[Guide] Top Gear for Claptrap

(Drewbinator00) #281

What about the Maggie?

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #282

NM the Boomacorn isn’t good on Clappy.

(President of Jellybeans) #283

A long time ago it was on the list it has since been removed since a lot of guns outperform it damage-wise (and considering it has no utility damage is all it has) in addition to the almost non existent kit synergy.

(President of Jellybeans) #284

Update: Trimmed some fat, appeased khim, and am considering dropping tranquility entirely for the Strafing Run because the reload speed is wanted WAY more than the Gun Damage (and i mean I’d rather have my pick of duality over it anyway the GD ones give recoil reduction too and the other ones give ED which is like a billion times better, especially since the OLT fix)

(President of Jellybeans) #285

Update: Strafing Run > Tranquility

Going Further I would really like to comb through this thread and update it thoroughly, but to accomplish this I really would like some input from you guys. There are some aspects in claptrap’s kit (ie non-OLT builds) that aren’t well touched on in general and obviously there are a lot of weapon categories that reflect this (ie a bunch of Vanilla Weapons) . I’m going to go through the list of weapons and iterate what I’m fairly confident with:

Shotguns: Quads and Flakkers (Maybe Moon too but idk 4 sure)
Pistols: Luck, Fragnum, Probe, (T4s-R Maybe just cuz it’s a Solid Freeze Tool)
Snipers: Plunkett
ARs: Kerboom, Torgue Rifle
Lasers: Disker, AZ
SMGs: IVF, Fridgia
RLs: Nukem, Mongol
Grenade Mods: Cryo
Shields: Teddy Shield, Haymaker/Adaptives
COMs: Sapper, Loose Cannon
Oz Kits: All (More or Less)

You should note that a lot of the guns that I left off my safe list out are more or less considered to be generally good weapons. My problem with them is that I’m not too confident that “generally good” weapons are better than the ones that can abuse his quirkiness. It’s not like someone like Athena where you see a lot of different playstyles that demand varied arsenals, I haven’t really seen anything that would lead me to believe that “normal” guns are worth catering too. I don’t know…I’m somewhat torn on this

(Sheriff) #286

Why is the probe still there ?

(President of Jellybeans) #287

SWAB, it’s viable and it’s the fastest reloading moxxi gun he has

(Cast Iron Chef) #288

From my experience, these are great on Clappy:

  1. Flakker
  2. IVF
  3. Fragnum (critical)
  4. Kerboom (Slippery)
  5. Cryo grenade
  6. Blue Audacious Sapper (+6 to OLT).
  7. T4s-R (I used a fire I think).