[Guide] Top Gear for Claptrap

(Backdraft Guru) #201

You still do that ■■■■ even tho they gave us a fireing range. If you see that previous post of mine, you could see that I was in a middle of proving you wrong about it, but you know what, I dont think its worth it. Ive thought that this is a community guide and we as community can make suggestions. But no matter what it seems that you always have something to disagree.

(President of Jellybeans) #202

Mk, clearly you’re upset that I saw your suggestion knowing that on paper the weapon you suggested was superior, and tested them in comparison for several hours in a realistic scenario with actual enemies in several different maps using several different variations of each weapon, and made a conscious decision based on my findings. Hell then you’re right, I guess i’m just a contrarian who never agrees with you.

(Sheriff) #203

Guys, please settle down. No need for that kind of thing.

This is primarily a guide for new players, so the specific best parts are not THAT important. there is no reason that you can’t both be right. more accuracy allows you to use the gun at longer range while a CP is better at short range. You could have both in the TG without problems… anyway they all pale in comparison with Quads and ravagers… so you’re basically arguing for parts in the bottom tier of ONE category.

This forum has seen it’s fair share of drama lately. You are both great guys, very knowledgeable about the game …and you disagree on means…that’s all.

more maths, less personal accusations

(President of Jellybeans) #204

That’s the thing tho, the actual difference in spreads is barely noticeable. I did several wall tests for spreads and the grouping is only really noticeable at a range where both of them are useless anyway.

(Sheriff) #205

that may look like it, but try to pick a distance and shoot the dummy, you’ll get actual numbers, and numbers are hard to argue with.

There may be another factor at work here that doesn’t show on the cards: Min accuracy
The card will usually refer to MAX accuracy only for Hyperion guns, so maybe the crowd pleaser actually has just as good accuracy once the reverse recoil factors in and the reticle is at it’s smallest. again, dummy testing will give us reliable info that would allow us to settle this in an objective manner. Or maybe it gets better Max accuracy and the card refers only to min accuracy… either way there are 2 real values of accuracy, and the card only factors one of them, so it may be why they have very different values and you find almost no difference in actual use.

(President of Jellybeans) #206

If it shows max accuracy after the hyperion shrinkage happens then it REALLY doesn’t matter because 3-5 shots like never gets it to that point before it resets on reload/shot stoppage.

I wish we had maliwan shotguns, then they’d have splash and we wouldn’t be having the stupidest argument in existence.

(Backdraft Guru) #207

Thats what im talking about, CP haves max and min accuracy both the same and because crappy FR it cannot even achieve its max acc.
You must be blind not to notice the difference between aim reticles on both CP and Development.

Its not stupid. Ik that Development was in TG for some time, then all of a sudden there is some Crowd-Pleaser. TBH I didnt even knew thats the name of “old” hyperion. Im wondering who suggested that gun to you in the first place… Also like Ive said, if someone suggest you something and you do not agree on that, you go mad about it and thats whats pissing me off.

(President of Jellybeans) #208

Yes, I had the Development on there, cuz I hadn’t even considered the CP at the time, but then you had a thing with Chuck where you were talking about having a small mag purple variant being potentially better then glitched variants, that’s when I first started reevaluating glitch v non-glitch variants of every shotgun, and where I tested every variant of Torgue barreled Hyperion shotguns, new and old. This took about 4 days of constant testing, and where I noticed that the crowd-pleaser was performing better on claptrap. That’s why I initially changed it. Then you told me it was crap in comparison to the Development, so i spent another couple days testing it more, and my tests were consistently telling me that the CP was better.

And no, I don’t shut down every suggestion, you can see from the thread that when anybody suggests anything, I test it, and share my results

(Backdraft Guru) #209

Ive figured out its not really worth it to discuss this anymore, because in the end (I) personally will never use any of em. Im not even sure that ill ever use any shotgun, other than Jakobs and Torgue, unless there is some really special synergy involved. So keep your CP there if you think its better, im not going to argue anymore bout it. Cheers

(Sheriff) #210

Alright, in the Shotgun department, may I suggest something then ?

Purple Tediore Quad shotguns with any grip and accessory but those that increase mag size have a mag size of 9

…but in blue they get 8 :smile:

They get probably the same kind of results as a 8 mag Jakobs quad or Ravager…because they can match elements. Compared to Hyperion shotguns, they have better accuracy than Crowd pleasers, (especially the first shots) they reload faster no matter the grip, and even in blue, they get better damage than development. They are a bit slower on the fire rate, but since they only shoot twice anyway, the fire rate and reload speed have exactly the same impact, except that the delay between the first and second shot helps correct recoil and that the lulls between shots are more spread out.

IMO they are definitely worth testing.

