up) the Torret becomes just an average SMG. This is why Im asking how the Maliwan SMGs compare to it stats wise. They are, at least, more consistent.
Also, their higher elemental DoT can help Athena with skills like Overload and adds to her overall damage output due to Maelstrom stacks.

The torrent is very good hip firing, I never ADS with it

Spray it to slay it. – Increased damage and capacity, greatly increased fire rate, greatly reduced recoil when hip-fired. No movement speed penalty while aiming down the sights. Fires a five shot burst. No burst fire delay.

Thats from the wiki, I know its the wiki but its right here.


But is it better hip firing than a glitched SMG?

Better in every way but accuracy and chance to cause a dot

The Torrent is maybe the best smg in the game

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Oh, I see. Thanks for the images, Derch!
The Torret, as the Shooterang, are guns that I thought that would get cut from the TG when the Glitched guns came out due to the lack of special synergy with Athena.
Seems I was wrong, sorry.

Stupid question: Assuming you had over 400 stacks of maelstrom and unrelenting active, how would the transmurdera with the Multishot glitch fair in top gear? Its would pretty much be an elemental anarchy with decent accuracy.

Of course, the meat grinder doesn’t need such special circumstnces to perfom, but assuming those conditions were met, which would win?

If glitch guns were to kill anything it wouldn’t be the High Damage weapons, as the Red (Damage + Crit) kills the FR (and DPS/Stacking) of anything but the snipers, jakobs shotguns, and dahl weapons. If anything, the glitch weapons kill the fast firing non-glitched weapons because the Yellow and Green glitches are ideal for stacking (I think on everything but shotguns).

@boombumr You basically answered your own question, but the best glitched smg by far is the basic scav, and that is slightly less consistent than the Grinder, also the Transmudder has no crit so its just a below avg SMG

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Apart from the stats, the Torrent also have ridiculously good max accuracy (that’s the one you get when you hip-fire for a long time): the reticle opens up just a little and stays that way… it’s got next to no recoil. Ignoring Hyperion guns, the torrent is the most precise thing you can hip-fire with in the game.

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