[Guide] Top Gear for Gaige, revamped (WIP)

The hail’s in there…somewhere… It might be in a different section, it was kind of off on it’s own in the original, It should be easier to find in a bit.

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I didn’t see it in the AR section which is why I asked.

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Yeah, turns out it’s not in there, I guess it got splinched at some point, I’ll get it back in there


I don’t think CE works w/ the Sword’s child grenades or with the Seeker.

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Glad to see there enough interest in a game that’s over 3 years old to keep reworking guides like these and testing new gear.

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Some links that may be helpful:


Would the triquerta be any good with anarchy, considering it has a fixed spread pattern? Just a suggestion

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I did a quick test, becasue it’s been a while since I’ve use the Triquerta, or pretty much any Jakobs shottie other than the ROM, Twister or coach gun for that matter, and the Triquerta is actually worse, damage wise, than a comperable Bushwack (bandit barrel jakobs shottie), though becasue of the fire pattern, I’m inclined to say it’s better for Gaige. Additionaly, the hydra out damages a Quad, and for only 3 ammo per shot. That said, it’s fire pattern isn’t that great…

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about Jakobe shotties other than the twister being on here in the first place, the fact that they all have major accuracy problems and no real way to deal with the damage penalty from Close Enough, in addition to pretty marginal synergies with her other trees. That said, I’d like to hear some other opinions on this.

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Hey, so I’m done with the formatting, and assigning parts, prefixes, and drop locations for all the guns, I left out most of the other gear becasue I’m tired, I’ll do it later.

First off, the previous version didn’t have HM, so if there’s anything you think should move down there, say so.
Second, if there’s anything that isn’t on here that should be, espically stuff for the Proc/Shock builds that have been buffed recently, say so.
Third, Normal TG stuff: if you don’t think something deserves it’s spot, say so.
Fourth, I haven’t even read any of the item descriptions yet, all of them are leftovers from the previous version, so feel free to comment on them, but most of them are probably going to change in some fasion anyway.
Fifth, if you noticed anything wrong in the drop locations or parts, let me know, I’ll correct it.

Finaly, here are a few changes I’m proposing:

  • Removal of the Hydra; it just dosen’t measure up to the other stuff on the list, in particular, it’s inability to deal with high levels of anarchy and the Close enough damage penalty. Also, there’s already a buttload of shotguns
  • Adding the Slowhand: it’s a great Slag weapon, and with the right setup, a shock one could probably put out some decent DPS
  • Removal of the Florentine; it is a very poor slag weapon, being heavily overshadowed by the likes of the slagga or Pimp, and a very poor damage weapon, being heavily overshadowed by pretty much everything else on this list. There are cases where this weapon is a decent choice, but almost all of them involve Krieg and the ones that don’t I think are too niche for it to earn a place on this list.
  • Moving the Lascaux to HM (at best); it’s an easy farm, but it’s also a pretty mediocre weapon, not sure it certainly does not deserve TG
  • Adding the Sandhawk to TG; conditionaly upon good performace with high anarchy, I think this SMG could be an exelent addition to this list, even discounting Bee use.
  • Moving the Rapier to HM; Melee Gaige is a viable playstyle, but the rapier’s lack of utility for any other kind of build is a pretty big strike against it’s status as TG, in my opinion.
  • Moving the Seeker to HM; it just dosen’t measure up to the other weapons on this list, though this may just be my bias, I’ve never actually used the seeker on gaige.
  • Moving the DPUH to HM; it’s verry poor interaction with mediocre amounts of stacks is pretty lame, espically concidering the power of some of the other weapons of it’s type.
  • moving the little evie to HM: it’s only really useful for it’s red-text, which is difficult to proc concidering the mediocre damage output of the weapon.
  • Adding the Sloth to the Snipers; the sloth is a great sniper, espicaly for proc/shock builds, i’d be fine with HM
  • Adding the Badaboom and/or creamer the launchers; I’m not really much of a launcher guy, but they’re some of the usual suspects, so…
  • Mentioning Purple Betties; this is less of a propasition, and more of a note-to-self
  • adding the Lightning Bolt; the lighting bolt has the highest DoT in the entire game, and it’s shock, should be pretty self explanitory
  • mentioning other transfusions; same as the purple betties
  • adding the Quasar; becasue quasar
  • No suggestions for COMs yet, but this section probably does need to change
  • Removal of the Love thumper; the HoT is just better, becasue it won’t kill you
  • Adding the WTF; concidering the weakness of the DoT, I’m not sure it deserves a spot, but I think it deserves concideration at least
  • moving shadow of the seraphs to HM; most of the guns on this list either have >10FR or are not the kind of weapons you want it procing on, i think it’s kind of a niche relic
  • adding Skin of ancients; I think you could make an interesting (OC-less) build with the right skin.