Only 3 accessories work, the other 3 increase mag size to 9 or more: Original (accuracy), Royal (crit) and Gentle (vertical grip/pellet count)

and only 3 grips work: Hyperion, jakobs and Torgue.

IMO, Torgue grips will kill accuracy, plus the Jakobs grip gets better damage and reload speed to more than make up for the small fire rate dip… so if it’s damage you want, Jakobs is strictly better than Torgue.

For accessories, the Gentle prefix is bad: increase in pellets from 17 to 19 is pointless, especially since accuracy suffers, and the increase in fire rate is minimal. If it’s more damage you want, the Royal prefix is better.

So for accuracy, Hyperion grip and Original prefix, and for damage jakobs grip and Royal prefix.
Or any combination of those 2 will give you a solid middle ground.

My personal favorite combo would be Hyperion grip and royal prefix.

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Come in for the bang, stay for the dubious maths.

(President of Jellybeans) #211

So a blue Tediore Quad? I’m on it. That’s the mad scientist ■■■■ that put a meat grinder on a TG (not this one)

EDIT: I will be so happy if a Shotgun Supreme! Gets put on a TG. THAT is the name of a winner

(Sheriff) #212

I mean, for elemental shotguns, compared to Hyperion ones, they have better accuracy, better damage, better reload speed and better synergy with OLT… IMO they should push all Hyperion shotguns out of the TG completely.

(President of Jellybeans) #213

that’s what prolly will happen. Dammit chuck why couldn’t u be brilliant earlier…

(Sheriff) #214

Hadn’t had diner yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: according to the old gear calc, an Original SHOTGUN SUPREME (You’re right, it does sound awesome) with an Hyperion grip gets an accuracy of over 50…that is single barrel territory right there.

With a Royal prefix it gets over 37, still decent. (ROYAL SHOTGUN SUPREME sounds even better)

With a Jakobs grip and Original prefix, it gets 44 (about as good as a coach gun).

The Original prefix is VERY good on them. Not sure it’s better than the Royal one (50% crit bonus is hard to beat) but they are definitely the 2 best picks.

Between Hyperion and Jakobs grips it’s a tossup, but IMO if you’re using that shotgun, you are relying on OLT, so the extra damage is not that important, especially for mobbing (just like with the impetuous ravager earlier) and the extra accuracy, fire rate and reload speed might have a better impact. so Hyperion grip might be slightly better. Though I would definitely put both in the entry.

(Sheriff) #215

Since you like to suggest Stocks on your TGs, I would say that Torgue stocks would be the best: since the only factor here is recoil after a single shot, the stock that reduces recoil the most should perform the best rather than the one that makes you recover faster (Hyperion) though it probably should be tested too. Tediore stocks should do well too.

(President of Jellybeans) #216

Out of the four I’ve tested so far, I liked Royal the most, with either Jakobs or Hyperion grip, the accuracy jakobs would be the next one, but I think the accuracy+hyperion is a tad overkilly.

I like the Royal-Jakobs cuz the FR and RS reductions are like .1 (Like they matter) and u get like 1.2k more damage, I’ve noticed it lets the non OLT shot kill trash mobs in one hit more consistently where the non OLT shot did very little on other variants (Your Impetuous Ravager argument is less valid here because the first shot gets zero boost from OLT unlike the ravager). On that stock thing, I was thinking the one that increased accuracy (Hyp) was the best (the look basically the same in testing cuz the FR is so low that it resets between shots.

(Sheriff) #217

In any case: is it top gear material ?

(President of Jellybeans) #218

Yeah, most likely… After all that testing, there won’t even be a hyperion shottie on this list…

(Backdraft Guru) #219

Ive tested Tediore and it seems like a better choice when compared to Hyp quad, but… if I have to choose an ammo hog like this, for the same fire rate Ill choose Ravager instead. Dont get me wrong here and I really dont want to sound like a douchebag, but if you are about to search for a nice change of pace on Claptrap other than OLT shotguning, we should try and find a nice single/double barrel shotgun with decent fire rate, accuracy and mag size to abuse ■■■■ out of glitch effects (esp yellow and blue glitch), at least thats what Im looking for atm. But anyway, this Tediore looks better than Hyps for me.

(President of Jellybeans) #220

Yeah I mean I could put a glitched Thinking (I think it’s the best in our wheelhouse just cuz the Scav shotties are pretty slow) on the list, I just think shotgunning is a department where clappy has little benefit of going to for like ammo efficient vanilla weaponry route, Factoring element matching to the 2 Shot Quad OLT formula gives him options for his higher damage routes. I’ll test it for the sake of testing it cuz i’m doing boring vanilla SMGs right now anyway.