[Guide] Top Gear for Fl4k

Which is a loss for this game’s community!

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Been looking at some of the gear the past day or so. I’ve got a list of gear with at least some potential for the most part that I figure I will test at some point, and another list of gear already on the list that I may drop lower or remove altogether in the future (will do the same for Zane and Amara top gear.) If anyone has any feedback on any gear in the following lists, speak up.

To Test:
Rebel Yell
Sleeping Giant
Masterwork Crossbow
Wagon Wheel
One-Pump Chump
Blind Sage
Contained Blast
Kill o’ the Wisp
Critical thug

Considering moving to Honorable Mention or removing from the list altogether:
King’s/Queen’s Call
(non-Boom) Sickle
Night Hawkin
Blood-Starved Beast
Ion Laser
Wedding Invitation


Did the Carrier get another buff? If not it wasn’t very M10 viable post EP patch. It was capable against trash mobs with full Two F4ng investment but really fell flat on baddies.

The Freeman is in a similar situation, with enough splash bonuses and Overkill it can be a lot of fun mobbing but lacks the punch for tougher enemies.

Seeing items like the Scoville, King/Queen’s Call, Nighthawkin and Bekah possibly removed from TG makes me sad on many levels.

I have used Multi Tap with two anoints, Gamma Burst and Consec Hits. I say it does well against mobs. Like very good. Although the Cryo missile on reload is alright. Nothing too special. Against anointed enemies and bosses, it performs decently. Not too shabby, not too stellar.

Well, it’s not exactly a through analysis but I did write this

So, while I didn’t didn’t go all the way to gearing up for making it work I don’t think it’s got business being on a top gear list. It would need more natural one shot one kill potential without all the build up for it to be there.
I think your best bet would be to combine it with a really good headcount weapon and Frozen heart ASS to get easy shots in because any unpredictability in AI behavior will make you miss shots. It does build Overkill GR perk like crazy once you get it going though, I will say that much, so perhaps in that sense it does have potential but in the time you get that going some other weapons, snipers included, would’ve emptied a couple of rooms.

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@Aaron0000 My personal opinions based on my own testing below. My testing is solely based upon Lvl 65 Mayhem 10. If nothing is indicated, it is something I have not personally tested. Glad to discuss if you disagree or whatever.

Carrier - Neither TG nor HM
Rebel Yell - Neither TG nor HM
Freeman - Neither TG nor HM
Sleeping Giant - Neither TG nor HM
Crossroads -Neither TG nor HM
Masterwork Crossbow - Neither TG nor HM
Woodblocker - Neither TG nor HM
Companion - Neither TG nor HM
Wagon Wheel - Neither TG nor HM
One-Pump Chump - Neither TG nor HM
Cutsman - Possible HM
Blind Sage
Contained Blast - HM (still really good, there are just way better Fl4k ARs and everything can’t be TG)
Faisor - Neither TG nor HM
Kill o’ the Wisp
Pat MK III - Possible HM (if right anoints and gear)
Flakker - TG
Protuberance - Possible HM (if right parts)


@Aaron0000 Regarding the second part of the list you had, here would be my opinions. I have listed HM next to the ones that I think should be HM, the rest I think can be removed altogether.

Lob - HM (lots of Fl4k synergies)
King’s/Queen’s Call
(non-Boom) Sickle
Bekah - HM (possible? Bekah is outclassed by Claivoyance by miles)
Night Hawkin
Blood-Starved Beast
Ion Laser
Wedding Invitation


RE: Nemesis, I’ve gotten a lot of milage out of my Corrosive version at M11, but that might be the URAD anoint doing some heavy lifting

Do we have benchmarks for perfomance? I am not sure my sense of “good” is the same as others lol.

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@janejana I am not aware that we have any set “standards” for TG. I just always kind of figured that anything that is TG should kill quickly without letting you get overwhelmed with a solid M10/11 build, and the weapon/gear has multiple Fl4k synergies if possible. In my book, HM gear is still really good, it just would be a notch below the TG items because it is something that needs to be specially built around to make it great. There are a lot of usable weapons, but sorting the cream of the crop out from the rest is kind of what I feel like the purpose of the TG is. It’s a resource for new Fl4k players to be able to understand what weapons they should be trying.

Just my thoughts about it.


@janejana Sorry to post twice in a row but I thought I would add what one of my personal “standards” are for whether a weapon is Fl4k TG in my book.

I turn on M10, MTD, TTD mode, and if I can one-clip each of the three turret guards at the front of the complex, to me the weapon/gear has TG potential. And I mean one-clip for each of those 3 enemies (so 3 total clips maximum). Obviously I do more playing/testing with the weapon than that, but for me that is like the minimum threshold for TG.


@Aaron0000 OK, I feel like I am hogging up the thread here, sorry for that, but I have done some more testing today and wanted to provide a little more input. Some of these were ones you specifically asked for input on, some were just selections that seemed questionable to me (for whatever reason) as I was scrolling through the listing.

Bitch - at least an HM, possible low-end TG choice?

