[Guide] Top Gear for Gaige, revamped (WIP)

The rabid prefix has the highest overall DPS (taking into account damage, fire rate, etc.) The accuracy penalty is not really relevant if your running anarchy with Close Enough. The Swift prefix increases projectile speed, and still gives higher overall DPS than having no accessory. So an anarchy/CE Gaige would be better with a shock Rabid Hail (if you have the patience to farm for it, or get really lucky)

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The Catalyst buffs EB twice through the card and EE, maybe this is why it is better than the extra gun damage from the stacks.

Maybe it outdamages the Slayer even at 300 Anarchy stacks now that WDT is working properly.

Thank you for the info.

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IME the kitten is fine at both close and medium range, although that does depend a little on parts. It works really well for a shock/anarchy Gaige build. It actually is a lot better than many people think. A Hot Kitten is my main weapon on my Axton, and have you seen the Kittyzerker build video?! The kitten needs more love!

I use mainly the Kitten when running the Firehawk shield. Their range just mix perfectly!

About the COM section: you can take the Slayer down to honorable mention and leave it there with the Leg Roboteer. The Technopile can be totally removed from the list, the Leg Catalyst outperforms it by far.

Also, you could add that the Slayer is a really solid COM for early hybrid builds as it can rise the numbers of stacks you can have, saving some points, and boost DoT damage through EE and the card.
For the Leg Mechro, it is the COM that puts DT out faster and it alone is an amazing feature. Could be in the description.

And the Quasar needs to be in the grenade list.

Alright, that’s a lot of stuff, I’ll see if I can’t compile it all here:

###Stuff that needs to be changed:

  • Little Evie to HM
  • ditch the butcher
  • Purple betties added with the other betties
  • other transfusions added with the O-neg
  • Rapier to HM
  • Quasar to TG
  • Storm to TG
  • SoT to HM, mention that it’s good for early anarchy focused LBT hybrids
  • Horent & Teapot, merged and in TG?
  • Roboteer to HM
  • Remove technophile (outdated)

###Stuff that needs coroberation/testing

  • Lascaux
  • Sandhawk
  • Seeker
  • Dpuh (performance with Discord)
  • Sloth
  • Slow hand
  • Florentine
  • badaboom
  • Creamer
  • Lightning bolt (mabye this dosen’t need a place becasue of the storm, I could merge it with CL though)
  • Love thumper (i could mention it in the desscription for HoT, but I really don’t think it needs to be on this list)
  • WTF
  • Relics in general
  • omen
  • Pitchfork (I seem to remember there was some weirdness with CE on this one mabye?)
  • Emporer
  • Veruc

I’ve noticed that we have stuff in here for a lot of gaige build types: Proc/shock, High anarchy shock, Hybrid DT, but we don’t have a lot for Discord looping, is there anything that needs to be added with regards to that build? or do y’all think its fine as is?


@l_gabrielcruz if you could find that video, that would be fantastic.

Also regarding the bit about the kitten, I havn’t actually read many of the descriptions, I just skimmed a few and a couple mentioned stuff that I didn’t think i would remember, I’ll be re-writing a lot of them at some point, but for now, it’s not a super high priority.

I would leave it in, as an HM, for two reasons:

  • Better max IO for builds based around it
  • Availability while levelling a character up

Once you’re at a level where you can get the Leg. Catalyst, sure it’s preferable, but you have to get there first!

Anything that’s good for building anarchy stacks quickly is good for discord looping!

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Yeah, but the Top Gear list is kinda for late game, so…
Gaige has a lot of useful COMs like the Punk, Zapper, and even the Anarchist now. But they can not all be in so we have to list the best.

Yes since they pretty much both serve the same purpose. The Hornet will out damage the Teapot, but the later is easy to farm for and get (it’s a guaranteed reward while the Hornet is up to if it drops or not).

I like the Florentine…maybe move it to HM?

Her best is a Shock Bone for LBT players.

@Wingsday the name of the vídeo is Shotgun & Anarchy, from Pokas Channel. Im on mobile do it is hard to paste it here, but is the first vídeo when you search YouTube.

I’ll look for it in a bit when I start back up working on this, I fugured it wouldn’t be too hard to find.

Also, dont know about the Veruc but the Madhous! seems promissing with Nth Degree at 5/5. It is something to test

I’m not sure, but from what I seem to recall the Madhous is a special case that Close Enough does not work on.

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So I gave Gaige my Monstrous Storm last night, and took her through the “Fall of Nakayama” final mission in the Hammerlock DLC. I’m running an IO build with Leg. Catalyst and have More Pep, Electrical Burn, Evil Enchantress, and Wires Don’t Talk maxxed out. Oh, level 72 also.

All I can say is, “Mwuhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

The Storm on its own was great, but even better when paired with a sticky quasar. The only other thing I needed was a Base FIbber (type 2 corrosive) to annihilate armoured enemies and a DPUH for the shock ultimate badass witchdoctors, and I was through in no time. Jackenstein never really stood a chance…

So, my vote for the Storm to get at least Honourable Mention as a sniper.

Edit to add: also works fine as a Very. Large. Pistol.

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Storm is TG, no doubt.

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Never doubt the Storm!
Could’ve been alot better, but Gaige can make it shine, so. Specially now with all those LBT buffs.

Storm is TG
Lightning bolt and CL are top gear, no question. The only thing that has higher DoT is the storm…if you have high Anarchy. Lightning bolt is harder to use since you actually have to aim, but it’s 50% stronger than the CL. They could share the same entry.
I would argue that they are the best grenade (or even weapon ) for a catalyst Gaige.

The Butcher is one of the best shotguns for Gaige as its gimmick counters the smaller mag size she has. I don’t see why it should be ditched.

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I’ve only used a Butcher on Krieg, but I’ll try a shock one on my LBT Gaige since she only goes up to 150 stacks of Anarchy.