[Guide] Top Gear for Claptrap

(Backdraft Guru) #221

Thats what Im talking about. Placing one more quad on the list doesnt make any sense to me where you can use Ravager. Nothing beats that. But to give you an insight, this is what I was looking for:

and I havent even came to OLT there. High FR, high accuracy, cryo element and go for a head.

(President of Jellybeans) #222

I do want an elemental Quad on the list. I could see myself replacing the scoops with the frilly non OLT dominant DPS thing (probes more or less replaced it although I personally think its still fine).

(Backdraft Guru) #223


This is good enough for me and a nice change of pace.

(Sheriff) #224

I don’t know how you two feel about the Party Line, but it’s still my favorite shotgun in the game :smile:

No clue how it would fare on Clappy though.

(President of Jellybeans) #225

Interesting you went with a Madtrap, I had better mobbing results with a BG Celestial (I would also assume a Factory Second would Also be great). From what I saw in my tests and your footage, even with glitches, you see almost the exact same ammo totals as I would most quad mobbing tests with a marginally slower time, but it does have the potential upside of a really good Loop that could make some really decent results(I had one that ended up with like +20s and almost double the standard ammo).

That being said, do you feel it’s TG?

@chuck80, none too special on clappy, i tried it a while back.

(Sheriff) #226

Seeing the video, you seem to spend about 5 ammo per mob. While this is probably not a net improvement over a quad, it at least allows for a more granular spending, which would probably result in less ammo spent overall. It also has better accuracy, which allows for a much safer playstyle.

I don’t know if it’s top gear, but it’s at least efficient.

In the realm of shotguns that don’t rely on OLT, I really like the Boganella. Especially in cryo with a crit accessory.

(President of Jellybeans) #227

That’s what I’m seeing too, about 5-10-ish ammo on standard mobs, but on a Loop roll it’s about a net 1-4.
With any quad it’s never more than 8, usually 4. Why i’m probably going to keep the 3 quads on here. I’m still open to replacing the scoops. So i’ll try the (Bloody Oath?) Bogan

(Backdraft Guru) #228

Thats without Death Machine up, when DM is up, you can kill trash mob with 1-2 shots (crit and with that accuracy not hard at all). Also once the loop kick in you can clear whole rooms with a single clip.

(President of Jellybeans) #229

I mean I do see you with DM up still taking ~5 shots to kill darksiders (Why I included the range to begin with). And the single clip thing does depend on mob density. I do like it but I want to test a little more first (As I said I probably won’t toss quads, if anything it would be the scoops and/or merging the pounder).

Edit: Yeah, no Malfunctioning Factory Second is fking Amazing with this I might merge the pounder just to add this. I’ll try it with the Bogan in a sec,

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K so I’ve updated OP, made some cuts and whatnot. fiddled with things, and I like where it is right now. Let me know if I botched something in editing.

Note: Some picture links are incorrect as of this post. I’m aware. I will remove this note when it’s fixed.

@Chuck80 Bogan’s k, a little too ammo hungry for TG.

(Backdraft Guru) #231

Yeah Ive tried FS com first and that was an obvious choice. Ive used Madtrap cos I wanted to get as much as possible from CC but im not sure if its worth it. Fs is better choice for this kind of setup imo.

(Sheriff) #232

That looks fine :smile:
Though maybe it should be mentioned in the parts section for the Shotgun Supreme that you need a BLUE one and why, otherwise it might look simply like a mistake.

(If you want it dead, you want a Jakobs.) #233

LOL just noticed this, so funny I’m laughing irl as i type this. Your not THAT bad man :wink:

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I ran a few more subsidiary RL tests with a wider bredth of launchers, decided to re-mention the Berrigan in the Badaboom section because it more or less performed the same.

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After a brief talk with @Scootalewis, I’ve decided to update the Moonface entry.

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May I leave my mark hear as well? And I’ve learned my lesson from Athena’s TG, I’m just going for a handful of changes that would really make a difference.

(President of Jellybeans) #237

This guide has gotten somewhat outdated, I’m kinda going through possible cases of OLT abuse.

If you promise you arent going to be a pain, go crazy (just because these guides have picture links wide changes need to be almost 100% justified cuz I would need to procure new pictures somehow if there are changes)

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #238

I can provide the pictures and there are only 6 things and 2 of them aren’t that big so yeah.

(President of Jellybeans) #239

If you have your list can you just post it now so I can see it (I know how meticulous you are :P) , but I am about to test some two shot launchers and the like to explore the pool a little more

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #240

Glitch Quad - I read the quad section already. So I’ll just say why I think its worth the effort to change the OP to the glitch variant.

  • With (my personal prefence) a Tediore, Torgue, or Hyperion grip the GQ has a base mag of 8. So you don’t have to waste your attachment on mag size and its baggage worse reload speed, and you don’t have to spend +3 points into OGaH. Which frees up a Doc’s prefix and +3 skill points.
  • Since you literally reload after every other shot you get glitches often. The red glitch (based on the forum thread) adds 500% base damage, 100% type A crit, and ~30% accuracy to the Quad, all the while Clappy doesn’t care about the draw backs. The yellow glitch while its already amazing in its own right, can have a gun fire while the mag is already empty. So I have yet to test it, but it should mean you can get OLT chains like you can w/ Sal and off-hand Inconceivable and MS chains.

Bullpup - I personally like this gun on Clappy better than the Thinking b/c since I get my FR so high I tend to want more bang for my buck like Nisha. But its no longer obtainable so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Reogenator - A mention for those that don’t have the Shock drop DLC. And its special effect works really well with the shield Safety First subroutine.


  • Again with the glitchy shield subroutine this makes Clappy an unkill-able monster b/c amp drain converts to health and the recharge rate is so fast nothing breaks it. With an extra ~100k per amp’d shot to also boost his damage to boot.
  • A lot of people only spec into SF and FL and leave “All the Guns” alone, so that means 50% of the time you get those boost. Clappy is unkill-able enough leave it on even w/out the shield subroutine, and the only other skill you want to avoid with it is SWAB.
  • Not to mention its really fun with the Plunkett and has elemental immunitys.
  • If you need a shield to drop I’d suggest the SoA.

Bomber Oz kit - My favorite to use w/ the Fragnum. Better splash and more cryo grenades to boost its weak ass. Plus the boost to the Laser Disker and IVF, tisk tisk you should know better Hoyle4.

Strafing Run - Best Oz kit to use w/ the Flakker in legitamite play, or any non-Jacobs OLT abuse shotty.
I’d kick the Systems Purge (unboost-able non-elemental nova… eww) and MoonLight Saga, he doesn’t need the life steal and vacuum only to boot.