Cocky Bastard - neither TG nor HM

Storm - possible HM, but I don’t think it makes the cut

Smog - possible HM, but definitely not TG to me

Ion Laser - HM at very best and possibly not even an HM

Night Hawkin - neither TG nor HM

Face-Puncher - this is an HM to me, as opposed to TG, just because you really have to build around it to make it shine (White Elephant, AOE rolls, a good Stackbot, etc.). It’s obviously really, really good if you build around it, but unless you build specifically around it, it is not that great.

Nukem - Definitely HM, but I don’t think it is TG. To me, the Nukem is a couple notches under the Plaguebearer, Backburner, Major Kong, Yellowcake, and Ion Cannon (among other RLs that I believe are much better than the Nukem and also have better Fl4k synergies via multiple projectiles as opposed to just the one explosion)

Hedgehog/Quickie - neither TG nor HM

Plumage - neither TG nor HM

Tigg’s Boom - should be an HM, at least IMO, because there are many other shotguns that stand out as a notch (or several notches) above the Tigg’s Boom (Reflux, Hellwalker, Convergence, and Anarchy all are much, much better shotguns)

Critical Thug - should be at least an HM

Sickle - HM, and only the Boom prefix

Star Helix - neither TG nor HM

Breath of the Dying - HM; when the special effect procs after kill, it works great, but there are a lot of things that can keep the special effect from proc’ing. I guess my reservation is that the BOTD has to be built around and the special effect is not super reliable.

Lump/Scourge - not TG for certain, but possible HM?

The Blanc - HM at the very outside, possibly neither TG nor HM

Kaos - at least an HM

Shredifier - possible HM if you get good parts and anoint

Again, sorry for multiple consecutive posts, just wanted to give you a little feedback on the list. I have been meaning to pitch in and help do some testing for a while. Thanks again for maintaining the post, this is a really great resource for the Fl4k player community.


Some thoughts on the gear on both lists. Have left out those which I haven’t played around much with.

Linc: Not TG or HM
Carrier: Not TG or HM
Freeman: Not TG or HM
Sleeping Giant: When all the bonuses are active it is probably the strongest SMG, but outside of Terror builds it is too inconsistent. Maybe HM?
Crossroads: Not TG or HM
Bitch: Not TG or HM
Masterwork Crossbow: Not TG or HM. In theory can be very powerful, but in practice loses to other snipers because of overkill, unless you are really good with it. Doesn’t have much bossing potential either.
Woodblocker: Not TG or HM
Companion: Maybe HM? Its DPS is there, but lack of a scope hurts it.
Wagon Wheel: Not TG or HM
OPC: Not TG or HM
Cutsman: Not TG or HM
Blind Sage: Not TG or HM
Contained Blast: HM. Best Torgue AR on Fl4k.
Laser Sploder: Not TG or HM
Flakker: TG
Protuberance: HM. Equal to the Flakker for mobbing, but quite behind for bosses.
Critical Thug: Could maybe slip into HM.

Scoville: Not TG or HM
Nothingness: Not TG or HM
Lob: TG
Shocker: Not TG or HM
Nemesis: HM
KC/QC: Not TG or HM
Sickle: Not TG or HM
Boom Sickle: HM
Bekah: HM
Night Hawkin: Not TG or HM
Ion Laser: Not TG or HM
Wedding Invitation: Not TG or HM


I think it is such a shame that the One Pump Chump has not been buffed to make it really shine. The OPC is just such a cool weapon, one of those traditional “Borderlands” weapons with a cool and interesting-to-use gimmick. I am not sure what the damage would have to be though - at least 10x more maybe? I am not looking at the weapon card right now so I don’t know where that would put it exactly, but it should really be a one-shottin’ machine like it used to be in the old Mayhem 3 days. I bet a Urad or 300/90 one would be badass if the OPC was buffed.


It does around 60+k at M10. Which is actually pretty decent - more than most snipers anyway. And in theory it should be quite good with OK and HP, but in practice it just falls flat. I do think a 75% buff should be more than enough to make it a really good weapon.


I still don’t quite understand why we have been getting such piecemeal approaches to gear balancing. They quite literally increase the damage on the Hellwalker by like 150%, but then do nothing at all to the OPC. It has created this weird two-tier gear system in the game where basically the only good gear is gear that HAS been “balanced” or released with a DLC. As to the gear that has not been touched recently by GBX, a lot of it is not even worth trying at the game’s highest difficulty.

For BL2 and TPS, the gear was sequentially better in a line of weapons based on rarity. A Maliwan snider always had the same properties, base damage at set rates across the rarities, and then you typically had legendaries that were based upon the purple variant of the weapon (Storm, Volcano) and adjusted upwards or downwards based upon the special effect. This system seemed somewhat ordered and had some logic to it.

But these days with BL3, it seems that there is very little logic to how the damage of legendary weapons relates to their purple variants. The weapons appear to be getting buffs through basically what seems to me to be an arbitrary selection criteria. It would be nice if they more or less followed rules on gear - this makes for a more predictable and enjoyable gear/parts system that players can actually learn.