DPUH spread when Discord kicks in is really tight. The pistol that needs to be moved to HM is the Little Evie.
The Hydra is the Jakobs shottie with the Highgest damage output and being Jakobs its stacks Anarchy fast. It is a good gun to start a game and a good choice for Anarchy builds that dont want to mess with LBT. It needs to be in the list, can be HM but needs to be in.
Also, there are two guns that need to be tested: Pitchfork and Emperor.
The others are ok to move to HM.
And iirc the Sandhakw gets all over the place with Anarchy and it doesnt need to be in the list only for the Bee because we got the Fibber.

Dunno about the Slowhand, though. It is good with the transformer to prevent self harm when in the face. Could be good.

Edit: also, I think we could agree to remove the Omen and the Butcher. Their spread break at high stacks, unlike the others they are merged with. There is a vídeo from Poka showing how some shotties act with Anarchy, Im going to see if I can find it.

Regarding the Tattler:

It synergises with CE, Nth Degree and TBH really well. And due to this, Anarchy stacks dont need to be kept in mind (not untill going over 200 anyway).

Veruc needs more love aswell.

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The Storm.

In regards to whether or not it should be TG or HM I couldn’t really say, as I am primarily not a Gaige player. In fact she is my least played out of the 12. But this is her best shock DoT weapon in the entire game par none. It even beat out the Chain Lightning in my test. And with the WDT buff it should be even better.

If you need a video I won’t be home until much later today, but I could do a Pete’s Bar run w/ 400 stacks if that is fine.

Pointers if you are going to try it out your self.

  • Play w/ or unto and through 400 stacks as the Storm’s orb DoT damage is boosted by gun damage.
  • Don’t spec into CE as that will half your DoT damage, and the orbs are teslas so they find enemies fine on their own.
  • In my test the Leg. Catalyst preformed much better than the SoT.

I’m not much of a gaige player but for the hail isn’t it normally advised not to use the rabid and swift prefix?

I think the SoT is a hold-over from before the introduction of the new legendaries. Leg. Catalyst is top gear for anyone using Gaige’s middle tree.

I need to switch my Storm over to my Gaige (who just hit level 72). Be interesting to compare how it works on her versus Maya, what with all the electrical buffs Gaige has had recently. It’s biggest downside is that the damage is split between the orbs (that is, they don’t function as unlisted pellets). However, the recent buffs might actually make that moot, at least for Gaige. Situationally, it’s really good against Jackenstein, and synergises very nicely with a Quasar (or any other singularity grenade for that matter.)

Now that I noted the Storm is missing. It’s her best DoT source when Anarchy is stacked iirc. Can spread EB like crazy and is even better when Nth Degree procs.

Also, where are the Hornet/Teapot? The Hornet benefits more from Anarchy and the Teapot has a higher than normal DoT value, good for Catalyst builds. And their burst is very accurate even with some Anarchy stacked.

IMO the Rabid is the #1 preferred prefix, especially for characters like Gaige.

@VaultHunter101 I just meant to say 600 stacks didn’t beat the Catalyst at 400 stacks. And remember, at least in this set up Gaige only cares about the DoT, the actual gun itself won’t do that much damage. The splash being split up is the only reason its good in this scenario.

My bad I was thinking of swift only not swift and rabid

The rabid prefix has the highest overall DPS (taking into account damage, fire rate, etc.) The accuracy penalty is not really relevant if your running anarchy with Close Enough. The Swift prefix increases projectile speed, and still gives higher overall DPS than having no accessory. So an anarchy/CE Gaige would be better with a shock Rabid Hail (if you have the patience to farm for it, or get really lucky)

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The Catalyst buffs EB twice through the card and EE, maybe this is why it is better than the extra gun damage from the stacks.

Maybe it outdamages the Slayer even at 300 Anarchy stacks now that WDT is working properly.